1. Ragster13

    Sold LWB Single Slider PV Rubber Load Mat, Step, Lash Downs

    Just removed from a brand new van, Rubber load mat for single slider, comes with the deeper side step with LED lights and lash downs. Located in Leicestershire or Birmingham, I'll add photos tomorrow. £280 OVNO
  2. Forestgrump

    Floor tie-down fixing point locations

    Hi, Brand newbie here. I have scanned the forum but not managed to find an answer to my question but forgive me if it has already been asked. I got a 70 plate T32 LWB 4motion Panel to Kombi conversation delivered yesterday. I plan to get it fitted out in the future for Mrs FG and I to travel...
  3. S

    Found Set of 6 for swb single bolt tie downs/lashing rings / spacers/ plastic trims

    Hi all Im after a set of 6 tie downs please, single hole with all the bolts spacers plastic bits etc, ta in advance Hopefully I have added a pic ??
  4. D

    Sold Rear load lashing rings X 2

    Qty 2 rear cargo area lashing rings As new condition, with the plastic cups Photos available on request £20 ONO Will post if needed at cost
  5. Dubious

    Best way to secure wooden batten to D-rings

    Hi all I’m building a bike rack holder in the back of my swb kombi. I know how I’m going to build it but the only bit I’m unsure of is how to I’m going to secure the wooden batten to the d-ring. It needs to be secure enough to hold the 4x2 wooden batten so that the bikes don’t move and yet I...
  6. M

    Floor Tie-Down Lashing Points

    So what are you guys doing about the 6 lashing points in the floor? The previous floor had circles cut out but I don't fancy doing that as I'd rather have them covered. I'm assuming the bolts go straight through to the outside? I was wondering if anyone had come across a kind of cup maybe with...
  7. Skyliner33

    Wanted Longer bolts for OEM lashing points.

    I'm trying to find 2 longer bolts (approx 50mm) for the OEM lashing points. I would prefer not to have to buy a pack of 100 or so. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. dandan88

    Lashing point help

    Guys I’m in need of some help…. I recent strapped my my bike into my kombi and when I’ve taken it out somehow it’s pulled and slightly bent up the lashing ring at the front- but not the ring more like the thread that the ring winds into. Now my question is… I’ve got a forty winks bed coming...
  9. Pauly

    Found Rear lashing point and a few hardboard panel clips

    I damaged one of the bolts that hold down the rear lashing points and had to massacre one of the plastic cups to get it out so I am looking for one bolt and one plastic cup, I have the metal eye I also seem to have lost a few of the rear side wall hardboard panel fixings so could do with 7 or...
  10. C

    Drilling wheelarch for rivnuts?

    Looking at fitting some rivnuts to the wheel arches for securing some furniture. Rivnuts so furniture is more easily removed when needed. There’s a factory metal plate on the drivers side that means I won’t need to drill through the arch itself. But, the passenger side doesn’t have the same...
  11. B

    Sold FREE: Load restraint anchor points

    These are off a T6.1 taken out when converted. Any use to anyone? Collection or cover the postage.
  12. AndyP68

    Sold Lashing Points.

    I purchased 6 lashing points off eBay and I only required 2 so I have 4 for sale. Happy to sell in pairs or all four, I paid £47.99 so looking to just to recoup my money, £8 each. Happy to cover postage. The eBay add said they are genuine.
  13. Saffa365

    Found Tie down eye / lashing rings

    I’m looking for two tie down lashings /eyes Cheers
  14. Dayoster

    For Sale Lashing tie down kit for swb

    Lashing tie doen kit from a t6 swb £45 plus postage
  15. boxer750

    Tie-Down Screw thread T6.1

    Hi all Having put the floor over 4 out of 6 of the holes for the tie down eyes, I want to utilise the holes in the van shown in the pic. Seemed like it would be M10 but just bought some and it isn't.. Anyone know what they are please? Pete
  16. K

    Where to buy standard OEM bits

    I’m looking for a pair of rear inner plastic abs wheel arch covers for a lwb t6 and also a jack bracket for factory jack thanks kirk
  17. A

    Tie-down removal tool

    Hi all I would like to remove one of the shackles / mounting points on my T6.1 Any ideas what size tool I need? I think it's a TRX Thanks
  18. N

    Sold T6 Tie down/lashing point x 6

    6 x tie down points - good condition - only minor scratches. £20 plus postage.
  19. D

    Lashing Points Fitting

    I’m converting a panel van and will be putting down new lashing points. I had the 2 bolt points before removing and now have the Kombi 1 bolt point and rings to install (plan is to fill the unused bolts of the two). The question is, is the 1 bolt cup shape the same underneath as the 2 bolt...
  20. Niknak

    Lashing point ties

    I’m after two neat looking lashing point ties one for either side of the rear doors, that have one bolt fitments any suggestions?