velare wheels

  1. A


    There is some very light kerb rash on three of them but it is very light so I was going to run them as they are. Changed plans so now for sale. Tyres measure 6.4, 5.8, 5.1, 4.5mm Been quoted £130 for the referb, therefore £850 £750 as they are... Come with bolts and lockers as pictured. I...
  2. vwski

    For Sale Velare 08 Alloys and Tyres…

    Hey everyone. Got my 20” Velare 08 wheels for sale again… Had a no-show over the weekend so they’re back on offer. Fitted with Eagle F1’s and only done a few thousand miles. Came off my T32, 6.1 Kombi. Located just outside Aylesbury, Bucks… Slight kerb damage to one alloy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Should be visible...
  3. Andpopse

    VW wheel centre caps for Velare VLR 07s.

    I noticed someone here has done this. Can anyone tell me where to get these ? Thanks Like this please
  4. D

    Velare VLR16 20" advice

    Hi I am looking to get these wheels which i think are awesome looking, however i am not sure they will fit my van or causing any issues at all and wondering if someone might be able to provide some advice. It states the wheels are staggered Specification: Size: 20 Inch Width: 8.5J & 10J...
  5. bethamari

    What wheels for ABT kit on Pure-Grey van?

    Hi all, We currently have Inovit Blitz on our T6.1 which has ABT body kit on. We are looking at swapping the wheels out soon and we are not sure what to go for. We quite like the look of smoothies but since we’ve gone down the ABT route and it’s a pure grey van, we are wondering if they might...
  6. B

    Sold Set of 5x VELARE VLR08 20" grey and polished.

    Hi Guys, First off apologies for the low post count, I have sold something to one of the members who collected from my house ( @Radford1071s ) so hopefully he can vouch for me. I have a set of 5x Velare VLR08 20" staggered load-rated alloys, with tires for sale. Specification: Size: 20 Inch...
  7. Bronco

    Sold Velare VLR06 20’s black. £800ono

    I’m trading in so would like to put it back to standard. Anyone interested in a nice set of Velare 20’s. VLR 06. Value £800 Im only looking for a deal with your Devonports in part ex, cash my way Regards David Based Penrith Cumbria J40 M6
  8. Duffer

    Sold *REDUCED* LIKE NEW 20 inch Velare VLR-12 alloy wheels + tyres

    New T6 owner; just swapped out these wheels for steels & AT tyres. Wheels are fully refurbished & powder coated ('Anthracite') by previous owner. No scuffs, no dings, no scratches. They do look awesome on the van (see photos) but they just don't work for me. They were fitted/compatible with 30mm...
  9. A

    Sold Velare VLR12 20" alloys with tyres

    These were fitted to my van when i purchased it, i prefer the more standard look so have located a set of Cascavel alloys instead. These are no longer required. Velare VLR 12, diamond black, machine faced, load rated wheels with tyres (106W). Fronts are 20" x 8.5j Rears are 20" x 10j. Set of...
  10. Bronco

    Sold 2016 Kombi Highline DSG £31500. NO VAT

    2016 T32 T6 Transporter in Blackberry metallic. 2 owners from new. DSG Gearbox LED lights Twin Slider AC Cruise Electric windows and mirrors Electric doors closers 2 x Captain seats 20" Velare wheels with good tyres Only 44000 miles Full service history Dab radio. electric mirrors Lots of...
  11. James Batten

    Alloy locking wheel bolts for Velare Wheels

    Can anyone please help; I have a set of Velare VL04 Diamond Black 20 inch alloy wheels and I am after suitable alloy locking bolts. I have looked on a few sites (perfect colour match set on VanStyle) but they all state to make sure you order the correct bolts to match the seat (flat, tapered...
  12. T

    Sold 20" Velare VLR12 Alloys and Tyres £800

    My Velare VLR 12, diamond black, machine faced, load rated wheels (with tyres) are now up fo sale. They're priced for a quick sale at £800 They're in excellent condition, have only done about 6k miles on my Caravelle T6 (2019) and have been looked after very well, washed only with warm water...
  13. The Van Cave

    Velare Wheels now available at The Van Cave

    Hi All, More awesome news about wheels at The Van Cave: We are now a Velare dealer! Velare have a cracking range of wheels available, and really good stock levels of many styles at the moment, so if you're looking for new wheels that are 20" and load rated for all vans including the T32...
  14. T6ARF

    Help Please! Specific Load Rating Question?

    I’m currently selling my 20” Velare VLR07 alloy wheels and am a bit confused about the actual load rating? Before I took these wheels off my van, I looked on the Vanstyle website and on the Velare website itself to find out all the specifications of these wheels. Both websites have the load...
  15. T6ARF

    Sold 20” Velare VLR07 Staggered Alloy Wheels With Tyres

    As per the title I have decided to sell my beautiful Velare alloy wheels. The reason for the sale is that I’ve simply gone for a different look and changed to banded steel wheels. These are the Velare VLR 07 in Diamond Black with Machined face. They are around 18 months old and have covered...
  16. O

    New 20’s are my tyres the wrong size?

    Hi, I’ve just took delivery of a set of 20inch Velare VLR08’a from vanstyle i got the wheel and tyre package off the website and just assumed they would work (should have done more research really) they are staggered 10 and 8.5 and have come with 275/40zR20 106y tyres I was flicking through...
  17. darrenmhaine

    Alloy rim identification help please

    Please can someone identify my 20” rims
  18. T

    Velare 20” VLR12 and tyres

    I bought my Caravelle second hand with these 20” Velare VLR12s on and have done only about 4.5k. They’re in excellent condition but not my cup of tea. I’m up for selling them complete with current tyres which have also only done about 4.5k Anyone interested and want to make a decent offer?
  19. Fidget

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    yeah, I'm sure you've heard it all before from another newbie, sorry about this. It's time to change the rubber, the van came with a new set of tyres that turned out to be just better than crap. They've been on there or 6 months and are done already. Wheels were new, it's not been curbed or off...
  20. B

    Velare Wheels

    hi anyone using velare wheels looking at a set for my t6 t32 believed to be load rated to 875kg any thoughts or advice would be good thanks in advance