swivel seat

  1. D

    Vw T6.1 transporter wiring

    Hi all, I am a proud owner of a VW T6.1 Transporter and it is currently being fully converted into a campervan!!! Ran into an issue on installing a double swivel for passenger seat. It has seat belt and occupancy sensors fitted. I understand it is likely linked to the airbag engagement system...
  2. Sparks715

    For Sale Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel

    Hi All , 1 x Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel in good condition . Has been fitted to the van for about 5 years and only removed as I needed to revert back to the factory base so I could easily fit an inverter under there. Swivel works really well and it’s very handy for securely...
  3. BikerPa

    For Sale Kiravans Double Swivel base (carpeted version) T5/T6/6.1 £200

    As I’ve converted to Velle seats & single passenger seat in Feb 23’. I have this Kiravans double swivel for sale as it’s gathering dust. It’s the carpeted version. Fitted/supplied by Autohaus October 2020 hardly used (maybe 6 times) Has a few marks on the powder coat from feet catching it...
  4. IestynD

    Wanted Single seat swivel base - Sportcraft

    Hi all, As per the title, does anyone have a single seat base swivel. Ideally SportCraft. Happy to pay the going rate. Thank You
  5. Albel

    Double seat - swivel + heated

    Hi all firstly never had chance to say thank you for letting me join the Forum. I am now a proud owner of a t6.1 in pure grey and have spent the last few night looking at the pages to answer most of my questions So now for the dilemma I really want to put a swivel base on both my drivers seat...
  6. Hoarder

    Factory swivel seat mod.

    Does anyone have a full list of part numbers required to add the factory swivel function to a pair of drivers and passenger captain seats? I realise that I'll lose height adjustment, and some plastic trim will also need replacing. Vehicle is a 2018 Kombi, with grey Simora pattern seats.
  7. U

    Swivels (in Australia)

    Hi All, I'm looking to get some swivels for my T6 transporter. From what I've gathered, ALL swivels will require engineer certification regardless, but I've managed to find one with ADR approval. Most come only with TUV/GS certification. I assume these can probably be signed off by an engineer...
  8. shaiboyuk

    VW Transporter T5 / T6 RIB Single Seat Swivel Bracket - Driver with riser

    VW Transporter T5 / T6 RIB Single Seat Swivel Bracket - Driver with riser Paid £182, currently selling for £219 In great used condition, very little use. https://dccampersales.co.uk/products/vw-t5-t6-seat-swivel-rib-driver?_pos=1&_sid=4fc86f6c9&_ss=r&variant=31511058710662 Manufactured by...
  9. B

    Jennings Swivel Seats

    Hi Folks, still a bit of a newbie to this Forum but learning every day about a multitude of potential Van Mods. One of the first Mods I am looking at is a dual passenger swivel seat. Has anyone experience of the Jennings swivel seat? This product looks different (and easier) from all the others...
  10. DaveCrampton

    Sold Kiravans Double Swivel £200

    I have swapped my double front seat for a single captain's chair. It's for sale also. So my Kiravans Double Swivel is for sale. As Kiravans have reduced their price, so have I. I'm looking for £200 based on: It's a year old It has been used ~5 times, and maybe swivelled 10 times! It's clean...
  11. JamesWebb

    Sold Kiravans double seat swivel base for T5 or 6

    Hi there, Having to upgrade the double front seat to a single because of my partner's dodgy back means that I have to sell my Kiravans T5/T6 passenger seat double swivel base. It's been removed from a 2021 T6.1 (along with the double seat) and is in perfect working condition, with all the...
  12. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale vw T5/5.1/T6 single swivel base

    CTA Seat Swivel - VW T5 Or VW T6 2014 Onwards Drivers & Passengers Side Seat swivel for the new shape This will fit the VW T5 or T6 vans from 2014 onwards Please note these are for single-seat bases only, not double The main advantage of a CTA seat swivel is that they can swivel either way so no...
  13. J

    Swivel seat base and heated passenger seat

    Got a heated passenger seat recently, also have a swivel base just trying to work out how to run the cable to stop it twisting up etc. Anyone done it before ??
  14. Chris Sherwood

    Sold Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel

    Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel It’s used as it came out of my van but is is in perfect working order. https://www.kiravans.co.uk/products/kiravans-t5-t6-double-seat-swivel-uk-right-hand-drive-model How to fit Remove your front double seat Attach the seat swivel to the lugs in the van...
  15. Brindle

    For Sale RIB swivel bases and seat shim set.

    Driver and passenger captains seats swivel bases. Also include one pair of seat raising shims, also includes fixings. £300 collection only from Cannock / Wolverhampton area.
  16. J88arv

    Double swivel seat with LB??

    Hi all I have my battery etc under my double seat in the van. I’m wanting to put a swival bracket on however not sure if this is possible with what I’ve got under the seat. Any advice super welcome
  17. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Passenger seat, with swivel base, locker, drivers swivel,handbrake bracket and floor blanking screws.

    Hi, we converted our bench to two captains seats when we bought the van, however we now need to change back; I have the following available which is what is needed to fit a single passenger and a swivel for the driver; VW T5/T6 Inca passenger seat (we paid £299) used only with THQ seat covers...
  18. J

    Sold Sliding rotating double seat base by MsCraft. £??

    FOR SALE -- I am selling my MS Craft double sliding rotating seat base which I have taken out of my T6. Anyone interested? Too heavy to post. I'm in Glasgow but could travel reasonable distance to meet/deliver. They now cost £372 so make me an offer if you're interested. This is the base I have...
  19. P

    Factory swivel photo request

    Hi, I have a request for a picture of the clearance under a factory swivel. I've looked around and cant see any. I've got a leisure battery and rusty lee with risers and its just way too high. I need about 10mm gap under the factory swivel mechanism to the top of the base I think to clear the...
  20. LooseCannon31

    Wanted Double Swivel base wanted, collection Suffolk.

    Wanted, double swivel for T6. Will collect if in Norfolk/suffolk/Essex Will happily pay for courier too TIA