1. Merryman

    For Sale Thunder 17” wheels and tyres. £200

    Set of original VW alloy wheels 17" with Maxis Bravo HP 235/55/R17 tyres Tyres are excellent and a matching set of 4 Outer Centre Inner 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7.5 8 8...
  2. W

    Aracaju wheel load rating

    Hi, just bought a second hand set of Aracaju alloys (standard spec 17 inch on some Caravelle and California 3070kg GVW models). Hoping to fit them to my T32...but have not been able to find the wheel load rating for them. Can anyone offer a hint of where to look out this information? Many...
  3. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...