1. Dibsta

    Wanted Swellshades caravelle

    Swellshades wanted for caravelle Here’s me hoping
  2. Andyman

    Sold T6 Caravelle Swellshades

    I have a set of caravelle Swellshades (blinds) for sale, never used waiting to go £350.00
  3. Andyman

    For Sale Swell shades full set

    Full set of T6 Swell Shades Never opened £350 Hampshire / Dorset
  4. Skyliner33

    Show us your Swellshades please.

    The Swellshades website is lacking in photos So wondering how many have fitted them, and in particular looking for photos. Thanks in advance.
  5. OnYourMarks

    Sold Swell Shades set of 5 (Silver, SWB) £350

    I have a set of 5 Swell Shades in perfect condition just removed from my T6 (SWB). Very good light block out & privacy. No surrounds so very unobtrusive when open. 1 x Tailgate (with wiper) 2 x rear quarter windows 2 x Sliding doors with OEM windows (Kombi) All fittings, spacers and...
  6. Rapt0rUK

    Swell Shades installation help...

    Has anyone fitted Swell Shades, arrived this week, about to tackle installation but the instructions are pretty light touch. Anyone with any experience of fitting and can give me a few pointers, there's no mention in the instructions at all as to what these clear plastic bits are for??
  7. S

    Swellshades - Can You Cut To Fit??

    Hello. My converter is having problems getting in touch with swellshades so I thought I would ask on here. Our swellshades tailgate shade doesn't have a curved bit missing for the window wiper housing. It is made of "sign-making" metal (afraid I don't know what the proper term is). Is it...
  8. Ian28

    Removing Swell Shades For Window Tinting

    I need to remove the swell shades on my camper to gain full access to the window interiors for tinting. Has anyone done this before? They seem to be held top & bottom by 4 metal clips which I assume are screwed into the metalwork. Is it just a case of firm pressure on the clips to release them...
  9. katmav1

    VanShades side & tailgate Window Pods

    Thought I would share some info on my Kombi install as when I purchased my window pods there was little info I could find about them, and I wasn't sure they would be worth the cost. When I first unpacked the pods and held them up to the window I almost sent them back, they are made from two...
  10. D

    Vanshades Vs Swellshades

    I'm looking for some 1st hand experience of "Vanshades" (blinds with frame surround) vs Swellshades (blinds without the frame surround). I think I prefer the look of the vanshade with the carperted frame surround, but I really don't like how the frame takes up so much of the window -...