surf key

  1. T

    Blade key cutting (without remote)

    Hi all on my T4&T5 Vw supplied a basic key, my 19 plate didn’t, Vw want £123.33 !!! For one is it possible to get one cut by a local locksmith etc I see there are some on the tinternet but am a bit wary ,need it for my wife when she gets back to the van before me,NOTE if you buy a new van...
  2. M

    Waterproof / Surf key

    Hi all I need a way to lock my van and be able to take the key kitesurfing with me. I am currently using a waterproof pouch but was intending to just get a passive key cut so I could leave the active key in the van. However the local Timpsons to.d me this was not possible does anyone have a way...
  3. Skyliner33

    3rd Key

    when I bought my van I was given 3 keys. 2 of them are the remote key fobs that work as expected. I also received a ‘normal’ key. Non folding no big fob. What is the point of this key? If I open the door with this key the alarm goes off.
  4. J

    Alarm and surf-key question

    Does anybody know if: On my T5.1 I am able to lock the vehicle manually using an unchipped key and then a couple of hours later unlock the vehicle without setting off the alarm. That allows me to take the unchipped key sailing without the risk of getting the electronics in the standard key...
  5. A

    Surf Key

    Looking through VCDS it looks like it's possible to set it to disable the alarm on unlocking of the door with the key. Presumably this means that I could use a key blade only, with no chip, to unlock the door and then retrieve the proper key from inside a locked safe? It's not something I'd want...
  6. A

    Surf key

    I don't surf, old joints and the coordination of a 3 legged hippo prevent that, but I do swim and snorkel in the sea, along with fishing in places I very often get soaked. In my old T5 I could lock the van without setting my alarm but I can't in the T6, so what's the best solution you guys use...