1. Dellmassive

    For Sale Outwell Parkdale 4PA 2021 - 4 Person Airbeam Tent + carpet + ground sheet

    Outwell Parkdale 4PA 2021 - 4 Person Airbeam Tent + carpet + ground sheet £500 collected or + shipping ... Only used twice in UK, Non pet, non smokers. Full kit ready to go with additional ground sheet and carpet. Awesome 4man, 3 zone tunnel tent. Great for couples and small families...
  2. Dellmassive

    For Sale Vango Anantara IV Air TC 450XL Bundle family 4m tent cotton ground sheet carpet

    ++++++++ Dellmassive-camper-van-adventure Dellmassive-list-of-sale-items-garage-clear-out ++++++++ Vango Anantara IV Air TC 450XL Bundle family 4m tent cotton ground sheet carpet selling the tent as were upgrading to a van. mega bundle. Vango Anantara IV Air TC 450XL ( TC Version -...

    For Sale Tamar 2 Man Tent

    Perfect for an extra sleeping spot for the kids when camping - this 2 man tent I bought for festivals that I never even took out the packet! £80 brand new takes it - https://www.millets.co.uk/15980803/eurohike-tamar-2-man-tent-15980803
  4. A

    For Sale Very large, very expensive, very good 7 person tent for sale

    I just packed this up after a weeks use. This is not a tent for a solo traveller. We upgraded from a polyester fabric tent in June 2021 to this Outwell (imperial Air collection) Wood Lake 7 air tent. The upgrades we numerous. But the most important is the change from polyester to Pollycotton...
  5. T

    For Sale Berghaus Air 6XL family tent

    Excellent condition, used only for two weeks last summer. Great size for a family or for spacious luxury. Usual caveats on pack size, fits in the back of our swb T6 but takes up just under half the space! £550, located West Yorkshire.
  6. M

    Sold Vango Cove II Air Low Drive Away awning + extras

    Hi all We're selling our Vango Cove II Air Low Drive Away awning, additional groundsheet protector & ground breaker peg set too. Vango Cove II AIR Low Drive-Away Awning Vango Noosa/Cove/Galli Awning Footprint Vango Rock Pegs Used a few times last summer and looking at going back to some...
  7. Paint

    Show Us Your Tent setup

    Not a big fan of drive away awning tents and was wondering if there were many other members like minded who had stand alone tents as a set up and what tent you used I went for a zampire which is the first tent I have ever bought and have been really impressed with the quality I have added a...
  8. Bynxy

    Sold Bell tent sold

    Bell Tent Boutique 5m Start Bell tent Used but in excellent condition Bargain at £500 Tent if bought new from Bell Tent Boutique they are £769 Only selling because we bought a drive away awning Facebook market place post
  9. RyanGerry

    Sold Vango AirWay Galli 2 Low

    No longer needed due to caravan purchase Vango Air Away Galli 2 Low with a few extras x 2 inner bedroom tents Skyliner Footprint ground sheet Vango Insulated Carpet Pump and pegs £500 Located Tidworth SP9
  10. Jimmi

    FREE 2 x Tents

    1 little and 1 big The berghaus bag has a bit of squirrel damage but the tent hasn’t been touched. Bit grubby but otherwise ok. Would be good for festival beaters!! Definitely too good to throw in the skip.
  11. A

    Tent instead of Awning - campsite reactions?

    We had a small awning with our Transporter, and were obviously able to pitch as van and awning on sites, but we're now thinking a 4 man tent would provide a more comfortable/flexible arrangement, but I'm finding it difficult to clarify how sites will treat this. Will it be the same as a van and...
  12. P

    For Sale Outwell buckville 700 tent

    Outwell buckville 700 7 birth tent really nice large tent large living area with 3 bedrooms or can be made into 2 large rooms. Based in Worcester but can deliver £400
  13. Chrisaky82

    Found Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4 inner tent 4berth

    Looking for a 4 berth inner tent for the Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4 awning.
  14. cgtmiles

    For Sale Olpro Cocoon poled awning (large!)

    Massive Olpro Cocoon poled awning (not air) for sale with footprint and kador kit. £300 collected from HP1 Includes 5 man inner tent (2 compartments). One of the biggest awnings on the market. Big enough to sleep 2 teenagers on double air beds and still have enough space for a table and 4...
  15. M

    Recommend me a Toilet Tent

    As per the title - suggestions appreciated for a quality toilet tent please. We got this as part of a package recently, and it is utterly dire! MP9515 Shower/Utility Tent - Maypole A pole sleeve tore while it was being "test pitched" in the garden, it's almost transparent and I doubt it'd...
  16. J

    Camping advice T6 Caravelle

    Hi! This is my first van, always camped with a car/ folding camper combo before. Wondering if anyone has successfully camped in a T6 caravelle with children (4 of them.... 9,9, nearly 2, nearly 1) or if it’s a bit too ambitious First off there’s the 4 chunky car seats to move each night if...
  17. S

    For Sale BCT Task Force 4 Canvas Tent + Extension

    Tencate/Canvas BCT Task Force 4Tent + Extension. Made in UK 4 berth but roomy for 2 or 3 or good for storage. Very good condition Easy and quick to pitch with alloy, sprung A-frame & ridge poles Might be a good option for extra sleeping or storage accommodation with your campervan. Photo from...
  18. LMJCS

    Utility tent

    Hi! We finally have our van and are very excited and eager to get away! We have bought a utility tent for the porta potti and portable shower. Although facilities will be available, our middle child has cystic fibrosis so need to be as self contained as possible at least for this summer. I...
  19. Murphys mum

    Awning or tent?

    I am new to this forum so not sure if I am doing this post correctly.. I have ordered the new T6.1 and the convertor is offering me a free Fatima awning OR a Vango Tent in the deal .. not sure which to go for (Never had a camper before) and wondering how useful the awnings are? Would be very...
  20. S

    Stitches & Steel Bawdsey Inflatable Awning & Tent

    Has anyone used either the Bawdsey Inflatable Awning or Tent? Comments? Any good? Our experience with their poles and windbreak is good but just wondered about the inflatables!