1. Woodman

    For Sale Vitron Energy battery monitor

    Would anyone like to buy my Vitron Energy BMV700?y BMV 700 battery monitor. It was not used in my recent camper conversion so its going spare. I had it in my day van less than a year. I have the manual, no box, and it needs a new positive supply lead with 0.1A fuse as that did not come back with...
  2. F

    For Sale Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...
  3. Raul a/3

    Victron (#TeamBlue) Advanced Systems + VRM - How We Done It -

    Victron (#TeamBlue) Advanced Systems + VRM - How We Done It - new thread started from - Seat Base Electric + EHU + Solar Install + Charger + DC-DC -- How We Done it -- previous content - Dellmassive’s "How I Done It" blogs. additional content - Solar Sheds & Other Non-t6 Solar Projects -...
  4. OllieGBR

    For Sale Victron Smart Battery protect

    12/24v 100A. Never used, 1 year old. (Well I fitted it and realised it wasn’t the Bluetooth version so removed it). £45 posted
  5. Qnapper

    Which Victron MPPT controller

    First time I have asked a question so be gentle. I have a NDS 105W LightSolar semiflexible panel already on the roof and want to add a NDS 200W LightSolar semiflexible panel as well. What model of Victron MPPT will do job or if anyone thinks there is a better MPPT controller happy to know. Both...
  6. Chris Joyce

    Victron DC-DC charger settings.

    Good afternoon guys. I posted a while ago regarding some issues with my charger/battery and I’m still trying to resolve them. would anyone be kind enough to post the settings used for a victron 12-12-30 dc/dc non insulated charger with a 110 agm battery. I’m struggling with getting charge and...
  7. Ads_Essex

    MagCode® connectors..?

    I was just Googling the name of the VictronConnect connectors (and didn’t manage to find it) when I came across MagCode. Has anyone here used them before? They look like a neat solution for trickle charging (which is why I was Googling the name of those connectors.. my cigarette socket has...
  8. Nigel W

    Victron smart solar charger 75/15 settings

    The charger may be smart but the operator certainly isn’! can anyone @Dellmassive help me please? 1. what battery profile should I use with a sealed lead/acid leisure battery as all the options in the drop down box mean nothing to me? 2. there is a bridge on the bottom which you can move between...
  9. A

    Victron DC to DC charger - draining starter battery ?

    Hi all.. Hope someone may be able to shed some light on this one. So I am using an Victron 12-12-18a isolated DC to DC charger. This is how I have wired it : - Positive from starter battery to input positive on Victron - Negative from earth point under seat to negative input on Victron -...
  10. Chris Joyce

    Vircton smart charging help

    Some advice please on my viltron smart non isolated charger. I have this installer about a year now and its always been working fine , keeping the leisure battery topped up. As we are going away next week I decided to run the fridge and check its working ok, we last used it in November and...
  11. J

    Victron Orion - Isolated vs Non-Isolated

    Evening all... After lots of going back and forth on my choice of dc-dc charger options for my T6.1 Shuttle, I'm leaning towards the Victron Orion (12/12-30a). However, I'm scratching my head as to why the isolated version is the one most people seem to use in their builds, when a cheaper...
  12. markob

    Victron Blue Smart 12V / 15A Charger - Fit next to battery?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.. Is it possible to mount the above charger (or the 25a version) next to the main battery under the bonnet ?
  13. J

    Victron dc dc charger setup.

    Hi everyone I have installed a Victron disc charger into my 2018 t6 I’m having a nightmare setting it up, and cannot get an output charge from it could someone help me with set up?
  14. RikParr73

    Solar Power Monitor - CTEK250SA

    Hi I have a 120w solar panel running to my CTEK250-SA. I have just bought the Victron SmartShunt (Not installed yet) and would like to see what power I am getting from the solar panel. Not sure the shunt does that, so what would be the best kit to install to monitor solar output please along...
  15. C

    Newbie - Leisure Battery Set Up

    Hi all, newbie alert so please go easy on me! I'm just in the late stages of buying a custom build 2/3 year old T6 Highline T30 SWB 150 DSG with Sportline body kit etc from Woodstock Campers. I'm considering using it off grid occasionally but it only has one leisure battery. Before I go back to...
  16. moodsterT6

    Victron MPPT under bonnet?

    Anyone have or considered fitting a Victron MPPT under the bonnet? specifically in the battery compartment which in my case is a T6 Caravelle. I’ve done some research, a thread on the Victron community forum states they don’t recommend it due to heat and its IP44 rating but I would argue it can...
  17. OllieGBR

    Spare Victron 100A Battery protect

    I have a spare Spare Victron 100A Battery protect, long story. Is it worth connecting this to the main engine battery, (having the alternator as a direct connection to the battery, everything else connect via battery protect). Or just sell it on here as I'm asking for trouble? Cheers Ollie.
  18. B

    Sold NEW Victron equipment for sale - various

    Hi all, All from an abandoned project. Boxes opened and equipment powered up, but not installed. All on the bench, then re-packaged. Full warranty/manuals/connectors etc. As new. Multiplus 12/800 inverter/charger - £395 MK3 USB interface - £55 Cerbo GX - £255 GX Touch 50 - £195 Lynx...
  19. moodsterT6

    Charging Starter and Leisure batteries with same charger - Victron

    Hi, Inspired by @Deaky build post, I was planning on installing a Victron IP65 Smart charger next to the Starter Battery and a 2nd one to charge the Leisure batter (110AH AGM). I've discovered the CTEK D250SE will still charge the leisure battery as long as the volts on the starter battery are...
  20. dErZ

    Victron Blue Smart to Victron Orion-TR smart on EHU

    Do any of you know if the below is possible/safe? I want to be able to charge my starter and leisure battery at the same time when on EHU. So my question is can I connect the Victron Blue Smart 12/30 into the 'IN' port on my Victron Orion-TR smart DC DC charger? I think this is possible using...