1. Ed Webb

    Sold Genuine T6 Tailgate Rear Mudflaps

    Bought in error. Part number 7F0.075.101 Everything present in box, although box is slightly tatty. £20. Collection from Forumfest is preferred to save faffing with another box and packaging etc.
  2. P

    Tailgate dust cover

    Is there such as thing as a tailgate dust cover? For the bit which closes/ locks the tailgate and fills up with yuck.....vw equivalent of belly button fluff!
  3. C

    Are tailgates usually more expensive?

    I've been looking at Transporters non stop for the last three weeks. I ideally want a Highline, low mileage and with a tailgate. Speaking to dealers everywhere they are all saying the same thing, that Tailgates are in high demand at the moment due to the surge in people converting them to...
  4. N

    Adding rear wash/wipe and heated rear screen

    Hi there, We are currently installing a tailgate into our 2016 Startline Van, before it is converted to a camper van during November. I think the donor tailgate is from a California and has a heated rear screen, and the wash wipe system/motor. Does anyone know if it is possible to get this...
  5. nickwt6

    Tailgate bike rack & security/anti-theft bolts

    Recently bought a Thule Wanderway tailgate rack (which is fab!), but like other similar racks is only secured by 2 security torx screws, and I now realise that you can remove the rack without opening the tailgate if you're prepared to lose the two lower clamps, which I imagine are easily...
  6. Martin955

    Tailgate window interior surround

    Is there an interior trim for a T6 tailgate window? I've searched on eBay but not found anything.
  7. Lord Mfwic

    Rear Tailgate Awning.

    I already have a Thule wind out awning and a Vango Cruz inflatable. My van is a twin slider Kombi so I can use both sides but you can never have too much space and I like to spread out when camping. I'm now looking for a rear mounted awning that will sit over my tailgate. There are a number...
  8. JamieinSwindon

    For Sale Front H4 & Tailgate Tail Lights

    Hi I am new to this site! I have a set of Front Head Lights and a set of Rear Lights from our 68 Plate VW T6 Kombi Van which I am looking to sell on. Having no idea, their worth I would be happy for any suggestions. I have replaced these with some LED Lights from Transporter HQ and having spent...
  9. Minimucks

    Smooth tailgate.

    Has anyone gone old school and smoothed off the tailgate VW badge? It seems everyone debadges the transporter/TDI badges and changes the backing colour etc on the round VW emblem. I'm aiming to achieve a sleek/stealth look on my van and am debating whether or not to waste some hard earned cash...
  10. Ned Kelly

    Disable Electric Tailgate

    Hi I'm looking to disable the electric tailgate. just when camping I find if its left open and the van is rocked it can trigger an auto close, I have a rear tailgate tent and wouldn't want it coming down during the night. I thought that a 13 pin plug fitted in the Tow electrics socket might do...
  11. M

    Tailgate Power Latch weird Issue

    Hi All, fitted my tailgate power latch system to my van. All wired in etc but I've noticed that the latch, when the door is open sits about halfway down the slider, then when you close it it moved out then in. On opening the tailgate you can hear the latch almost dance in and out a couple of...
  12. D

    Tail gate audio warning! States open

    Hi Can anyone advise me on my tailgate audio warning. It’s a straight forward t6 camper, no auto lift. Basically the tail gate is shut and locked but the dashboard display flashes and beeps that it is open. There is no pattern and bumps do not make a difference. It can happen every few seconds...
  13. M

    Tailgate glass upgrade

    Hi I'm looking at installing a window into the tailgate of my very basic T32, however trying to get my head around anything that requires the use of 2 or more brain cells is a challenge to say the least What do I need if the glass is heated and has a wiper hole, is there a simple way to install...
  14. Peclaran

    Wanted Ball pin for tailgate lights

    I’m looking for a pair of ball connectors( no idea what it’s called) which allows the rear light cluster to slide into. See pictures. mine got broken after the tailgate strut popped out and impacted the lights.
  15. D

    Tailgate Reversing Camera Retrofit

    Hi, I am about to buy a T6 Highline with tailgate and have it converted to a camper. Was thinking whilst its being gutted to get the wiring in place for a reversing camera. I can code it myself as I have VCDS and have found the coding on this forum already (thanks!) Any recommendations where I...
  16. catfood12

    Full width tailgate opening plastic OEM trim

    Mates I see some vans with the full width plastic trim on the tailgate threshold on the floor. My PV, and many other vans' photos on here, have the cut down central trim around the latch keep only, but plastic nut inserts either side for a full width trim. It looks like there's bits missing...
  17. J

    Refitting tailgate seal after carpeting

    As the title says, just finished carpet lining, but I cant seem to refit the tailgate seal over the lip now it has extra thickness of the carpet. Is there a special technique? I'd hate to trim the carpet back from the edge because the seal gives the best edge, but running out of options..
  18. A2dczealous

    Tailgate switch retrofit How To Video

    Hi all, I’ve made a video on my YouTube channel to show how to retrofit a tailgate switch to open it from the inside, take a look and subscribe if you like what you see Cheers, CDAT
  19. Tappers

    VW Bike Rack query

    Hi everyone! There’s a few threads about bike racks, but what I couldn’t find anything on was if people who have them have had any issues with marks on the paintwork where the rubber feet sit? I’m almost certain this is the rack I am going to purchase, but a guy I was talking to “has a friend”...
  20. T28dov

    Bike Rack on tailgate van with Spoiler..

    Can anyone recommend a bike rack for 2 bikes that will fit a T6 that has a spoiler on the tailgate?