team bamboo green

  1. 68martin68

    Big Green - 204bhp Bamboo Green Vanworx - Day van conversion

    Thought I'd start a build thread as I have finally actually started doing some bits on my van after year of ownership! Picked it up in May last year as I needed a work van and my A4 estate was well and truly on its last legs after being used for all manner of building material transport during...
  2. 68martin68


    Hi all, Been lurking for a while, but with all this Covid free time, I’ve been able to actually start doing some bits to my van! Spec: 2019 ‘68’ plate Vanworx SWB Kombi 204 Bhp Bamboo Green Sportline 18” Wheels Side runners/bars Twin electric sliders Most optional extra’s bar the auto lift...
  3. W

    Its Official...

    Took delivery of my van Saturday so guess i'm now a fully paid up member of the T6 community... Already put it to good use with a 4 hr drive to North Wales (Coed y Brenin) and back yesterday, for a slightly wet MTB event. Overall very happy though already compiling a list of potential...
  4. V

    Been Here A While About Time I Owned One

    So here is my addition. So high up you can see for miles. Loving the space too. One slight issue is I dont seem to be able to access ANY Lights and Vision settings within the MFD (I have Auto Lights/Wipers if that matters) I'll open up another topic re this after a search
  5. T28dov

    Spoiler Colour - black or coded?

    I’ve got a bamboo green van and going to have a rear spoiler fitted... shall I colour code it and keep it bamboo green or should I go gloss black? The wheels are black, the windows are black and I’m putting gloss black badges in it and likely going to be changing the chrome bars to gloss black...
  6. T28dov

    Just Joined

    Hi, joined a couple day ago! Had been camping in tents once or twice a year until a friend of mine really got me and wife into the idea of owning our own t6. It started out ‘oh yeah that’s a good idea, let’s buy a t5 for £20k... let’s make it £25k’. Then we realised what we wanted was nearer...
  7. R

    Colour Advice Please

    hi all just joined the group. I just paid for a T6 150 BHP van which will be converted within the next few months. I have until monday to chose a colour and have been doing my own head in weighing up options so thought I'd ask advice from the pros. initially I'd thought black but worried about...
  8. toonaroon

    Bamboo Garden Green

    Played around with photo studio and came up with this image which I think shows the blue and green mix great..
  9. toonaroon

    New Wheels

    New wheels fitted on my T32 chuffed with the ride..
  10. Glynn1010

    Alloy Wheels

    can anyone recommend a good make of wheels that would match my bamboo Green 2018 T6
  11. F

    Bungee Fixing Rear

    hello everyone, first post on this site. I have a converted panel van and have added a third row seating. I have tailgate and would like to add a bungee net to the rear floor lash points but attach it about 3/4 way up the van to keep luggage etc from falling out. Not sure any of the holes slots...
  12. Alan Croft

    Love My Van

    scrubs up well after a snow foam, rinse, wash, rinse and just got to dry it now :)
  13. toonaroon

    Bamboo Garden Green

    This colour is a bit strange, we have walked passed our van on more than one occasion..
  14. Ro63rt

    T6 Sportline Alloys with Bamboo Green

    Just after a few opinions please. I’ve a T6 Kombi in Bamboo Green on order. Just wanted a few peoples opinions on which ones to go for, initially I choose the Gloss Black ones as that what seems popular on the Bamboo Green & do look good. However I’m not so keen on them now I’ve seen it on a...
  15. g4jsg

    T6 Bamboo Garden Green - First camper

    Obi-1 by g4jsg posted 30 Aug 2017 at 09:23 It's got a HiLo roof and a U shaped seating area with sink/hob and top loading fridge. Can't wait to get out an use it :) John
  16. Rossco2608

    Team Bamboo Green

    Dent Guy with a T6 kombi in Bamboo Garden Green ..... Been having a look around, great forum!