1. mlh677

    Bonding solar panel to vinyl wrap

    I have hit a snag fixing a replacement solar panel to 3M vinyl on my poptop and am looking for advice, please. After spending far too much time removing a failed solar panel from my pop top roof I decided to follow forum advice and bond its replacement to some 3M wrap. I used Soudaflex to...
  2. T

    3m 1080 vinyl where from?

    Anyone recommend a good supplier of 3m vinyl? I have had a look online and found a few but the prices seem to vary wildly! Need a piece about 2m by just over a metre for my solar panel.
  3. Jason Kew

    Show us your Vinyl!

    I have a Starlight blue lwb.. and looking for some detailing inspiration on a budget. I have played around with colours and have added an orange side strip in 6mm vinyl which breaks up the length a bit.. and some orange to the lower grille..
  4. F

    Clear vinyl / stone guard tape for solar panel install

    Morning all, I’ll soon be installing a flexible solar panel to my pop top roof and have read with interest how some people had applied a vinyl wrap to their roof, to protect the true paint surface from adhesives etc. whilst pondering about DIY clear vinyl wrapping I got thinking about 3M stone...
  5. B

    Replacing Caravelle carpet with vinyl

    So here is my step by step on how I removed the carpet in a 2017 caravelle and replace it with IVC black bamboo the process I also added additional sound deadening, insulation and some cables for 240v and 12v sockets..the job is fairly straight forward but this is not a basic DIY job I...
  6. Wills

    4 Way Stretch Vinyl.

    Has anyone used this stuff in their vans? Clearance O.E.M Foll Grained Black 4 Way Vinyl Per M x 1.4m Wide [FOLLB4W-1] - £12.00 : AS Trim, Vehicle Textile Suppliers - Buy Upholstery, & Adhesives Online UK Ipswich
  7. T

    Alternative Interior Finishes Anyone?

    I have a bright 'chrome yellow' van which don't get me wrong I love, but would like to have a different colour inside. I don't really like the lining carpet, but I have seen a non toxic carpet spray if I didn't want grey, black, or beige. I have seen some upholstered interiors but wondered...
  8. carlg

    B Pillar Vinyl

    Little mod done today
  9. Goolag

    Vinyl Designer/fitter Near Coventry Or General Area? Any Recommends Plz

    I want some custom strips down the side on my T6 - I have some mock ups but could do with some shop in the area or surrounds that can take my idea and make it reality, plus do a good job! Any recommendations appreciated Thanks Ian
  10. S

    Precut vinyl panels

    morning, Does anyone know of a supplier of these? I can't bring myself to carpet my whole van, keen to break it up a bit and use vinyl panels for some of the panels and carpet the metal work and panels behind furniture. If not, I guess I could get the panels wrapped? Not sure how easy that is...
  11. Absolut5

    AbsoluT5 carpet lining

    New T6 in this week for the following- Dynamat Xtreme the rear Closed cell foam Insulation 2 tone carpet lining Cabin matching ceiling Mood lighting 110 AGM leisure battery installed to factory spec for the bluemotion technology Led lighting CBE sockets 2 privacy windows Red vinyl panels to...
  12. Absolut5

    AbsoluT5 Audio and more.. T6 lining / ICE / bed install / lighting

    New T6 in yesterday from Heritage of Westbury VW van centre, for insulation, carpet lining and lights. We take just as much care, and inject the same attention to detail as any other VW Transporter we have in.. 2 tone to break the colour up, cabin matching ceiling trim to keep it light inside...
  13. Absolut5

    AbsoluT5 Carpet and Vinyl lining

    Just completed this Carpet and Vinyl interior for a customers T6 Black carpet then using our own design 6mm panels trimmed in red vinyl.. We also added 6 LED lights in cabin matching trimmed ceiling and 2 more in the tailgate along with a USB and 12v socket New ply floor with black Altro...