swivel seat

  1. Z

    Sold Swivel Seat VW T5/T6 Single RIB - Offset Driver Side

    Purchased from Kiravans a few months ago but not used. This has the offset feature particular to this swivel which means that the pivot point is offset from the centre by a few centimetres towards the handbrake side of their seat. This means that the seat finishes up facing backwards a bit...
  2. J

    For Sale x2 rear Captain’s Swivel Chairs from T6.1 California

    Pair of cabin passenger captain’s chairs from VW T6.1 California. Black upholstery (not sure exactly which pattern). Swivel bases. Arm rests. Collapses flat. Integral seat belts. For sale individually or as a pair. Buyer will need to collect from Bath.
  3. Mbr_tattoist

    Leisure Battery under swivel?

    On removing the seat and putting swivel vase onto base the leisure battery sits too high is it just a case of re locating the battery or adding two Rectangular tube spacers I between base and swivel ??? Any ideas or help grately appreciated
  4. M

    For Sale Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel

    Selling my Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel base for the passenger seat, removed today after 6 months of use (so don't expect a brand new item :)) Excellent working condition, only selling as upgraded to a MsCraft double swivel base. I would rather not post (heavy item) so collection West Sussex...
  5. Sammyste

    Kiravan swivel seat defect?

    Hi, we have a double swivel seat by kiravans, and when we used to store items in it the seat then clicked into place again, it now doesn’t do this and having looked closer it looks like the latch has bent to one side, is this something anyone’s come across before?
  6. T

    T6.1 Seat Height - will adding swivels increase height?

    Hello again If I fit swivel bases to the front seats on my new VW T6.1 Kombi (yet to see it as it’s away at LV being kitted up) will that make the seats sit a lot higher for regular driving? Do you also lose the manual height adjustment? Thanks
  7. B

    Kombi MSC swivel issue

    So I fitted an MS craft swivel to t6.1 kombi, I removed the rear bench seat for ease of access to install the swivel, everything went great works as advertised. But when I re-installed the bench seat, fixed, I couldn’t slide my seat back enough to rotate the seat, is this the same with all...
  8. M

    Swivel base and wires..

    ’ve just got a SM Craft from bench seat swivel base and realised it won’t fit as there are 4x wires that need to be reattached to seat.. I think there for seat belt and seat detectors for when people sit on them.. my question is can these be left disconnected or will it bring warning lights on...
  9. D

    Best place to get Reimo 59499 T6 seat swivels

    I'm looking to get a couple of Reimo T6 59499 seat swivels for the front of my Caravelle. Is there anywhere in particular that anyone recommends as a supplier? Depending on vfm I'll either be getting one for the drivers seat or kitting out both front seats. I've been working from the van on...

    Sold Kiravans Swivel Seat - Passenger CPT

    Hello! Selling my swivel seat for the passenger captains chair - owned it for about two years from new , looking for £75 collected or £90 posted cheers callum Ps based Lincolnshire
  11. Mudbug

    Best Passenger Captains seat /swivel combo

    Afternoon all...Any tips re the best Captains seat with or without swivel base to look out for ? Any better than others and why ? Looking to replace my bench with swivel for a single seat and realise there are a few variants . Happy to buy secondhand and get covered to match mine . Cheers
  12. Gazdeth

    Go Swivel.

    Hello all! first time noob post from a very happy T6 owner since November. All fully converted, super afraid of breaking stuff I've no idea about, maybe someone could offer advice.. I've a double swivel passenger seat on a UK leisureparts swivel base. Although it works it can take some shoving...
  13. M

    Sold Sportscraft drivers swivel seat base

    Removed from van a little while ago ( hence a layer of dust ) but in fully working order. Was on drivers side, not sure if it works on single passenger seat too. These are around £150 so asking £75. Collection preferred from Pontefract area but willing to meet up within reason. Taking a trip to...
  14. nuggetwillow

    For Sale Swivel base plate T5,/T6

    Brand New unwanted swivel base plate T5 T6 .£120 Ono collect or will post postage £15 .I'm in Sunderland area
  15. Jwoodhea1

    Aguti swivel bases

    Anyone fitted these aguti swivel bases from kirivans? I currently have the RIB ones but they are apalling. It's like driving one of these.
  16. M

    another seat question- anyone have built in bases/ swivels from CMC?

    Hi all. I'm just trying to wrk out there best options for swivel's on my captain seats which is difficult without seeing/ trying three out. I was looking at Exploria instead of Kiravans just because they seem to be lower and come with a lowering bracket. However, I'm not too keen raising...
  17. J

    For Sale Kiravans Drivers’ swivel base £120

    Drivers swivel base bought from kiravan s. Open to sensible offers , will post but at Buyers cost. Pick up from blackpool, what you see is what you get. Cheers James
  18. S

    Passenger Double Swivel - Kira or MS??

    After some advice please, Have a Kirivans Double Swivel at present, it had a fault so have been given a replacement which not fitted yet Was thinking of selling the replacement swivel and buying the MsCRAFT double sliding swivel, like the idea of it sliding back to make use of the table...
  19. Dazwoods

    Sold Rib Swivel Offset Passenger

    Offset Swivel seat. We installed this soon after getting our van in December. Now that we have designed our layout we have decided to fit a standard swivel. Hardly any use probably 5 swivels. It is offset from centre so when swivelled it is further in to the back of the van and and about 40mm...
  20. D

    Newbie, swivel seats, removable bulkhead

    After 15 years in Transits, I'm going to order a new T6(SWB 150PS T32 startline) and as well as a work van I'd like to use it as a rudimentry camper. A couple of questions what is the cost installing swival seats and any pros and cons for different makes or installers? Has anyone ever made...