vin no.

  1. vungan

    Build label

    I have looked under the steering column to find my build label but it’s not there. Since I only have an electronic service book I don’t know where else to turn to. Any ideas how I can get it?
  2. L

    VIN and engine number locations..

    Hi newby T6 owner i want to check the engine number against my v5 anyone tell me where it’s located on engine,also is there only one vin in windscreen mines 18 plate TIA lee
  3. D

    Wrong VIN? Clone?

    Looking to find out what gearbox I have, and put my vin in a decoder. Not only was the free decoder useless and never told me what gearbox I have, but it also says my vehicle is a T5 and not a T6 ? Vehicle registered march 16? Have I bought a T5 ?
  4. T

    Factory Options

    Hi, Is there any way of seeing what factory options my caravelle was spec'd with? It has lots of extras but I don't know if there are aftermarket or OEM. TIA
  5. H

    Vin Number Sticker

    The Vin Number under the windscreen, is yours printed on a sticker or an engraved plate?