1. osman

    Tailgate no longer opening from outside

    Just had this I’ve had it before for very short periods but this now seems permanent … I can open the tailgate from inside ( thank god ! ) as I installed a simple switch a while back but it seems the external switch is malfunctioning… this is coincidentally after having the lower portion of the...
  2. H

    Securing a tailgate awning with pop top?

    Looking at the Vango Tailgate Awning, it looks like the securing straps need to cross over the van roof before being pegged in front. Does anyone have experience of this with a pop top please? I'm concerned the straps will interfere with the canvas, or is there some other means of fastening at...
  3. ma77y

    Tailgate dropped down?

    Hi all I have tried to search for an already discussed thread but no luck (for me anyway). So it looks like my tailgate has dropped on the left side, there is an indentation on the bumper protector where its been sitting. Has anyone else had this issue? What is the best way to rectify this...
  4. Boonboy

    Sound deadening tailgate door

    Can someone please give a little advice about how much dodo mat is needed for a tailgate door, and how to install, there’s loads of really good vids on the rest of the van, which has made this easy, any hep for a newbie, would it much appreciated
  5. S

    T6 tailgate on T5 tailgate van

    Looking to change my 2006 t5 tailgate to t6 one. I know there is a bit of faffing about when it’s barn doors, but is tailgate to tailgate a straight swap TIA
  6. C

    Is your tailgate seal like this?

    Hi all, My tailgate seal has a gap of about an inch at the bottom. Maybe it's for drainage? It's an easy fix to buy a new seal but keen to know if anyone else has the same? Its going to let a lot of heat out of the van in the winter and after doing all the insulation to a high standard it...
  7. Skyliner33

    For Sale Genuine VW Tailgate window glass. Heated with wiper hole. Brand new

    Ordered in error, so up for sale. £180 collected.
  8. M

    Sold Smoked High Level Brake Light

    Brand New T6 Smoked High Level Brake Light. I brought this in error and held onto it before realising that I'd ordered the wrong one. Its as new, complete with protective film on the front, £45 posted
  9. paulfr

    Tailgate wont open.

    I know what is causing it (had a broken window in the back and it's the glass chip's getting into the mecanism),But does any one know how to disable the lock mech?It's a converted van so can't get anywhere near the back without taking out the bed!
  10. Skyliner33

    For Sale Genuine Brand New VW Tailgate heated window wiper hole Green tint

    Just testing the water. I have a brand new tailgate window that has the VW dark green tint (not limo) with heating element and hole for wiper. Would like to see if there is a need and see if a quick sale so £200. Thanks
  11. Skyliner33

    Help Please - Do you have a tailgate with dark limo tint glass?

    I am trying to find a van with a dark limo tint OEM window. With a wiper and heated element? I need to use a reg number or vin of a van that has one of these windows in the tailgate. If you wouldn't mind could I use yours (pm me the reg or vin)? Thanks in advance.
  12. Skyliner33

    Tailgate window part number help.

    Hi I am trying to find the part number for am OEM tailgate window. With heated windscreen and rear wiper in the dark tint. (Not the green normal tint) thanks.
  13. M

    For Sale VW T6, T6.1 Tailgate Bike Rack - Version 2 - As New £470

    Selling my VW T6, T6.1, Tailgate 4 bike, Bike rack - Version 2. This has only been used once and is only for sale because you cannot fully open the tailgate when the Skyline Aurora pop-top is up. The Bike rack sits proud of the roof/tailgate. The rack was purchased from Vanstyle 28/06/21, and...
  14. Sharpe

    For Sale T6 Glazed tailgate - light dent damage

    Thought I’d offer up here first before going on eBay. Had my tailgate replaced through 3rd parties insurance after a light rear ending . There are light dents either side of the handle location. Paintwork is not marked. The tailgate is stripped of all parts as these obviously were fitted to my...
  15. osman

    Random Latching/ knocking noise coming from tailgate

    Just had my tailgate re sprayed .. it’s come back looking great however I’m now getting random latching / knocking sounds coming from that area when parked up ! so engine off keys removed sat quietly in van and these random ghost like noises happen .. the door is not physically unlocking but it...
  16. Pauly

    T6 Electric Tailgate Wiring Diagram 2018

    Electrically Operated Rear Lid Circuit Diagram Also includes associated power latching for tailgate VIP Membership is required to download this document
  17. Pauly

    T6 Tailgate Power Latching Wiring Diagram 2015

    Power Latching For Rear Lid Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  18. P

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    What are people using for towbar mounted bike racks ? I've acquired a Thule 943 - 3 bike rack and as you can see it won't tilt far enough to allow the tailgate to open ?? I have a Westphalia detachable swan neck tow ball.
  19. Skyliner33

    OEM Tinted glass, how much darker?

    My tailgate window needs to be replaced. Currently it has the green glass. I am wondering how much darker the OEM tinted windows are? Is it dark enough of would I still need to get a tint? Pictures would be great. Thanks
  20. N

    Best online shops & tailgate storage?

    Hello, just bought our first T6, very excited. A few questions, which are the best online shops to look for gadgets and accessories please? Also, I want to make a free standing table, will the tailgate be strong enough to attach it to for travelling?