swivel seat

  1. M

    another seat question- anyone have built in bases/ swivels from CMC?

    Hi all. I'm just trying to wrk out there best options for swivel's on my captain seats which is difficult without seeing/ trying three out. I was looking at Exploria instead of Kiravans just because they seem to be lower and come with a lowering bracket. However, I'm not too keen raising...
  2. J

    For Sale Drivers swivel base

    Drivers swivel base bought from kiravan s. Open to sensible offers , will post but at Buyers cost. Pick up from blackpool, what you see is what you get. Cheers James
  3. S

    Passenger Double Swivel - Kira or MS??

    After some advice please, Have a Kirivans Double Swivel at present, it had a fault so have been given a replacement which not fitted yet Was thinking of selling the replacement swivel and buying the MsCRAFT double sliding swivel, like the idea of it sliding back to make use of the table...
  4. Dazwoods

    Sold Rib Swivel Offset Passenger

    Offset Swivel seat. We installed this soon after getting our van in December. Now that we have designed our layout we have decided to fit a standard swivel. Hardly any use probably 5 swivels. It is offset from centre so when swivelled it is further in to the back of the van and and about 40mm...
  5. D

    Newbie, swivel seats, removable bulkhead

    After 15 years in Transits, I'm going to order a new T6(SWB 150PS T32 startline) and as well as a work van I'd like to use it as a rudimentry camper. A couple of questions what is the cost installing swival seats and any pros and cons for different makes or installers? Has anyone ever made...
  6. L

    Negative of factory swivel option

    Morning all tempted to spec my new kombi 6.1 with swivel seats for the 2 front seats It’s £126 per seat I think at Vw is this advisable ? Would be quite novel spinning round and talking to our 3 kids now and again. Cheers
  7. M

    Sold Kiravans double passenger swivel plus the base with floor inside for sale

    Hi all I have a Kiravans double swivel for the passenger seat for sale that came off my old van (have a single passenger seat in my new van). Really good bit of kit and opens up the space when camping ...my wife said it was the Best Buy I have ever made! It also comes with the base that...
  8. osman

    Sold Kiravans double passenger swivel

    £200 in good condition. including all parts required. (brand new £299) pick up only (Southampton) comes with original box and paperwork.
  9. R

    Factory Drivers Swivel Seat & Camper Conversion

    Hi Finally pressing the button on a t6.1 today. Dealer was pretty good and went through my chosen spec. Originally I’d gone for the double passenger seat, but he suggested most camper speccers opt for a single passenger swivel seat and a swivelling driver seat. I’ve researched that now and...
  10. moodsterT6

    Leisure Battery - Passenger Seat with RIB Swivel

    Anyone fitted one of these 12V 105AH Expedition Plus AGM Leisure Battery under the passenger seat on a T6 Caravelle that has a RIB seat swivel in place?
  11. Phil Blackburn

    Height Adjustable Seats with Swivel

    Does anyone know if you can install height adjustable captains seats on VW factory swivels. I understand the issue with setting the height before you operate the swivel but was wondering if the actual mounting mechanism was any different.
  12. P

    is it better to get a swivel platform to add to existing T6 base or a caravelle base with swivel included?

    Looking to make the front seats (driver and captain) swivel and trying to work out the best option. New bases or add a swivel platform to existing base. Any advice or feedback much appreciated.
  13. B

    New member needing double seat advice

    Hi, new member and first (probably of many!) question please, sorry if it's too basic. I'm trying to spec a new T6.1 from our local VWVC in Newcastle and do not understand the seat configurations. We'd like the double passenger seat in the front to swivel. Is it best to spec that from new (if...
  14. F

    Double Swivel

    I’m looking to fit a swivel base to the passenger bench seat. I’ve ruled out the kiravan base due to the height increase. What other options are available, if any? I’d prefer to keep the bench seat with the extra storage it provides. But I’m open to fitting an OEM passenger swivel seat if it’s...
  15. Jack T

    Sold Rib Swivel Offset Drivers Side

    Offset Rib swivel for drivers side, changed our use slightly so no longer needed. Been in our camper for around 5k so pretty limited use. All in same order as when bought new What’s in the pictures is what’s included. £110 Inc delivery to regular postcodes in the UK. Collection welcome minus...
  16. Jimmi

    Seat swivels and factory leisure battery

    Is it possible to fit a seat swivel with the factory leisure battery under the passenger captain seat? It looks like it’s just slight higher than the base
  17. Ricardo T

    Wanted Kirivans Double seat swivel

    Hi, anyone out there got a Kirivans double seat swivel they wish to part with?
  18. Brennanpj

    For Sale Splitter & swivel

    I have a travelinlite black gloss splitter for sale . Fitted and removed a few weeks later as decided not for me . All bolts including. £35 collected Also RIB/ kiravans passenger side swivel .Captain seat not double . As new . £ 100 collected Bicester/ oxford
  19. M

    Swivel base with electric lumbar and heaters

    Hi All, I've tried the search but cannot see a straight answer. We're looking at swivel bases for both front captains seats but they are heated and have the electric lumbar function. Do these still work OK with the swivel bases, looking at Rusty Lee bases. Thanks.
  20. Ishawy

    Rusty Lee single swivel base with leisure battery

    Has any body fitted a drivers side Rusty Lee swivel base with a leisure battery installed? My battery is a snug fit and there’s also my b2b split charger there too. Is there a riser bracket you need to buy or can the seat base be raised or is it designed to fit over a leisure battery. Won’t be...