1. L

    New Kombi - Please recommend your best products for converting

    Hello everyone. My name is Lee and I am new to VW. I have just bought T6 2017 LWB and was hoping you could help me. The van is currently simple kombi with no carpeting and any additional nice stuff, I would like to take it on as a project. I would like to do sound deadening, thermal isolation...
  2. slidepods

    Something new from Slidepods

    I'm Sure many of you will have already come across our top spec lining packages and what they look like. We have endeavoured to be progressive and to use the best quality materials to achieve designs and finishes that keep our company at the forefront of the industry. Last year we spent a lot of...
  3. G

    Suede Roof

    Finally got a couple of hours to work on the van round about the kids... I’ve done the front headlining going to get the back done when Im off next .
  4. B

    Suede Material

    Im converting a T6 panel van into a duel perpose van / day camper. I can’t find a supplier for the type of foe suede used by the pro converters. Any recommendations?