wheel spacers

  1. T

    Wanted spacers for oem wheels

    close to worcs if possible 15/20/30mm
  2. MikeT6

    Sold H&R 30mm Wheel Spacers £100

    Hi all, I have a set of great condition 30mm H&R wheel spacers that I dont intend to use. £100 posted to anyone on this forum. Or collection from Southampton area. Mike.
  3. M

    Help Required - What size spacer? 20”

    Hi After a little advice regarding wheels spacers please. After an MOT I had an advisory note/comment that tyres were rubbing on full lock, not something I notice day to day but as it’s been officially highlighted as it were it makes sense to get sorted. With that said I’ve no idea the size...
  4. FYPO

    Wanted 30mm Spacers

    Looking for a set of 30mm spacers, preferably H&R Had a set in order from H&R since August but still no sign. Let me know if anyone has some sat around gathering dust.
  5. DubHaus

    Help Required - What size spacer? 18”

    I’ve been reading a load of threads on wheels, tyres etc. and a lot of them mention spacers. So, how to get the rears out to fill the arch? I’ve ordered the Wolfrace Eurosport Munich 18x8.5 with Goodyear 255/45R18 103Y XL tyres. They’re ET 42. They’ll poke out 32mm further than the stock...
  6. J

    OEM+ Style Devonports

    Nearly MOT time and the 20" Calibre CCU's tyres I had on had some uneven wear, so had a look in the garage and saw the original Devonport wheels that came with the van back in 2018 and had a bit of a moment. Hmmmmmm, got some 25mm spacers for the rear and 15mm spacers for the front from Tamar...
  7. dave_b

    Sold H&R Spacers 25mm

    15mm spacers with the longer bolts. £70 posted - SOLD 25mm spacer £100 posted
  8. B

    Spacer kit for Cantera wheels

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the spacer kit I would need for cantera wheels? Looking at others I think I will just be looking at bringing the rear out by 15mm. Assume I will need new bolts as well? I think it might be this one...
  9. dave_b

    Sold H&R 25mm spacers

    Brand new, box is un-opened. £100 + postage
  10. LambethBoy

    Wanted Wheel spacers

    Any of these being sold? 5x120. Thickness Sizes please :thumbsup:
  11. Bronco

    Sold 30mm spacers. H&R

    A pair of 30mm H&R wheel spacers I bought off the forum last year. £100 UK delivered complete with bolts.
  12. louiseverard00

    Why are Forge wheel spacers so cheap in comparison to others?!

    They are £30! Whereas these H&R ones are £100 Any ideas?!
  13. Sanyes

    Wheel bolts loosened off!!

    Hi, My experience starts when I decided to buy a set of 4 new alloy wheels for my T29 van. Found some Amarok OE alloy wheels 16" and decided to buy them even though, I knew I had to buy some spacers too. Amarok wheels had 62 ET and wouldn't fit w/o spacers in the front. Talked to a shop that...
  14. BlayneKinley

    For Sale 12mm Eibach wheel spacers - Black - Inc. extended conical wheel bolts

    Hi all, For sale is a set of my Eibach 12mm wheel spacers in colour black. Included with the sale is the extended conical wheel bolts to suit the spacing. The sale is for quantity 2 wheel spacers and 10 conical wheel bolts in black. I have owned these for almost a year but only ran them on...
  15. Drhoge

    Sold H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers

    Both sets are new and unused. 2x30mm spacers comes with mounting bolts to fit spacers to hub. Existing wheel bolts fit wheel to spacer. £85 posted UK mainland. 2x15mm spacers comes with longer taper head bolts to fit wheel and spacer to hub. Includes 2 locking wheel bolts with key. £80 posted...
  16. G

    Sold H&R Wheels Spacers 21mm black £80

    Done 70 miles Boxed with the shorter wheel bolts and the bolts for the actual spacers £100
  17. j4ckal

    Wanted 20mm/30mm wheel spacers (t5/t6 fitment).

    Just wondered if anyone had any unwanted H&R wheel spacers for my new devonports? Ideally looking for some 30mm ones for rear. Cheers!
  18. Pau1GTI

    Found H&R wheel spacers wanted. 25mm or similar

    Hey guys, Just checking before I buy new if anyone is selling H&R wheel spacers in ether 25mm or 30mm. Full set required Thanks Paul
  19. P

    Do I need spacers....?

    Hello - quick advice needed. Looking at moving to 18" wheels with an 30 offset. I want to pair these with 255/45 tyres. Realise I may need spacers to be more aesthetically pleasing (which I intend to do on lowering the van which is a medium term aim) however, short term will I need spacers to...
  20. Samro


    Pair of brand new boxed 15 mm spacers as per link here: https://www.thevdubmonkeys.co.uk/product-page/t5-t6-h-r-hubcentric-wheel-spacers-15mm-45mm Paid £86. For Sale at £75