1. B

    Replacing caravelle carpet with vinyl (2017)

    So here is my step by step on how I removed the carpet in a 2017 caravelle and replace it with IVC black bamboo the process I also added additional sound deadening, insulation and some cables for 240v and 12v sockets..the job is fairly straight forward but this is not a basic DIY job I...
  2. Wills

    4 Way Stretch Vinyl.

    Has anyone used this stuff in their vans? Clearance O.E.M Foll Grained Black 4 Way Vinyl Per M x 1.4m Wide [FOLLB4W-1] - £12.00 : AS Trim, Vehicle Textile Suppliers - Buy Upholstery, & Adhesives Online UK Ipswich
  3. T

    Alternative Interior Finishes Anyone?

    I have a bright 'chrome yellow' van which don't get me wrong I love, but would like to have a different colour inside. I don't really like the lining carpet, but I have seen a non toxic carpet spray if I didn't want grey, black, or beige. I have seen some upholstered interiors but wondered...
  4. Goolag

    Vinyl Designer/fitter Near Coventry Or General Area? Any Recommends Plz

    I want some custom strips down the side on my T6 - I have some mock ups but could do with some shop in the area or surrounds that can take my idea and make it reality, plus do a good job! Any recommendations appreciated Thanks Ian
  5. S

    Precut vinyl panels

    morning, Does anyone know of a supplier of these? I can't bring myself to carpet my whole van, keen to break it up a bit and use vinyl panels for some of the panels and carpet the metal work and panels behind furniture. If not, I guess I could get the panels wrapped? Not sure how easy that is...
  6. Absolut5

    Carpet and Vinyl

    Just completed this Carpet and Vinyl interior for a customers T6 Black carpet then using our own design 6mm panels trimmed in red vinyl.. We also added 6 LED lights in cabin matching trimmed ceiling and 2 more in the tailgate along with a USB and 12v socket New ply floor with black Altro...