storage bags

  1. T

    Found Window bags van-essa California camping or similar

    Hi Just trying my luck to see if anyone has any window bags which are gathering dust? Looking to cram even more into the van and these look like a good way for me to do so. Made by van-essa, California camping, bus boxx and a few other brands. Thanks
  2. T

    Window bags for LWB shuttle ?

    Hi I’ve had a look at the various window bags available but I’m struggling to find anything for the LWB shuttle. A company called lazy campers offer some at a eye watering price but can’t see any other options. Can anyone comment on if the SWB ones will fit ok (I’ve got the blinds some...
  3. hatjoepeg

    Barn Door cargo net??

    Anyone come up with a good way of securing ’stuff’ with a cargo net between the back of the bed and doors when travelling. I was thinking of a few lashing points and then a net so you can still get into the cupboards but suspend stuff pressed against the seat back? got a net arriving from e bay...
  4. hoggle

    Under Bed Storage...

    I have recently fitted this vanking Bed, and was after some storage that would fit under it. So i used a Book Case that i reinforced and bought heavy duty sliding rails. And came up with this....
  5. stuart-t6

    Westfalia storage bags

    Help.. I have seen these, does anyone know where I could buy them please
  6. Lukavell

    Rear Window Bag

    Anybody out there have any experience with these? I think they are a nifty solution and would look very neat. My OCD means I'd have to buy two though and they are quite pricey so thought it worth an ask.
  7. T6downsouth

    Non Beach Storage Bags.

    Hello one and all. I like the look of these beach storage bags but not the price tag. Has anyone found a cheaper alternative and a way of attaching them to a carpeted rear panel?
  8. A

    Compression Sacks?

    I’ve always struggled and stuffed duvets and pillows into cupboards and forced the door closed and/or rolled them into bin bags and stored them between the seats but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way. I’d heard of compression sacks and I’ve had a look on amazon but do they really reduce the...