switch live

  1. Deaks

    [Merge] IGN/Switched live in engine bay

    So I just fitted some swanky new spots on to the A bar and they look great.The spots have these nice DRL strips in each side and my plan was to tap into the DRL feed from the R/H headlight connector, This tap worked great for main beam and for the Sport DRL into dipped beam, but the Headlight...
  2. Ryan-315

    First Day.... First Question!

    So I'm in the process of fitting airride to me 2016 highline. I need a switch live. Id like to not interfere with the loom. Iv read lots about taking from the middle row of the fuse box with a piggy back fuse. The problem i am having is when I'm checking the fuses with a multi meter they show...
  3. G

    Switched live - where?

    Gents help is required :( I purchased an inverter/LB and split charger for my T5 a few years ago and never got round to fit it o_O, anyway I've since purhased a T6 and have decided to fit it only to find it won't work.... After many night trolling the net I found that the new vans are fitted...