wheel spacers

  1. P

    235/70/16 6.5J Steelies with BFG Trail Terrains

    Hi guys, running a T6 / T30 & just purchased a set of 235 70 16 BFG Trail Terrains to go on oem 16” steels. I’ve looked through the forum at length, but couldn’t find the answer, so just wondering if anyone could please advise if I would need spacers? Any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  2. A

    Sold 20mm wheels spacers and bolts for sale

    For sale 20mm THQ hubcentric wheel spacers and bolts. One week old Can post £55.00
  3. A

    Sold 15mm and 20mm spacers with longer bolts

    £40 posted 15mm and 20mm wheel spacers with longer bolts Both set have copper hammer marks as they were stuck on.
  4. B

    Sold H&R Trak+ spacers 21mm and 15mm black

    Black 21mm (part no. 4275650) manufactured 07/21. Bolts included, new cost £170 plus £125 Black 15mm (part no. 3075650) manufactured 02/22. Bolts included, new cost £110 plus. £75 Located in Bolton or can post at buyers cost.
  5. J

    Wheel spacers real world views

    Hi all, I’ve read a lot ref wheel spacers, I’m currently back on my devonports whilst I like the way they look I but hate the way they tuck inside the arches, I was thinking of 20mm spacers all round, has anyone got any long term experience with spacers ? Any problems with them wearing...
  6. T6Paul

    10mm Spacers?

    Looking for some 10mm spaces hubcentric if possible? Ideally full face fitting What brands are people using? I cant find anything from H&R Any links would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Catmalvin

    Sold H&R 20mm hubcentric wheel spacers

    £95 posted within UK. H&R hubcentric wheel spacers 20mm come with H&R shortened OEM style bolts and additional shortened cone style bolts I purchased to fit with aftermarket alloys. Only selling as now switched to a set of banded steels so no longer required.
  8. T6Paul

    Wanted H&R Spacers 10mm or 12mm

    As title, I’m looking for a pair of 10 or 12 mm H&R spacers with bolts.
  9. M

    Sold H&R 15mm and 20mm wheel spacers

    £275 including postage Full set of 15mm and 20mm H&R wheel spacers including new H&R wheel bolts (50 and 55mm) I bought these from Performance Alloys but had a change of plan and they don’t do returns on special orders. Never fitted to the van. Paid £320 a few weeks back.
  10. Kirkhamma

    Wanted 15-20mm Spacers

    Does anyone have any spacers for sale? If you also have wheel bolts, that would be a bonus, tho not essential. Drop me a Pm
  11. D

    I think I need Wheel spacers

    Anyone got rear wheel spacer on fully converted? Van is currently lowered but the front looks wider than the rear so want to bring it out a little. Any pics and what size spacer used be awesome
  12. R8N XX

    Wanted Wheel Spacers.

    Any one have any wheel spacers for sale what have you got. Thanks
  13. MikeT6

    Wanted 15/20mm wheel spacers

    Hi all, Does anyone have any 15mm or 20mm spacers they are looking move on? I want to look to space my canteras out a bit and looking for 20mm rear and 15mm front. Cheers. Mike
  14. T

    Found spacers for oem wheels

    close to worcs if possible 15/20/30mm
  15. MikeT6

    Sold H&R 30mm Wheel Spacers £100

    Hi all, I have a set of great condition 30mm H&R wheel spacers that I dont intend to use. £100 posted to anyone on this forum. Or collection from Southampton area. Mike.
  16. M

    Help Required - What size spacer? 20”

    Hi After a little advice regarding wheels spacers please. After an MOT I had an advisory note/comment that tyres were rubbing on full lock, not something I notice day to day but as it’s been officially highlighted as it were it makes sense to get sorted. With that said I’ve no idea the size...
  17. FYPO

    Wanted 30mm Spacers

    Looking for a set of 30mm spacers, preferably H&R Had a set in order from H&R since August but still no sign. Let me know if anyone has some sat around gathering dust.
  18. DubHaus

    Help Required - What size spacer? 18”

    I’ve been reading a load of threads on wheels, tyres etc. and a lot of them mention spacers. So, how to get the rears out to fill the arch? I’ve ordered the Wolfrace Eurosport Munich 18x8.5 with Goodyear 255/45R18 103Y XL tyres. They’re ET 42. They’ll poke out 32mm further than the stock...
  19. J

    OEM+ Style Devonports

    Nearly MOT time and the 20" Calibre CCU's tyres I had on had some uneven wear, so had a look in the garage and saw the original Devonport wheels that came with the van back in 2018 and had a bit of a moment. Hmmmmmm, got some 25mm spacers for the rear and 15mm spacers for the front from Tamar...
  20. dave_b

    Sold H&R Spacers 25mm

    15mm spacers with the longer bolts. £70 posted - SOLD 25mm spacer £100 posted