tailgate leak

  1. jordanL

    Leaky tailgate

    I've noticed I'm getting a leak on my t6 19 plate tailgate. I've noticed it on both sides at the back of the van above the lights coming through the lining and at the top. I'm guessing it's coming from the seal? On the top of the van there seems to be a recess near the hinges and I'm wondering...
  2. Oakley_vanlife

    Leaking rear door

    Just back from a camping trip with the family and had a downpour last night. Woke to find everything in the back corner ‘wardrobe’ cupboard wet. Have looked everywhere for the source of the leak and nothing super obvious. The only thing that looks like a culprit is the rear curtain rail seems to...
  3. S

    Water in rear quarter panel well

    Hi So after owning my T6 for nearly 7 years I have finally got around to start converting it but noticed a bit of a problem. I removed the VW lining panels to replace them with thicker panels, when I removed the lower rear panels I looked in the rear quarter panel wells and noticed the drivers...
  4. N

    Water leak in tailgate

    A few days ago I opened the tailgate to hear water sloshing round inside. When I checked the tailgate had quite a bit of water pooled in the bottom. I had rained the day before and I had just washed it. I thought I would test it out today whilst washing. Tested round the window seal...
  5. Daviesmd

    Tailgate Leak Near Door Handle

    Hi has anyone had an issue with the tailgate door handle leaking? I have done a few repairs to this already to pinpoint it: Replaced third brake light Repaired previous reversing camera I think it may be the handle as when the door is up it drops from the locking mechanism and when down it...
  6. Para J

    T6 Tailgate 3rd Brake Light

    Hi all anyone had trouble with their high line brake light. Mine the seal has gone and the light fell out. Para J
  7. Markymark

    Water pouring out of tailgate

    havent used our van for a few weeks. Opened the rear tailgate today and water poured out from the door card. Not just a drip or two but litres of it! Can’t think it is from the conversion as they haven’t made any additional holes in the door in the outside. Perhaps the rear window is leaking or...