1. Paulstewart20

    Where to get genuine LED headlights fitted

    Hi how do I go about getting the led headlights fitted is there anywhere that retro fits them as i read somewhere you can't just buy and fit them
  2. D

    Motormax Vw T6 Rvc Woes Please Help!

    I’m hoping one of you technically minded gurus can help me out as I've spent 3 days trying to get this reversing camera installed with no joy! So here goes, bought s VW T6 RVC from Motormax a few weeks ago in the hope of fitting it to my T6. I have the Discovery +Navi head unit so it should be...
  3. Eddcameron

    VolksFit - Win Transporter Prizes - VolksFit.co.uk

    https://www.t6forum.com/threads/review-volksfit-drive-talk.7128/ Volksfit is a leading expert in Volkswagen T5 and T6 Transporters, our highly trained technicians and the latest equipment enable us to provide an unparalleled service. Our customer focussed personnel offer expert advice and...
  4. C

    Rear Heated Seats....

    Possible? Anyone done it? Slightly unfair for those in the back to miss out!
  5. Ads_Essex

    Barn-door To Tailgate Conversion

    HOW TO TAILGATE This is a guide to replacing the barn doors on your T6 with a tailgate. The conversion is in itself simple, with the parts being bolted on, and falls in to three elements - having the parts present, having the tools available, and having the electrical system altered. Parts...
  6. Ads_Essex

    Review: Volksfit / Drive-talk

    I recently took on a barn-door to tailgate conversion and became unstuck at the wiring stage. I couldn’t get the Vagnostics relay to work and no local auto-electricians wanted to touch it, and stumbled across this company by chance after speaking with @Dean@VanDoc - DriveTalk VolksFit Edd...
  7. L

    Power-Closing via key fob.

    Hi I have a vcds is it possible to have my electric tail gate close on the key fob. T6 204 Dsg. . Cheers Lee
  8. Eddcameron

    Hi guys. This is my T6. Soon to be for sale.

    Good evening guys. New member to the forum. Here is my T6 coming up for sale soon. Quick spec. 180 dsg highline 22k. Vw Nav September 2015 reg. LEDs. Bilsteins. Full leather. Carpet line. Dvd. 20 inch inovit load rated alloys. Hope you like it as much as I do!
  9. Leigh

    Electric Tailgate - Video!

    Here you go guys.....