swivel seat

  1. S

    For Sale Swivel seat base

    Bought in error as I need leisure battery under seat. This base keeps seat at standard height. Rotates both ways so universal fitting. It's effectively as new, paid 170 for it, will let it go for 125 one ar offer. Collection preferred from ng23 but prepared to ship at cost
  2. T

    Sold Sportscraft passenger swivel seat - new (& unused)

    Selling my swivel as I need the one to sit on top of leisure batteries! Taken out of the box, tried fitting, now back in the box! collection from Southampton or happy to support courier if you’d like to arrange (c.18kg in weight). Price £115 thanks for looking dan
  3. S

    Hello from Swerve Seats

    Hello All, As a new member (but used the site as a valuable resource for years on our own vans!) Please take a look at our Swerve Seats Double Swivel base. We tried to mitigate many of the drawbacks with the standard box + Swivel plate double seat mechanism. So our double seat base has no...
  4. Darlinghearty

    For Sale T6 double seat with swivel base and dub cover

    For sale from my T6 is our double seat unit along with swivel base plate and dub cover £250 ONO
  5. DCC

    Squeaky rib swivel base driving me nuts.

    Does anyone have a fix for squeaky rib offset swivel base? Only really squeaks with the weight of a passenger in it, drivers side also squeaks a little but nothing as bad as the passenger side.
  6. G

    Double sliding swivel base Ms craft

    I know there was a post last year on the MS craft swivel base VW T5 and T6 Double seat sliding swivel base - MsCraft.co.uk - can anyone who has used it over time give any further feedback? Does it also lock once you slide it out in the rear facing position or does it continue to swivel Thanks
  7. D

    Rusty Lee swivels wish I went factory

    My Rusty Lee swivels are the one thing I am disappointed with in my van and conversion . I was persuaded to go aftermarket by my converter and really regret changing my order. The Rusty Lee swivels are wobbly and nauseous and I also think the seat adjustment hits the Rusty Swivel restricting...
  8. S

    Fitting swivel base

    I am trying to fit a double passenger swivel base. I have read loads of posts on this but still not clear on a couple of things. Ithis is in relation to the cables in the seat base. I am happy to tuck the multi coloured connectors under the floor but I have quite a few fuses and relays under...
  9. Dogs Dung

    Factory Swivel Drivers Seat swap

    Does anyone have a T6.1 Drivers Captain Seat that would like to exchange for Factory Swivel Captains Seat, new Highline van , 2k miles, just sits too high for me so will forfeit the swivel for a height adjustable alternative,
  10. B

    DS campers swivel base for the passengers double seat problems

    DS campers swivel base for the passengers double seat problems Hi has anyone fitted a DS campers double swivel seat base in the T6 I am having trouble with fitting it and it’s swivelling. When it is fitted the seat leans too far back and once the seat is finally turned around it is off centre...
  11. ma77y

    Sold Folding bench seat and swivel base £200

    Hi all Up for sale is my folding bench seat and kiravans swivel base Both were bought used and only the seat has been fitted due to not having time to grind the bolts down for the swivel base. The seat is in good condition simora trim with a few marks here and there but I will give it a clean...
  12. Andysmee

    Sold Single seat swivels

    I've got a couple to swivels left over from recent exchanges... A RIB driver's swivel (as sold by Kiravans) with raising shims and handbrake lowering kit £150 (complete) and a Sportcraft universal swivel (spins either way, so can be used on either front seat, but no nuts and bolts with it)...
  13. K

    Leisure battery installation under lhd kiravans driver swivel

    Hi guys, I am looking to install a 110amp battery underneath my lhd kiravans driver seat swivel. Do you guys have any tips for this and more importantly, is this possible to do in regards to the wires underneath the drivers seat?
  14. fnbee

    Sold Kiravans T5/T6 Single Seat Swivel RIB - Driver (Right Hand Drive)

    Selling my 3 months old driver swivel. Currently listed at 186 on their site new, will sell for £140 ONO. No issues. Collection Cambridgeshire (or somewhere to be arranged)
  15. Z

    Sold Swivel Seat VW T5/T6 Single RIB - Offset Driver Side

    Purchased from Kiravans a few months ago but not used. This has the offset feature particular to this swivel which means that the pivot point is offset from the centre by a few centimetres towards the handbrake side of their seat. This means that the seat finishes up facing backwards a bit...
  16. J

    For Sale x2 rear Captain’s Swivel Chairs from T6.1 California

    Pair of cabin passenger captain’s chairs from VW T6.1 California. Black upholstery (not sure exactly which pattern). Swivel bases. Arm rests. Collapses flat. Integral seat belts. For sale individually or as a pair. Buyer will need to collect from Bath.
  17. Mbr_tattoist

    Leisure Battery under swivel?

    On removing the seat and putting swivel vase onto base the leisure battery sits too high is it just a case of re locating the battery or adding two Rectangular tube spacers I between base and swivel ??? Any ideas or help grately appreciated
  18. M

    For Sale Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel

    Selling my Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel base for the passenger seat, removed today after 6 months of use (so don't expect a brand new item :)) Excellent working condition, only selling as upgraded to a MsCraft double swivel base. I would rather not post (heavy item) so collection West Sussex...
  19. Sammyste

    Kiravan swivel seat defect?

    Hi, we have a double swivel seat by kiravans, and when we used to store items in it the seat then clicked into place again, it now doesn’t do this and having looked closer it looks like the latch has bent to one side, is this something anyone’s come across before?
  20. T

    T6.1 Seat Height - will adding swivels increase height?

    Hello again If I fit swivel bases to the front seats on my new VW T6.1 Kombi (yet to see it as it’s away at LV being kitted up) will that make the seats sit a lot higher for regular driving? Do you also lose the manual height adjustment? Thanks