vw wave

  1. ybeandy

    Waving...or lack of it.

    So I have been driving around Devon in my T6 waving to all other T4/5/6 drivers and no response. Today I counted 28 times I waved and in return I got one wave back. Disappointing return on my energy given.
  2. Howler

    Is there a T6 equivalent to a biker nod.

    Hello everyone, I've been reading the forum for months now but after collecting my new Kombi on the 3rd felt it was about time I signed up properly. So it's a 17 plate T32 Kombi Highline SWB 150ps manual in Deep Black Pearl, it's my first van and it's the first brand new car I've ever owned...
  3. Rob

    A little wave makes you feel good.

    having been in many t4's and t5's (although never owned one) it was always nice to see a little wave when passing another transporter which I was quite liking the idea of joining the VW family when I got my t6, but one I have noticed that it is very hit and miss wether people wave or not. I...