1. Jay586

    Metatrak installer covering Wales?

    Hi folks, getting a new van in March and worried it'll be off down the A55 on its own, so thinking a tracker might be a good idea. Any recommendations for an installer or any other advice welcome.
  2. D

    VCDS Wales

    How can you find a vcds user in your area ?
  3. david173

    Sold H4 Headlights - 2017 kombi 29K miles

    As above, H4 headlights taken from my 2017 Kombi at 29K miles. Pickup in south wales (just outside Cardiff) or can meet locally for pickup. 150% bulbs in main beam/dip and LED's in the DRL Will also consider posting if interested, at buyers cost as I have the box and wrapping from my new THQ...
  4. Stuart D

    Leisure battery & night-heater install in Wales

    Hi, looking for recommendations for a leisure battery & Eberspacher heater installation in South Wales? I want the heater to be fitted as per factory, underfloor & blowing out of front step + B pillar. Anyone had this done & happy? TIA
  5. A

    North Wales Camping

    I pick my brand new JOBL camper up on Thursday, I appreciate it’s late in the season but does anyone know of any campsites that are still open in north wales? EHU preferred but not essential as will have the diesel heater fitted. Must allow dub dogs :) TIA
  6. cfdave

    South Wales upholsterer’s

    Hi All Just wondering if someone has a name of anyone to reupholster my seats in South Wales. Preferably VAT registered. Thank you in advance
  7. david173


    Has anyone had any dealings with Autohaus-Newport based in south wales? I tried searching but nothing came up? Thanks
  8. Jaywylers

    Window installation south wales

    Hi new member and have already used this forum for loads of resources. I’m just starting my conversion journey. Has anyone got any recommendations for where I can get rear windows installed in/near Cardiff, tempted to do it myself but don’t want them to fall out halfway down the motorway...
  9. P

    Happy Jakes camping

    Sunny wales
  10. V

    Garage Recommendation South Wales

    Does anyone have any garage recommendations around the Neath Swansea area please ?
  11. Dellmassive

    Annual T6F Pilgrimage To Bala Lake May 2022

    Annual T6F Pilgrimage To Bala Lake - 29th April to 2nd May 2022 "To all those that attended and had a great time at Bala this year and to those yet to experience it. Lest start the ball rolling for next years trip, as it is never too early to start planning." - @czmate1999 Glanllyn...
  12. Taff7996

    Gwent VW

    Anyone taken their T6 to Gwent VW in Newport. My dealer service plan is with Hereford van centre (who have been very good but over an hour away) ends this year and looking for a local recommendation
  13. cfdave

    Wales - converters

    Does anyone know who could fit my 2+1 seats please? (In South Wales) I’ve completed the rest of the work. Seat belts etc. I just don’t have the facilities to be able to drop the tank myself. Or I’d do it. Or would you say I should just buy some ramps for the front wheels and do it? I just...
  14. S

    Welsh toilets open yet

    Eh up anyone know if Welsh campsites can open toilets yet ?
  15. david173

    custom campers wales, anyone used?

    Hi guys, anyone used custom campers wales located in Llandudno, North Wales at all? I couldn't find any reviews using the search? I'm looking for a few low key mods to my kombi so not a full on conversion cheers!
  16. david173

    Window tinting south wales?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for window tinting for my factory Kombi in South Wales area? Thanks!
  17. Sabre


    North Wales Live: Foul four lettered swear word scratched on surfer's van parked up at Anglesey beauty spot. Just saw this. A little annoying. Hope no-one else has experienced this. Thought North Wales was...
  18. W

    Solar installation - Cymru?

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good place to get a solar system installed in South Wales? Already have electric installed want to be able to charge the battery from the sun
  19. P

    Autotherm Wrexham. Planar Heater

    Great service from the lads, quick turn around fitting my heater and leisure battery setup. The heater sure does belt out the heat aswell.
  20. Jason Williams

    Wild Camping In South Wales

    Hey guys, With everything going on right now with Coronavirus I was thinking of getting away in the van with the family. Probably in a few weeks when hopefully it'll be a bit warmer. If things progress I'm guessing campsite will be closed so I was wondering if anyone on here knows of a few...