1. J

    Screwed rear spoiler removal

    Hi I bought a T6 second hand and need to remove the rear spoiler - it’s not bonded but screwed in with two screws into a plug - one has come lose but the other I am keen to take off without damaging - any advice to protect the metal work and spoiler? Thanks
  2. SAF1981

    Wiring reverse cam in a T6 tailgate camper???

    I have a Road Angel reverse camera that centers between the number plate lights. I have drilled this point and placed the cam and leads through. Now I need to access the +reverse light wire from this point. Has anyone installed a rev cam in a T6 tailgate camper???
  3. colinsunbeam

    Sold Carbon Fibre tailgate spoiler (VW Carbon)

    For Sale due now having a new van with spoiler already fitted. It’s never been fitted or used and is in perfect condition. After £120 cost new is £275 plus vat so a bargain to be had. Prefer buyer to collect am in Farnborough Hampshire
  4. Trouts

    Sold Rainbow Screens - thermal rear tailgate cover

    had some internal curtains fitted so this is no longer needed - this is the thermal, black out version and is excellent. only been used half a dozen times at most and, having always been packed away dry, is in perfect condition and comes with the generous storage bag so is easy to pack away...
  5. campz

    Vanshades Tailgate Lower Panel

    Hi, Looking for some recommendations for 6.1 shuttle lower tailgate to work with the vanshades install at the top. TIA Mark
  6. mattbryson

    T6 Retro fit OEM electric tailgate open/close switch

    I know this has been discussed various times - and I've seen some good posts on wiring up a momentary switch into the power latching switch, but I have a few questions... I've got a Kombi with the electric opening tailgate (not just power latching), but has no way to open it from the inside...
  7. F

    For Sale Genuine T6 Tail lights (tailgate) 2019

    Having recently upgraded to some smoked rear tail lights on my 2019 T30, I no longer require the factory fitted original rear lights. These are for the tailgate T6 and are the halogen model. Both lights work as normal and recently passed MOT however there is a small crack in the drivers side...
  8. JimDiesel

    Wanted T6 tailgate pull strap

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a spare t6 pull strap and bracket that attaches to the tailgate that you pull to close it. I’m guessing they are not the sort of thing knocking about but thought I’d ask… Tia
  9. Propavanda

    T6 cycle rack Unistrut add ons

    Hi All I am wanting to use my T6 cycle rack frame to carry load like jerry cans. I have seen some images that show a unistrut system add on that can then be used to mount jerry cans etc. Does anyone have any idea if these can be bought as a kit ? Thanks
  10. D

    NW England - Retrofit power tailgate

    Hi… This one is far beyond my skill set. Can anyone suggest anywhere in NW England that could do this for me? Thanks Alan
  11. P

    tailgate and side door locking problems.

    Good Morning I have read all the threads re the T6 side and tailgate locking problem I think but have failed to sort my problems so looking for advice please. I have for some time had to unlock my side door from inside as it failed to unlock on the fob. I have to pull the internal handle three...
  12. A

    Tailgate won't open, even manually

    Hi, My tailgate won't open. Any help would be appreciated. I've taken the insde panel off the door and can see that when the external handle is opened, the actuator is operating but the door won't open. I've tried manually opening it from the inside but I can't move the mechanism at all, so...
  13. wuckfitracing

    Is there something missing from my tailgate?

    On both sides of my tailgate I have these holes with nothing in them, should there be some sort of guide
  14. Sackmycook

    Tailgate Wiper-Motor space

    Evening all, my PV tailgate has just had a rear window installed and carpetted and I've just put the curtains up. I have a void centrally where I'm guessing the rear wiper motor would sit in a casing ? I can see my mobile phone or similar disappearing down it from time to time when Boris let's...
  15. Rossi17

    Door Card fixing bolts/screws

    Hi, Would anyone know what screws/bolts to use to fix a couple of brackets to the inside of the tailgate? I want a quite strong fitting and I assume it’s only a door card what’s on the inside of the tailgate Thanks for any idea’s.
  16. McFlude

    Buzz Rack tow bar bike rack

    I need a bike rack for two bikes very occasional use. I have a tow bar and have been considering the Buzz Rack Moose or Buffalo racks. Is anyone aware if they tilt enough to allow the tailgate to open? (I know that Altera and Thule have racks which would suit but unfortunately my budget won't suit)
  17. Driftwood

    Another consideration regarding Tailgate versus Rear Doors. Not for the squeamish.

    Guess which I have?
  18. Captain Backfire

    Atera Strada Dl3

    Towbar bike rack arrived yesterday from the Roofbox company... Did a test ft of it this morning. Alothough it slides and tilts away from the tailgate I still can’t open it fully. Firstly the bike clamp locking nuts get in the way (I can get around this by ever so slightly forcing the bike rack a...
  19. marsie

    gap between tailgate and bumper

    My new to me t6 has come with a bumper protection trim but there is little or no gap when the tailgate is down. I don't want to fit the trim and then find its rubbing all the paint off the lower edge of the tailgate. Is there a way to somehow increase the gap? TIA Paul
  20. I don't

    Tailgate power-latch not fully closing

    Help with tail gate closure? Morning folks. I have a t6 kombi edition with both rear doors and boot lid that, after closing, mechanically close tighter. Except the boot lid is intermittent on doing it and has a small amount of play when shut. Anyone know if it's something dumb like hold the key...