1. B

    Only one reverse light?!

    Hi should I only have one reverse light on my t6 tailgate model
  2. Manu

    Tailgate camera problems

    Hi, I have been having intermittent problems with my rear camera. It intermittently goes very dim. There is still an image, but very dim. Everything else in the display works well. It has been getting worse over time and at the moment it only shows a normal picture when I open the tailgate. I...
  3. RDT

    Sold Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Drive Away Awning £350.00

    Vango Tailgate Airhub Low Drive Away Awning. £350.00 Fantastic piece of kit, used twice - changing van/set up - only reason for sale. Full details and spec of awning available here. Photo of it below on my van, and also some website pics.
  4. N

    Leaking tailgate

    A few days ago I opened the tailgate to hear water sloshing round inside. When I checked the tailgate had quite a bit of water pooled in the bottom. I had rained the day before and I had just washed it. I thought I would test it out today whilst washing. Tested round the window seal...
  5. Sackmycook

    Tail light ID

    Can anyone confirm whether these are LED or non- LED taillights lights and if barn door or tailgate. Thank you in advance
  6. Y

    Tailgate Locking Problem.

    Hi All, I've seen a few posts on here re-tailgate locking issues but unfortunately none that have helped with my issue. The tailgate lock on my 2017 T6 (T32) seems to be "electrically" locked and I cannot open it with either the key fob, or either of the exterior or interior releases. I managed...
  7. mlh677

    Sold Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack

    **SOLD** Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack Collection only. Located near Glastonbury, Somerset. Recently bought from another forum member as I needed to transport 4 bikes on a trip with some friends. All 4 bike arms are present with keys & locks - the 4 locks are identical and so only a...
  8. tommy_t6.1

    For Sale T6.1 oem rear lights - tailgate

    I've upgraded the rear lights on my T6.1 to LEDs, so the stock halogens are now no longer required. They are in very good condition, no cracks, scuffs or scratches. Been on my van for about 20 months/9k miles. £200 ono collection from Manchester.
  9. hellrider

    Tailgate dampers - part-number

    Hi everyone, does anyone know a part number or anywhere you can get the tailgate rubber bung stoppers or whatever they're called? lol.......... i've seen some on amazon but they are described as for scirocco so not sure if they'll fit....... i've got the driver's side on split and every...
  10. Sackmycook

    Sold Oem VW tailgate cycle carrier and upgraded struts

    I'm switching to a towbar mounted system as the wife's e-bike is a pain to lift ! This is an OEM VW tailgate bike rack with the usual minor wear and tear from being permanently left on. Everything works, currently configured for 2 bikes and I have the other 2 wheel holders but not the arms. I'll...
  11. S

    T6 Tailgate adjustment - one side sitting proud

    Hi guys, first post / request for help on here. The tailgate on my new to me T6 doesent close as tightly on one side as the other. There is a slightly larger gap that will really get under my skin if I don’t get it sorted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ any advice on getting one side to pull in tighter please ?
  12. Nomad

    Sold SOLD Genuine VW bike rack for T6 (Tailgate) carries 4 bikes SOLD

    NOW SOLD I have my genuine VW rack for T6 with tailgate (Made by Thule) for sale. Located near Bicester, Oxfordshire For health reasons I have had to switch to an e-bike but for those same health reasons I am not able to hoist a bloody heavy e-bike onto the rack! So the e-bike goes in the...
  13. RichDavies82

    Sold Genuine VW Bike Carrier - Tailgate

    I have a genuine VW tailgate bike rack for sale. Good, used condition with locks. I can only find three arms (the outer three). There is a broken clip but doesn’t affect the stability. I can take to Camper Jam this weekend if it helps otherwise, collection from Nottingham. Damage and missing arm...
  14. J

    Screwed rear spoiler removal

    Hi I bought a T6 second hand and need to remove the rear spoiler - it’s not bonded but screwed in with two screws into a plug - one has come lose but the other I am keen to take off without damaging - any advice to protect the metal work and spoiler? Thanks
  15. SAF1981

    Wiring reverse cam in a T6 tailgate camper???

    I have a Road Angel reverse camera that centers between the number plate lights. I have drilled this point and placed the cam and leads through. Now I need to access the +reverse light wire from this point. Has anyone installed a rev cam in a T6 tailgate camper???
  16. colinsunbeam

    Sold Carbon Fibre tailgate spoiler (VW Carbon)

    For Sale due now having a new van with spoiler already fitted. It’s never been fitted or used and is in perfect condition. After £120 cost new is £275 plus vat so a bargain to be had. Prefer buyer to collect am in Farnborough Hampshire
  17. M4rc

    Furniture - does a tailgate sit further in than barn doors?

    Hi All, I'm swapping my barn doors for a tailgate, could anyone tell me if when the door is closed will I lose any space with the tailgate? My units are already quite close to the Barn doors. TIA
  18. Duffer

    HELP! Tailgate release

    Hi, Looking for some help; hoping someone has had experience of this & can give me pointers. Just gone away for a trip & the Tailgate has stopped releasing from the outside (2017 Caravelle). Electronic switch, and mechanical override on inside of tailgate are both working (I'm having to climb...
  19. Trouts

    Sold Rainbow Screens - thermal rear tailgate cover

    had some internal curtains fitted so this is no longer needed - this is the thermal, black out version and is excellent. only been used half a dozen times at most and, having always been packed away dry, is in perfect condition and comes with the generous storage bag so is easy to pack away...
  20. campz

    Vanshades Tailgate Lower Panel

    Hi, Looking for some recommendations for 6.1 shuttle lower tailgate to work with the vanshades install at the top. TIA Mark