1. Magpie1832

    Living in Wales with 20mph limit #regen

    Having had the speed limit now for a few weeks. I wasn't too bothered as I only drive slow anyhow. I was getting around 38mpg before the change then it went up to 45mpg I though Bonus.. UNTIL!!!!! The T6 went into a regeneration. Driving at 20mph while regen is ongoing isn't good. I have the...
  2. A

    H1 DSJ - anyone in here who isn’t on Facebook?

    Anyone in here own this and not on Fb and hasn’t seen this?
  3. C

    Hello, Excited to be a T owner :-)

    Hello everyone!. Hopefully first post of many! Ordered a used Transporter T6 van and super excited about having a blank canvas to prepare my day van from. My Partner says I need a hobby, and I couldn’t think of a better hobby that this so picking up my T next week :-) My main first question...
  4. EdH

    North Wales - garage / auto-elec recommendation

    Hi all, the campervan is due for its 1st service (got VW service plan). Any recommendations for VW Van dealership in North Wales area. The closest to myself is Aberystwyth and Wrexham. Wrexham slightly easier to get there. Any reviews on Wrexham van centre?
  5. A

    Sold EXPIRED: New Devonports. £650

    Delivery mileage set of 17” Devonport wheels, fitted with 215 60 17 Bridgestone Duravis R660 load rated tyres. The wheels and tyres have been removed from a 23 plate vehicle which has covered less than 150 miles before removal. £650 ono. Based in Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, 5 minutes from...
  6. A

    Pendine, Wales

    Evening all I have to work at Pendine in a couple of weeks and need somewhere to stop for the night. I’m taking a couple of colleagues with me who need a pub with rooms if possible. Any suggestions for either a suitable pub with rooms for them and a campsite for me (with decent facilities - I’m...
  7. StuFish

    Welsh Coast Camper owner

    Hi all, another new member saying hello, recently took ownership of T6 SWB, fully converted by Welsh Coast Campers, cheers Stuart
  8. Lightrofit

    Lightrofit - South Wales ODIS, Electrical and Retrofit Mobile Specialist

    Hi folks! Who are you? - My name is Craig and I am about to really go on and on and on about myself! I joined the T6 Forum as I have a transporter which is mostly a T5.1 but with a few T6 parts thrown into the mix and wanted some inspiration and found you fab folk! Where did You come from? -...
  9. Lightrofit

    Anyone missing a blue T6 in South Wales?

    Just pulled over for a quick bite to eat and spotted this lonely looking soul… No number plates on it, rear bumper missing and bonnet open… Located: Cardiff, South Wales
  10. EdH

    VW VC Wrexham

    Well, my first experience with the above was not a good one. Booked my campervan for its 1st service with them at the beginning of October (through their website booking portal,). Received a confirmation email with the booking on 31.10.2022 @ 13:30. Took a half a day off from work drove 45...
  11. W

    Overnight stay in Cardiff area

    Hi everyone, Im due to travel down to Cardiff tomorrow (Sunday) to take my daughter to the Welsh Assembly offices for a meeting on Monday. She is staying in the Plaza hotel and i intend to stay in my van. Any suggestions where I can park up for the night in relative safety/comfort? Chris
  12. iawnski

    North Wales - retrofit cruise-control

    hi anyone no who can retro fit a cruise control in north wales thank you
  13. D

    Remapper - Wales

    Hi you lovely people. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Pendle/Revo remap place near to Cardiff? Wanting to improve the 102 T6 2019 campervan Thanks in advance, Paula
  14. Donk

    Wales! Suspension!

    Anyone line north wales - Snowdonia area. Up here on hols and van has developed a nasty knocking / clunking sound front offside. I’ve got no tools and jack to get under and have a look. I was thinking something loose - drop link, anti roll bar or top shock mount loose. They’ve only been on...
  15. Gareth Edmondson

    EGR Delete - Wales

    Good afternoon, I've been reading a lot on here about the EGR and the costs. My Carista has shown an issue for a few weeks now and I don't have the funds to get it replaced etc. So when I discovered the term 'egr delete' and read up about it I thought this may be the the way forward. So does...
  16. I

    1st weekend in new campervan - Brecon Beacons

    So having taken delivery early March, we took our new campervan for a trial spin out to the Caravan & Motorhome Club site in the Brecon Beacons. Only an hour or so away from home so we thought it a good spot for our first attempt at a van weekend. The site itself was impressive. Good sized...
  17. Jay586

    Metatrak installer covering Wales?

    Hi folks, getting a new van in March and worried it'll be off down the A55 on its own, so thinking a tracker might be a good idea. Any recommendations for an installer or any other advice welcome.
  18. D

    VCDS Wales

    How can you find a vcds user in your area ?
  19. Stuart D

    Leisure battery & night-heater install in Wales

    Hi, looking for recommendations for a leisure battery & Eberspacher heater installation in South Wales? I want the heater to be fitted as per factory, underfloor & blowing out of front step + B pillar. Anyone had this done & happy? TIA
  20. Phil Harris

    Camp-Sites in Wales

    On the Wales coast, superb facilities onsite including the licensed ‘Moody Cow’ farm shop & restaurant all local produce, good quality & fair price. The shower and toilet blocks are practically brand new. Nice amount of good pitches with EHU and if you can book one with a private hot tub! (Sadly...