turbo leak

  1. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Flashing coil light and stop start fault [Resolved]

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I had the flashing coil light and auto stop start fault come up while I was on a drive felt like a loss of power, then the van broke down and had to be lifted to the garage. They put it down to the DPF being blocked, so it got sent off for cleaning. Refitted and...
  2. W

    Turbo issue, lack of boost

    Hi guys yesterday I was driving my t6 204dsg on a 67bplate and there was a whining noise coming from the engine which I thought could be the turbo, I pulled over called the AA they ran some checks on the roadside and his computer said it's not making enough boost and its now in limp mode .He...
  3. andy greenwood

    Whirring Noise From The Turbo

    As of yesterday there is a strange whirring noise from the turbo, it does this when stationery and also when driving. I'm fairly sure it did not sound like this until yesterday. Also when stationery I have noticed the engine will only rev up to 2,500 rpm, unfortunately I can't remember if it...
  4. Jez

    Hole In Twin Turbo Intercooler Pipe

    Hi there. I recently developed a hole in my 4-motion top intercooler pipe. I heard a hissing sound under acceleration and knew it was a leak in the turbo piping straight away. The engine management light came on. I got my wife to rev the engine whilst parked and I investigated where the leak...