water heater

  1. W00dy101

    Transvend Water Boilers.... Anyone got any reviews????

    Looking at fitting something for making hot drinks in our service vans and found www.transvend.com They say their 2 litre insulated boiler heats up from 10 degrees to approx 95 degrees in just under 30 mins on a 30a 12v supply. Can then be set to either keep hot (heater kicks in again at 5...
  2. bullracing

    Webasto Thermo Top To Heat Exchanger

    I am converting my shuttle to a camper. I will have no need for the rear heater or roof vents so I was going to whip the motor and rear rad out etc. I do however have a plate heat exchanger which I brought for a Veg conversion years ago which never happened. My question here is, could I use this...
  3. Totaledpear

    Whale Expanse And Propex Water Heating System

    Hi Everyone, New build here and need some help from and advice. The goal is to have water pump and water heater enough to have a hot shower out the back. The heating system I already have installed is Propex HS2000 undermounted with a 15L LPG tank placed in the space where the diff goes on a 4...
  4. ChrisKites

    Are Some Countries Excluded From The Engine Coolant Heating?

    I just got my California Beach T6 and am looking to install a water heater. The idea was to take it of the Webasto Thermotop Evo coolant heater that comes with the new T6's. However the dealer in Spain told me that those aren't installed in the Spanish T6. However looking on the inside of my...