1. S

    Swellshades - Can You Cut To Fit??

    Hello. My converter is having problems getting in touch with swellshades so I thought I would ask on here. Our swellshades tailgate shade doesn't have a curved bit missing for the window wiper housing. It is made of "sign-making" metal (afraid I don't know what the proper term is). Is it...
  2. Ian28

    Removing Swell Shades For Window Tinting

    I need to remove the swell shades on my camper to gain full access to the window interiors for tinting. Has anyone done this before? They seem to be held top & bottom by 4 metal clips which I assume are screwed into the metalwork. Is it just a case of firm pressure on the clips to release them...
  3. katmav1

    Van Shades Window Pods

    Thought I would share some info on my Kombi install as when I purchased my window pods there was little info I could find about them, and I wasn't sure they would be worth the cost. When I first unpacked the pods and held them up to the window I almost sent them back, they are made from two...
  4. D

    Vanshades Vs Swellshades

    I'm looking for some 1st hand experience of "Vanshades" (blinds with frame surround) vs Swellshades (blinds without the frame surround). I think I prefer the look of the vanshade with the carperted frame surround, but I really don't like how the frame takes up so much of the window -...