1. T

    For Sale OEM Mudflaps - Tailgate. Set of 4

    Set of genuine t6 mudflaps never fitted. cost £136 sell for £100 inc postage
  2. E

    Replacing shattered tailgate glass

    Hi, so my T6 camper tailgate glass was smashed during the recent storms in NE Scotland. Its a camper conversion with glass from Camper Glass, the rear screen was replaced on Thursday by a well known vehicle glass company having sourced glass from Camper Glass. I jumped in the van today to use...
  3. HoopDub

    Found T6 tailgate hinges

    Im looking for a complete set of t6 tailgate hinges and bolts. Also any other fixings van side i need to complete a conversion from barn doors. I have already got a tailgate, struts, lights, corner trims and bumper. But nothing van side, guides, ball fixings etc
  4. M

    Weird Numberplate light issue [Resolved]

    My number plate lights don’t work with the lights on. When I open the tailgate, for the few seconds the latch is energised the number plate lights come on then go off. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome
  5. tommycj

    Wanted HESS Rack

    I’m looking for a used HESS rack or similar. I’d like to add some storage on the back of my T6. I’m based between Oxford and London Thank you!
  6. J99kom87

    Sold LED tailgate tail-lamps. £150

    I have some oem led rear tailgate lights off a 2018 T6 for sale. £150 West Midlands
  7. roadtripper

    Disabling Electric Tailgate Auto\Pressure Sensitive close

    This has been a concern of mine for some time and rather than continue to accidentally hijack this thread I thought I'd start a new one. The problem The short summary is that I have an electric powered tailgate on my T6.1 and, as can be seen in my avatar, I also have a rear kitchen and rig...
  8. Gazbadge

    For Sale Leighton Vans tailgate roof-spoiler

    Brand new primed LV tailgate spoiler. Collection from Sheffield. £60.00 Thanks
  9. R

    Tailgate handle release opening when driving

    When I start the engine and then open and close driver’s door, the tailgate handle release unlatches the the lock. This is happening on 2021 T6.1. Has anyone had this problem?
  10. T

    Rear wiper problem after new tailgate with existing wiring

    I recently got back my T6 from smash repairer, after fitting a new tailgate (no other visible damage). They used the existing tailgate wiring harness. ALMOST everything works OK - but there's a mystery. Rear wiper would not work. Auto Electrician says there's a wire broken somewhere between the...
  11. T

    Tow-bar bike rack that allows tailgate access

    Hi, Just bought a T6 Ocean. Don’t want bikes up high mounted on the back. Can anyone offer advice about adding a tow bar (any particular one) and what make of tow bar mounted bike rack for 2 non-electric bikes. I want one which tilts to allow access to the rear of the van. Any help, much...
  12. GilbsT32

    Sold Tailgate roof spoiler

    Hi all Recently got my van back from the body shop and last minute decided not to have my rear spoiler fitted. It has been sprayed RAC orange so may benefit someone who has just purchased an ex RAC van. I would like £175 ovno, just looking to get back the cost of the spoiler and paint work. I...
  13. Gazbadge

    For Sale THQ stealth tailgate spoiler

    As above for sale. It's brand new however it was damaged on delivery. I was sent another and never had to return this one. It's been repaired and to be honest has repaired really well. It's unfinished and unprimed. See pic of repair and a couple of pics of the one on my van. £80.00...
  14. A

    How much of tailgate to carpet

    I have already carpet lined walls and all plywood panels including the ceiling, so there is no bare metal on walls, wheel arches etc. Have come to the tailgate now, and not sure how much of it I should be carpeting. (I've done the plywood panel, but the rest is still bare metal.) I have a...
  15. nimrod

    tailgate rising to half height [Resolved]

    I tow a caravan with my T6, Kombi 2018, after opening the tailgate whilst still plugged in (which stops electric opening), the door now only rises to half height on opening with the door handle, I never use the key fob (never really needed to) as I just walk to the door and pull handle. reading...
  16. B

    leaving a tailgate open in the rain

    I use my tailgate as an impromptu awning all the time. It’s the best features of the tailgate Has anyone found there to be any issues with water sitting in the number plate recess with the tailgate open in the rain? Apart from standing to the side when closing it to avoid getting soaked, I...
  17. L

    Tailgate Switched Ground

    I want to put some lights in the interior panel on the tailgate but I only want them to come on when the tailgate is open, does anyone know where a switched ground wire is? Is this it F5 Luggage compartment light switch, in rear lid F111 Rear lid contact switch? Thanks.
  18. G

    Leaking tailgate and sliding door

    We seem to have a leaking tailgate and sliding door in our 23 plate T6.1 Transporter. I wouldn’t have expected this with a 6 week old van but reading though some threads it seems to happen… Water seems to be passing by the seals, not a lot but enough to not want it. I know the best option would...
  19. Parvus

    Found T6 Rear Lights / Tailgate (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking for a drivers side rear tailgate light (non LED) to replace mine which has constant moisture/condensation. Would be open to a pair of halogen 6 or 6.1 rear lights. Thanks, Matt
  20. Berger

    Retrofit T6 LED tail-lights

    Hi I've brought some led rear lights from eBay I've read on here that I'll need to do some extra wiring for both sides to work, is there a link to how to do it and are they just plug n play otherwise?