stitches & steel

  1. M

    Amarok steels. Which tyres?

    Hi all! Anyone got any pics with the recommended tyre of 255/45/18 on the Stiches & Steel wheel with standard suspension? If so I’d there any rubbing on full lock or over bumpy roads?....cheers!
  2. JTT6

    Stitches & Steel 18" Wheels & General Grabber AT3s

    Just got around to adding a few pics of the new wheels. I have a T32 that gets a lot of abuse for work and spends it's life being bumped up curbs and driven in fields, so the 20" alloys had to go. I looked at all options and every steel possibility available and finally settled on these for...
  3. tonywvr

    Found Stitches and Steel Front Bunk Bed

    Anyone have one of these for sale due to kids outgrowing it etc, before I buy brand new? Based in Oldbury B69. Can collect if close enough or pay for delivery. Cheers!
  4. goldeneye243

    S+S Tarp Awning - thoughts?

    Thinking about getting a simple side awning and I was looking at the Kiravans Sailrail, then stumbled on the Stitches and Steel Tarp Awning that looks like a similar shape but significantly cheaper... I'm not sure that it is waterproof though - I have emailed to ask... Has anyone seen or used one?
  5. S

    Stitches & Steel Carbon Fibre Awning Pole Spikes

    Has anyone else had this problem? The S+S CF Awning Poles have very short, stubby "spikes", well actually they are threaded bolts with a plastic cap over the thread, but our problem is that by the time you have awning and guy line on there is a great likelihood that they will come off. The...
  6. S


    Stitches & Steel Tarp Awning - New/Unused. Complete with storage bag but without poles and pegs. Labels still attached. Can be posted or collected if preferred. £60 inc. postage Lovely tarp but not quite what was wanted. Actually too big for our purpose. UPDATE - No longer available...
  7. S

    Stitches & Steel Bawdsey Inflatable Awning & Tent

    Has anyone used either the Bawdsey Inflatable Awning or Tent? Comments? Any good? Our experience with their poles and windbreak is good but just wondered about the inflatables!
  8. K

    Funkyleisure Or Kiravans Railsail

    As per the title really, cant decide which to go for. Anyone offer experience (pros/cons) of both?
  9. amdowney

    Sold Brand New Unopened - Stitches + Steel Multirail - B50 Postcode Collection - £100

    I have one of these, unopened and surplus to requirements, currently sold out again! The S+S Multirail £100 - collection from B50 postcode
  10. Keaney

    Funky Leisure Awning Rail Vs Hilo

    after looking at a few awning rails I’ve decided to try a funky leisure one with my hilo roof to see f it fits under it. Has anyone else tried it?
  11. MrT6

    VW Amarok 18-inch Steel Wheels

    Got these VW OEM 18" Steel wheels fitted early today:
  12. vw-me

    Stitches and Steel Awning C-Rail

    Has anyone bought one of these rails ? Standard C-Section Awning Rail