1. C

    Tie-down points removal

    Hi all, stupid question but if I wanted to remove the anchor points in a VW T6 I take it I would need to use a disc cutter. and they don’t just unscrew? many thanks.
  2. A

    Tie-down removal tool

    Hi all I would like to remove one of the shackles / mounting points on my T6.1 Any ideas what size tool I need? I think it's a TRX Thanks
  3. S

    Floor tie-down rings - captive nuts?

    Easy question for someone who's done this... The D shaped tie down rings in the interior of my shuttle and in my boot... They have a single torx bolt securing them to the van. If I remove the bolt, what's it screwed into? Is there a nut underneath that's going to fall off and be lost somewhere...
  4. N

    Sold T6 Tie down/lashing point x 6

    6 x tie down points - good condition - only minor scratches. £20 plus postage.
  5. D

    Lashing Points Fitting

    I’m converting a panel van and will be putting down new lashing points. I had the 2 bolt points before removing and now have the Kombi 1 bolt point and rings to install (plan is to fill the unused bolts of the two). The question is, is the 1 bolt cup shape the same underneath as the 2 bolt...
  6. B

    Lashing points and new floor

    Hi All, Picked up my new t6 kombi yesterday and am like a kid at Christmas! Can't stop looking at this forum and getting ideas for mods to make to what i'd say is already a damn fine bit of kit :cool: Only niggling issue i have at the moment is where the rear floor has been covered in ply and...
  7. J

    Wanted Tie down/load lashing eye/ring and cup.

    I'm after a (or a couple if possible) tie down/lashing points and cups (do i also need a spacer?). If anyones got an odd one or two knocking about then let me know please. Thanks!
  8. W

    Lashing point location?

    I am in the process of fitting tie downs to the rear of my Kombi, When the van was converted from a panel van the conversion company used a one piece ply floor. Does anyone have the measurements for the location of the threads or advice on how I can locate their positions before i end up with my...
  9. M

    mounting points in caravelle ceiling

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what these fixing points in the ceiling are called along with the type of corresponding bracket that goes into them? I’d like to get a rail that joins the two fixing points just inside the tailgate so I can fashion a cargo net onto it. Does anyone know if such an...
  10. K

    Using lashing points for table leg mount

    Hi Y'all, Is it possible to remove the lashing points on a T6 and replace with an attachment for a table leg? Just looking at different options. Is it deep enough? Will it rotate? Is it sturdy? Thanks in advance....
  11. G

    Replace tie-down doubles to singles

    Can someone confirm if you can replace the double bolt lashing points with the single bolt ones?
  12. P

    Sold 2017 T6 KOMBI SWB rear seats & interior fittings

    Triple removable seat with seat belts included also floor mat with tie down points and seat rails ready to convert a van to a kombi. Removed whilst converting to camper collection only Cardiff thanks for looking £895
  13. R

    Dealing with factory floor holes

    Hi guys, I'm removing my Kombi set up with seats, rubber floor and tie-down points. I am left with the factory holes from the tie-down bolts and will be left with holes from the Kombi seat brackets. How should I deal with the holes before getting my plywood floor down e.t.c
  14. T

    Anchor tie-down points

    Hi guys, starting my conversion soon, is it a good idea to leave couple anchor points in to use later. Cheers in advance
  15. S

    Load Lashing Points - Removal

    What do people normally do about the bolt holes when removing the load lashing points? Fill with something? Replace just the bolts? Nothing?
  16. B

    Wanted Tie Down Cups And Spacers

    Hello Does anyone have a set of these for sale ? I have the bolts and rings just wanting the cups and spacers please Thanks
  17. Tony Smith

    For Sale T6 Internal Bike Rack SWB & LWB

    Internal bike Rack, this rack is adjustable and bolts down to the floor of any T5-T6 van SWB or LWB We have had it a few months Comes complete with mounting bolts etc Located either in Woking or Winchester areas £125 cash or Postage and Bank payment is an option but postage will be...
  18. CaptainZag

    T6 Shuttle Se - Lashing Points Missing - Need To Add Some?

    Please take it easy on me - I've only had my first ever T6 a week and maybe asking some daft questions? I thought the T6 Shuttle had 8 lashing points, but 2 of mine are missing on the near side (NS2 and NS3). I have just noticed something a little strange about my T6 LWB shuttle. There are 2...
  19. boxbark

    Attaching Load Lashing Points To Pillars Safely

    Hi All I've a T6 kombi with twin sliding electric doors. I need to add some load lashing points midway up the pillars behind my rear triple bench, (The c-pillar??) - under the rear seat seat-belt fixtures. I want them to be strong. I need to lash flat objects against the back of the rear seats...
  20. E

    Load Lashing Rings - Replacement Bolts?

    Hi all, I have a T6 LWB Kombi which has 8 lashing rings as standard. I want to remove the 4 rings in the middle of the van which looks easy enough with a spline socket. Then I'm going to make a frame for transporting MX bikes and fix this frame in place using the original 4 holes that I removed...