1. A


    Does anyone have or know where I can find a rear lift tailgate?
  2. Nacho.Nigel

    Sold Genuine VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Genuine VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack. All 4 bike arms are present with keys, locks, and manual. The original security tool with torque setting for fitting and removal of the rack is also present. Uprated tailgate gas struts included. The rack is in good condition apart from the usual weathering...
  3. O

    Sold 2011 T5.1 T30 140PS Kombi twin-door. FVWSH. PRICE DROP £23,000 No VAT!

    Volkswagen Transporter Factory Kombi ! Factory Twin sliding with tailgate. NO VAT!! Was £26,495, price drop to £23,000!! Volkswagen T5.1 2.0tdi 140 6 speed manual Metallic Olympic Blue HPI CLEAR 2011 T30 model 68,500 miles Full VW history Recent Major Service and Cambelt at VW Brand New...
  4. combatklp

    Safari Window - Tailgate

    Hi All, Had a good search first and couldn't see a thread - has anyone installed a safari window in the tailgate of their T6? Worth it? What was the reasoning behind doing it, as opposed to fixed closed glass? Thanks L
  5. Garyde

    What is this piece on my Tailgate?

    Hi All, does anyone know what this piece is on the tailgate of my new to me T6? I can see from doing a google image search that there is usually a black cover over this, but hoped someone could advise what this is so I can get order the correct trim cover for it. Thanks for any help provided!
  6. S


    Brand new genuine VW tailgate spoiler for T6/T6.1. I purchased this spoiler from Listers when I collected my van. Unfortunately due to their incompetence the van was returned for a full refund. However they refused to refund the spoiler due to being over 28 days from purchase. It is still in the...
  7. B

    Tailgate Bumper on Barn Door?

    Afternoon All I have a 2019 T6 barn door in pure grey and recently notice the paint on the Bumper is pealing away. (Doesn't look to have been prepped and painted correctly) I've seen no end of tailgate bumpers for sale on ebay already painted and wanted to know if it would fit my Barn door...
  8. Jon

    Sold VW Tailgate Bike Rack

    For sale is my genuine VW 4 bike tailgate rack. I bought it new about 4 years ago so it has everything with it including paperwork, all 4 arms and key. It has been used but its all there with no issues at all. It's been taken off over the winters so perfect condition. I have now sold my van so...
  9. T

    For Sale Startline rear bumper (tailgate)

    For sale startline rear bumper, came off my new 22 plate van that had covered just 500 miles so as new £100 ono collection ls23 6sh
  10. Two7Five

    For Sale Tailgate / Lid

    Having replaced the tailgate on my highline for one without a window I now have for sale a few months old, immaculate indium grey t6.1 tailgate complete with rear window. It’s bare aside from the glass and a wiper arm/motor. It’s immaculate. I forgot to take a photo before boxing it up (in...
  11. N

    What are these for?

    Can someone advise what these holes are for in the tailgate? They seem fairly random! I’m presuming you will be able to get some form of grommet/plug to fill, if so does anyone have the part number. I’ve looked at the tailgate diagram and cannot see them.
  12. Gàirnealair

    Has anyone removed a tailgate window pod-alike unit?

    I know my van is gorgeous and I am very lucky to have her, but the tailgate glass is mostly obscured by a massive surround with a relatively small concertina window blind fitted. Standard conversion from Hillside and whilst there is absolutely nothing functionally wrong with it I hate the damn...
  13. Texxaco

    For Sale LED tailgate tail-lamps. £175

    Afternoon everyone, I have recently swapped out my OEM VW tailgate LED lights hence they are now up for sale. In super nick, looking for £175 for the pair, collection only. Images can be posted if needed
  14. B

    Only one reverse light?!

    Hi should I only have one reverse light on my t6 tailgate model
  15. Manu

    Tailgate camera problems

    Hi, I have been having intermittent problems with my rear camera. It intermittently goes very dim. There is still an image, but very dim. Everything else in the display works well. It has been getting worse over time and at the moment it only shows a normal picture when I open the tailgate. I...
  16. RDT

    Sold Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Drive Away Awning £350.00

    Vango Tailgate Airhub Low Drive Away Awning. £350.00 Fantastic piece of kit, used twice - changing van/set up - only reason for sale. Full details and spec of awning available here. Photo of it below on my van, and also some website pics.
  17. N

    Water leak in tailgate

    A few days ago I opened the tailgate to hear water sloshing round inside. When I checked the tailgate had quite a bit of water pooled in the bottom. I had rained the day before and I had just washed it. I thought I would test it out today whilst washing. Tested round the window seal...
  18. Sackmycook

    Tail light ID

    Can anyone confirm whether these are LED or non- LED taillights lights and if barn door or tailgate. Thank you in advance
  19. Y

    Tailgate Locking Problem.

    Hi All, I've seen a few posts on here re-tailgate locking issues but unfortunately none that have helped with my issue. The tailgate lock on my 2017 T6 (T32) seems to be "electrically" locked and I cannot open it with either the key fob, or either of the exterior or interior releases. I managed...
  20. mlh677

    Sold Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack

    **SOLD** Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack Collection only. Located near Glastonbury, Somerset. Recently bought from another forum member as I needed to transport 4 bikes on a trip with some friends. All 4 bike arms are present with keys & locks - the 4 locks are identical and so only a...