swivel seat

  1. t6blo

    For Sale RIB Single Swivel Seat Plate Base Passenger (RHD)

    Have taken this out of my van due to not being used - the van is but the swivel plate has been used about 12 times in 18 months. https://www.kiravans.co.uk/products/vw-t5-t6-passenger-side-seat-swivel-rib?variant=42895517548744 Will take a couple of pictures but it is basically the same as the...
  2. S18RVW

    Factory Swivels

    Has anyone got any part numbers for factory swivel bases for a T6. Will single passenger be the same as the single drivers seat?
  3. Jonni2rets

    New kirivan swivel base

    Hi has anyone purchased one of the new design swivel bases? if so any issues regarding rocking or squeaking
  4. MurrayT6

    Wanted Double swivel base wanted - Scotland

    Hi, I fancy giving the double swivel a go. Before I buy new does anyone have a decent quality one for sale. I'm in Edinburgh so central belt pick up would be best for me. Thanks
  5. S

    Removing swivel base

    Hi the drivers seat in my T5.1 has a swivel base never used it was in when we got the van the seat on its lowest setting is still to high so if i remove the swivel does the seat just bolt onto the seat base frame didn't want to take it apart just in case i am missing something it is a rib swivel...
  6. W

    Sold Kiravans double swivel

    For sale. One year old Kiravans double swivel. Perfect working order. Collection only from Warrington. £220 Many thanks. James.
  7. xtombx

    Wanted Double Swivel Base. Wolverhampton

    As tittle suggest, id like a a double swivel base, for a half decent price haha. West Midlands/Shropshire Thanks :):)
  8. Pidsley

    For Sale Front bench, swivel base, vankraft recline bracket

    Brick Pattern double front passenger bench with Kirivans swivel base. From 2021 T6.1. With an Vankraft recliner bracket set (unused and still boxed) Sensible offers please. Collection from Kent, or I can deliver if sensible location.
  9. waxinggibbous28

    Vw factory fitted swivel seat is loose

    Hi All, I need a little help please. The drivers seat in my T6.1 has the factory fitted swivel option. Unfortunately the seat has a little play in it. The seat is locking into the driving position no problem but it rocks about 10mm ish on the rotational axis. The passenger seat has the same...
  10. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale CTA Seat Swivel - VW T5 Or VW T6 2014 Onwards Drivers & Passengers Side

    CTA Seat Swivel - VW T5 Or VW T6 2014 Onwards Drivers & Passengers Side Seat swivel for the new shape This will fit the VW T5 or T6 vans from 2014 onwards Please note this is for are fora single-seat bases only, not double The main advantage of a CTA seat swivel is that it can swivel either way...
  11. D

    JustKampers seat skins and swivel passenger base

    I'm looking to buy a set of seat skins for my van, and came across these on the JustKampers site: VW Transporter T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Classic GTI Style Red Plaid Car Seat Cover (Single & Double) However, the description states "they will not work with seats which have a swivel base". I've tried...
  12. T

    Swivel over battery; something doesn't feel right

    Hi All I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on a situation. We had a swivel driver's seat, when we took the van to get the battery converted I got a phone call asking if I wanted a height adjuster installing on the chair. I said yes, if it would make a difference. However, when we...
  13. D

    Vw T6.1 transporter wiring

    Hi all, I am a proud owner of a VW T6.1 Transporter and it is currently being fully converted into a campervan!!! Ran into an issue on installing a double swivel for passenger seat. It has seat belt and occupancy sensors fitted. I understand it is likely linked to the airbag engagement system...
  14. B

    Double swivel with Reimo 3000 rails

    Evening all, Has anyone any experience fitting a double passenger seat swivel base into a T6 SWB which has the Reimo 3000 sliding rear seat/bed already installed? The sliding seat rails run up close to the nearside rear of the passenger seat base and the rear floor will also be raised up to the...
  15. Sparks715

    For Sale Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel

    Hi All , 1 x Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel in good condition . Has been fitted to the van for about 5 years and only removed as I needed to revert back to the factory base so I could easily fit an inverter under there. Swivel works really well and it’s very handy for securely...
  16. W

    Public service announcement - swivel bases

    I'm pretty relentless when it comes to researching products online and reading as much as possible on this forum. But, after fitting a Rusty Lee Swivel base I wanted to share what I've found which I don't think I was entirely expecting - 1) Added height. It's fairly obvious they will add some...
  17. BikerPa

    For Sale Kiravans Double Swivel base (carpeted version) T5/T6/6.1 £200

    As I’ve converted to Velle seats & single passenger seat in Feb 23’. I have this Kiravans double swivel for sale as it’s gathering dust. It’s the carpeted version. Fitted/supplied by Autohaus October 2020 hardly used (maybe 6 times) Has a few marks on the powder coat from feet catching it...
  18. E

    Swivel seats options

    Hello. Our double front passenger seats swivel but when they are spun round the seats tip forward. Where can I look for a contraption that allows the seats to sit back rather than tip forward?? Also, would it be possible for our single drivers captain seat to swivel around or not (with the...
  19. IestynD

    Wanted Single seat swivel base - Sportcraft

    Hi all, As per the title, does anyone have a single seat base swivel. Ideally SportCraft. Happy to pay the going rate. Thank You
  20. nomislotsirb

    Kiravans RIB drivers swivel lowest seat height

    I did post on an existing thread, but haven't received a reply yet, so creating a new post ... If anyone has a Kiravans RIB drivers swivel seat, please could you measure the minimum height of the front of the drivers seat. I have the Kiravans passenger swivel installed and yet to install the...