1. Berger

    For Sale Tailgate window security grille

    Hi I have a brand new unopened rear window grill for t6 with tailgate I got it when I was doing the tailgate conversion but am now selling the van I’m after £60 for it collection Coventry
  2. mattbryson

    Power-closing tailgate button

    Hi all, I have a powered opening tailgate with the button on the tailgate door to close it. This works, but not when the boot is closed. The manual says there is a child lock for the boot that disables it... But I cant find this anywhere! Any ideas? Matt
  3. E

    For Sale Vanshades tailgate blind £100 black/red

    Came with an old van, has been sat in the garage for a few months. A few extra holes from previous owner fitting? In good condition and won’t be able to see any holes once fittted £100 Collection Southampton
  4. M

    Tailgate replacement: adding wiper + HRW

    Hi there just joined on here not the best at all this but here goes, I have a T6 panel van that's been hit in the tailgate and I would like to change it to glass and add a wiper and heated glass could someone tell me the cost off this please or point me in the right direction I have the tailgate...
  5. TimDownes

    noisy rear [resolved]

    noisy rear - I have recently bought a t6 combo = 2018 model t32 - there is a lot of noise from the rear and I can't decide what it is - options seem to me to be rear doors (tailgate) or suspension connections - the van has 38k miles on the clock - has anyone got a view on what this is most...
  6. D

    T5.1 tailgate wiring loom part #

    Evening all.. can some please give me the part number for a t5.1 tailgate loom. My 2013 transporter had originally barn doors but I've done the conversion to tailgate. I need the blank handle and the loom. Can someone help please
  7. A

    Adding Heated Rear Window

    Hi, i have just had a heated rear screen fitted. To my tailgate. Have any of you guys got part numbers of any relays and switches or anything that i will need, any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  8. B

    T6.1 tailgate open / close using key-fob??

    Sorry very new to the world of the T6.1 so would be grateful if people can clear up the mystery that several dealers have caused me. When initially looking for a van (brand new transporter/shuttle SE LWB) some dealers told me that the electric tail gate both opens and closes from the key fob...
  9. C

    Shaped Number-Plate for tailgate

    I saw a T6 tailgate fitted with a shaped rear number plate similar to this one. It was less curved, seemed to match the trapezoid shape of the recess in the tailgate and seemed to be the same size as a standard plate. Shaped plates seem to be available for other vehicles, but I can’t find one...
  10. Berger

    Sold Full tailgate conversion now sold

    Full tailgate conversion absolutely everything needed to swap from barn doors to tailgate as seen in pictures, includes genuine 6.1 leds never been fitted the plug adaptors for them including extra pins, a custom made loom by vw specialist for tailgate to plug and play (including cables back to...
  11. osman

    Tailgate no longer opening from outside

    Just had this I’ve had it before for very short periods but this now seems permanent … I can open the tailgate from inside ( thank god ! ) as I installed a simple switch a while back but it seems the external switch is malfunctioning… this is coincidentally after having the lower portion of the...
  12. H

    Securing a tailgate awning with pop top?

    Looking at the Vango Tailgate Awning, it looks like the securing straps need to cross over the van roof before being pegged in front. Does anyone have experience of this with a pop top please? I'm concerned the straps will interfere with the canvas, or is there some other means of fastening at...
  13. ma77y

    Tailgate dropped down?

    Hi all I have tried to search for an already discussed thread but no luck (for me anyway). So it looks like my tailgate has dropped on the left side, there is an indentation on the bumper protector where its been sitting. Has anyone else had this issue? What is the best way to rectify this...
  14. Boonboy

    Sound deadening tailgate door

    Can someone please give a little advice about how much dodo mat is needed for a tailgate door, and how to install, there’s loads of really good vids on the rest of the van, which has made this easy, any hep for a newbie, would it much appreciated
  15. S

    T6 tailgate on T5 tailgate van

    Looking to change my 2006 t5 tailgate to t6 one. I know there is a bit of faffing about when it’s barn doors, but is tailgate to tailgate a straight swap TIA
  16. C

    Is your tailgate seal like this?

    Hi all, My tailgate seal has a gap of about an inch at the bottom. Maybe it's for drainage? It's an easy fix to buy a new seal but keen to know if anyone else has the same? Its going to let a lot of heat out of the van in the winter and after doing all the insulation to a high standard it...
  17. A

    Wanted T6 tailgate bike rack

    After a genuine VW T6 (version 1) bike rack. Happy to travel. we are in Dorset.
  18. Skyliner33

    For Sale Genuine VW Tailgate window glass. Heated with wiper hole. Brand new

    Ordered in error, so up for sale. £180 collected.
  19. M

    Sold Smoked High Level Brake Light

    Brand New T6 Smoked High Level Brake Light. I brought this in error and held onto it before realising that I'd ordered the wrong one. Its as new, complete with protective film on the front, £45 posted
  20. paulfr

    Tailgate wont open.

    I know what is causing it (had a broken window in the back and it's the glass chip's getting into the mecanism),But does any one know how to disable the lock mech?It's a converted van so can't get anywhere near the back without taking out the bed!