vin no.

  1. L

    VIN and engine number locations..

    Hi newby T6 owner i want to check the engine number against my v5 anyone tell me where it’s located on engine,also is there only one vin in windscreen mines 18 plate TIA lee
  2. D

    Wrong VIN? Clone?

    Looking to find out what gearbox I have, and put my vin in a decoder. Not only was the free decoder useless and never told me what gearbox I have, but it also says my vehicle is a T5 and not a T6 ? Vehicle registered march 16? Have I bought a T5 ?
  3. T

    Factory Options

    Hi, Is there any way of seeing what factory options my caravelle was spec'd with? It has lots of extras but I don't know if there are aftermarket or OEM. TIA
  4. H

    Vin Number Sticker

    The Vin Number under the windscreen, is yours printed on a sticker or an engraved plate?
  5. Apretext

    Is There Any Way To Tell Visually Between 150 And 204 Engines

    Er, as title really. If I'm staring in the engine bay, how do I tell if it's got an extra turbo (presuming they are round the back)
  6. Jez

    Wanted - VIN No. for T6 Transporter LWB TD400 with REAR Airconditioner

    I am trying to track down a VIN No. for a T6 TD400 LWB with a factory REAR Air Conditioner. Can anyone supply me their VIN No. please. My Compressor has packed it in and I want to put a bigger one in now so I can get a rear aricon installed later (I don't even know if they are bigger, but they...