wheel spacers

  1. J

    For Sale H&R 30mm wheel spacers.

    Got a set of H&R wheel spacers for sale if anybody is after a set. They are the 30mm (each side) version and come with the bolts to bolt them to the hub. Bought last year to use on the rear with devonports (also for sale) covered a couple of thousand miles or so. They are used so will have the...
  2. mrwrightstuff

    Long locking wheel bolts?

    Has anyone else had the issue with finding long locking wheel bolts? I’ve got spacers on the rear, these bolts are 58mm thread, M14 x1.5. Spacers on the front too but only 10mm. I’m looking for some longer ones to then cut them down for the fronts as required. Ideally with the loose seating...
  3. K

    Spacers and Bolts for 18” Amarok Steels

    Afternoon all, I've searched the forum for info on this but haven't found a conclusive answer. I'm going to fit 18" Amaroks to my T6 lowered on Solows. I'll be running 225/45/18 not banded. Is anyone else running this set up? Did you run a spacer on either front or rear? If so what size and...
  4. J

    Wanted H&R 20mm spacers and bolts.

    Anyone got a pair of h&r 20mm (40mm total width) wheel spacers and bolts going spare? Cheers.
  5. Alexzeat

    Which spacers - Clayton 235/70/16 ET51

    Hi which spacers are you using in your van? 25? 30? front? rear? where you bought it? Thanks , also please post a pictures
  6. Shaggy1969

    Sold Hubcentric Spacers 20mm

    2 x Watfield 20mm hubcentric spacers powder coated in black on both sides. Includes 10 bolts. £50 all in - including postage.
  7. Jaschofield1

    What size is safe before the spacers need to be hub centric?

    What size is safe before the spacers need to be hub centric? 10mm ok.?? will the wheels still sit on the hubs sufficiently. Will be using longer bolts.
  8. D

    WatFields Spacers

    Just curious who’s running the watfields spacers?, they appear to sell two different sizes 150mm for (alloy wheels) and 162mm (for steels) but I can’t work out why that would be the case surely the mounting face diameter should be the same as the existing mounting face where the wheel currently...
  9. phil_n

    Sportlines and spacers.

    What experience do people have running spacers on the rear with Sportline wheels? They look a bit lost in there! I was thinking 15mm as I intend to bring the back down a bit more.
  10. phil_n

    Sold 25mm H&R spacers

    I’ve a pair of H&R 25mm spacers. Will do a deal with some 15mm or £70 posted, £60 collected.
  11. Sosarge

    Sold 30mm H&R hubcentric spacers x2

    30mm spacers, used and in good condition, complete with bolts £80 Notts / Derby area
  12. T

    correct offset

    So having decided on a set of 18" wheels (probably 8J) my understanding is that the correct tyre size would be 255/45 R18 and standard offset would be 50. I am wanting to bring the wheels out slightly so that they just sit inside the wheel arches. I understand an offset of 35 is possibly to...
  13. P

    35mm H&R spacers for swaps?

    I have recently put 35mm H&R spacers on my T6 and would like something a tad thinner. If anyone has 20-25mm in good nick with bolts that would like to swap for some nearly new 35’s then let me know. Testing the water as I’m happy to keep them, they look great, it’s just if I wanted to make the...
  14. Siperrin

    Spacer Questions ...

    I’ve read endless spacer conversations and am getting more confused. There’s a few convos saying you need new or cut down bolts for 25mm H&R spacers,, however all the online shops I’ve been looking at are saying you use your originals. Has anyone got experience with this?
  15. S

    Spacer Wheel Bolts

    Anyone running spacers? And changed your wheel bolts? Looking to fit 16mm and 20mm spacers.... do i need new bolts and where’s the best place for them! thanks
  16. J

    So, Who's Running T5 Or T5.1 Sportline Wheels?

    Thinking of swapping out the devonports for some T5 or T5.1 sportline wheels. Thinking of going for a slightly oversized/chunky tyre, maybe an all season type in something like 235/55 r18. Who's running the older sportline wheels and what spacers are you using? Currently got a 30mm on the rear...
  17. S

    Sold H&r 25mm Spacers

    Pair of 25mm spacers. H&R spacers complete with bolts to fit to the hub and wheels. Change to Springfields mean I no longer need these. £80 delivered
  18. Dugdog74

    What Size Spacers Can You Use With The Original Wheel Bolts

    I’m looking to get some wheel spacers before lowering me van a touch more. But I was wondering what would be the largest spacers I could put on the rear as I could do with about 25mm and 15mm on the front. But can you use the original wheel bolts?
  19. A

    Wheel Spacers

    Hi, I have been to purchase some H&R wheel spacers but have been advised that you cannot use wheel spacers with steel wheels, can anyone advise me if you can and what type please? I would like to purchase some 15mm spacers to fit my standard steels to for the winter. Regards, Arnie.
  20. Eli

    For Sale 25mm H & R Trak And Wheel Spacers

    No longer needed 4 H & R Wheel Spacers, comes with 20 spacer bolts and 20 wheel bolts. £130 collection is preferable, can post for a cost or forum delivery/collection