wheel spacers

  1. A

    For Sale Garage Clear Out (Winter Setup)

    I'm heading back from France to the UK at the weekend and I'd like to offload my redundant 17" winter setup, I've upgraded to 19s. Included are:- Steel wheels with winter tyres, TPMS valves and centre caps. SOLD H&R 25mm wheel spacers - One pair sold, one pair left £65 Snow chains to fit...
  2. Merryman

    Wanted 15- 20 MM Spacers

    Hi, Looking for 15-20 MM spacers and bolts to fit OEM 17" alloy wheels.
  3. JTT6

    Sold 5mm Bimecc spacers / bolts

    I’ve changed spacers a few times to get the right look with various wheels and have these left over. Bought new from Tamar, make me an offer.
  4. C

    Wanted 15mm spacers

    Anyone have a pair of 15mm spacers please with OE style bolts (radius seat)?
  5. Y

    5mm H&R wheel spacers - anybody using them?

    As per title. I've got some McGard wheel bolts inbound. Due to the length increments that are available I can only get something a little too short or a little too long. I've gone long... Worst case is I will need to use a 5mm spacer on each hub. Anybody using these - and if so is there enough...
  6. K

    Wheel spacers help and fitting service

    Hello there, Could anyone recommend a decent company/garage that can supply and fit TUV approved wheel spacers to my T6.1 please? I have had it lowered and I’m keeping the factory 17” Devonports with 215/60 tyres. This probably involves different length bolts, cutting the existing locking bolts...
  7. davek

    Watfields Engineering Barnsley - Wheel Spacers/Adaptors

    Hi all, just bought a set of brand new 17" Devonports with standard continental van tyres, factory fitted for my T6, I want to fit spacers, the type that bolt on to the wheel hub first, there seems to be a problem getting the recommended H&R adaptors due to import delays, Watfields of Barnsley...
  8. CarpyT6

    Which bolts for Wheel Spacers?

    Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't see anything. 2 questions if I may. Firstly when fitting spacers, is it best to use the sort that you fit onto your hub with supplied bolts, then use your existing bolts to attach the wheel to the spacer? Or the sort of spacers that you use extra long...
  9. Dave F

    Wanted 10mm Hubcentric Alloy Wheel Spacers

    Looking for a pair of 10 mm hubcentric Wheel spacers . Thanks
  10. A

    4Motion & Wheel Spacers

    I was considering fitting 15mm wheel spacers to the rear wheels only on my 4Motion. I'm sure I've read somewhere (maybe on the forum) that this is not advisable for a 4Motion. Please can anyone confirm this for me?
  11. mrpadders

    Sold SOLD thank you. H & R wheel spacers, 20mm with bolts. 2 x pairs, as new

    Two pairs of top quality German H & R T.U.V. approved 20 mm wheel spacers with bolts. Purchased recently from DC Performance. As new, no corrosion (coated with Copperslip). Each pair contains: 2 x black hub-centric spacers. (Part number: B4075650). 8 x 20mm...
  12. Superowls

    Sold H&R 30mm hubcentric wheel spacers & bolts

    Pair of H&R hubcentric 30mm wheel spacers Comes with full set of H&R bolts These bolt to the hub using the supplied bolts, then your wheels bolt to the spacers using your original bolts In very good condition Collection from Sheffield £80
  13. B

    Spacers question 275/40/20

    Hi everyone, I noticed today that my front wheels come out further in the arch than my rear wheels do. I'm on 275/40/20 but moving to 245/45/20 which will give me 20mm further poke out than currently but I'm guessing that obv the rears will still look further in than the fronts. Is this where...
  14. Texxaco

    Wheel spacers and spigot question

    Afternoon All, Can anyone help me with my wheel spacers question. Wheels I have are Wolfrace GTP 20x9 offset 45. I currently have spacers but want to remove them which I can do no problem.The main issues I have is the gold central space in the Image. This is what centralises the wheel on the...
  15. J

    Sold H&R spacers 15mm x2 25mm x2

    I have had these fitted with the devonports and the did make the wheels look much better in the arch’s There are x2 15mm (these use long wheel bolts and do not bolt to the disc) And x2 25mm which bolt to the disc then bolt to wheel Looking for £100 for all four Also Devonport alloys + tyres -...
  16. M

    Sold H&R Wheel spacers

    I have a pair of 21mm and a pair of 25mm H&R spacers for sale - bought new and taken off after 20 miles as I didn't like the look. £200 plus postage or collection from Derby
  17. Q

    Wanted Wheel spacers

    Hi everyone has anyone got any wheel spacers bashing about that they don’t need any more ? 20mm or more. :)
  18. 5

    30mm Spacers with Devonports?

    I am collecting a T6.1 on Friday and taking it to have 50mm lowering springs fitted on the way home. I want to run it on the 17” Devonports for now so I have ordered some hubcentric 30mm spacers to go on. I've seen a couple of threads on this but can’t seem to open the images. Has anyone got...
  19. cfdave

    Spacers on 9.0 x 20" with 275/40R20

    Hi all. As mentioned above, I have a set of supermetal fin 9.0 x 20 ET45 with 275/40 tyres. And lowered 50mm with h&r springs and koni sport shocks. I was wondering how far I can safely space the front and rear out with any rubbing or catching. Also the best way to space them? Just spacers...
  20. J

    Sold H&R 30mm wheel spacers.

    Got a set of H&R wheel spacers for sale if anybody is after a set. They are the 30mm (each side) version and come with the bolts to bolt them to the hub. Bought last year to use on the rear with devonports (also for sale) covered a couple of thousand miles or so. They are used so will have the...