1. D

    Stage 2 tuning for 102bhp

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to have a stage 2 remap on my 2l tdi t6, but I've been told I'll need to upgrade/add some engine parts. Has anyone done this before, and if so can you recommend the parts I'll need to change/add please? Many Thanks Dave
  2. Dave F

    For Sale TDUK tuning box £200

    For sale £200 TDUK CRD T+ tuning box it has 3 setting and each setting has 3 more settings up or down to fine tune the the response and power.. It are plug and play snd only take 10 mins to put on . It is for a euro 5 140 so think it will also go on a 140 T5 but it will be up to buyers to check
  3. gerry

    Wagner Tuning performance intercooler

    hello I would be interested to fit a Wagner Tuning performance Intercooler on my 140 hp t6. if someone made this modification can he give me his opinion thank you gerry
  4. Dave F

    Sold DTUK tuning box and pedal box

    Testing the water as I’m thinking of getting a revo remap as my van is out of warranty. They are used and are on my 2016 Auto 140 euro 5 T6 £400 for the tuning box and pedal box
  5. mmi

    Buying A Used T6 - Need To Ask For Warranty Keys?

  6. Trilla

    TSi tuning

    Is this safe? Are all the 2,0 tsi motors the same? This is just ridiculous and a hard to beat hp gain. i think bsr are a well known and legit company with good warranty. Volkswagen Multivan 2.0TFSI 150Hp 2012-2017 Stage 1