1. S

    t6 sliding door step removal

    how do you remove the sliding door step without damaging it?
  2. F

    Infill for sliding door steps

    Does anyone know of an infill that I can put in one of the sliding door steps that will level off the floor. It’s a shuttle twin slider and I use a Vangear pod against one of the sliding doors but have to use two extended legs on the pod as it sits over the door step. Ideally it would be...
  3. TheKeymeister

    Footwell / step light - LED conversion

    This may well have been done before, so apologies, but thought I'd show how I eventually fitted LEDs in my step's pretty simple but I tried to do it in a way that I'll be able to finally forget about it without any worries, so thought I'd share :D Originally I bought a full...
  4. SamD

    Sold Step mats

    I've got this set of step mats in black carpet, the carpet is quite thick and its got double sided tape on the back. The sliding door mat has been folded in half when posted out to me originally. Looking for £8.00 including the postage.
  5. moomin-j

    For Sale Vw Drivers Side Step Heater Pipework

    Genuine Vw drivers step heater pipework duct, bought in error prior to installing Eberspacher and never fitted. What you see is what you get... £25, collect from next weeks T6 Forum meet at Brook Meadows, Sibbertoft or M-F during office hours Jct 40 M1, postcode WF5 9TQ Will not post. Item 1:
  6. Steven Bowie

    Rusty Door Seals

    Anyone else had this issue, the seal inside the van that the door would close against, has started to come away as in the pic, and there is a bit of corrosion where the water has ingressed, you can see how this has happened, whoever used the van before has stepped on the seal when getting in and...
  7. 3crispies

    Wanted Kombi side step

    OEM side step with light required, based in Cambs
  8. L

    Step plate cover vendors?

    Morning all. I’m after 2 trims for the driver and passenger step plate to give it some programs cover up the black plastic bits. Any ideas and or recommendations? Van styles no stock till next year mines a new t6.1 kombi
  9. ma77y

    Found Oem drivers step with vent (no light)

    Does anyone have an oem drivers step with vent non illuminated type. Cheers
  10. M

    T6.1 Door Step Trim removal

    Hi does anyone know how you remove the plastic door step trim on a T6.1, was hoping to route some wires underneath for an underseat sub woofer passenger side. Cheers
  11. D

    Webasto AirTop 2000 - hole in passenger step too

    Hi Guys, just got a T6 camper 150 DSG……delighted with it so far. It has a Webasto diesel heater fitted. I understand the heater air intake is through a circular vent in the driver’s side door step and the heater outlet is obvious behind the driver seat, but what is the purpose of the circular...
  12. boxer750

    Fitting the foot step..

    I am trying to refit a komki step into my 'floored' van. I can get all 3 bottom fittings to locate properly and the 2 outside ones of the ones an the vertical fittings. But whatever I do I cannot get the middle one to locate, meaning when it's in place the middle one is always flexing .. If...
  13. cy294

    Wanted Driver side step

    Looking for a driver side plastic step preferably with the clips and in a decent condition.. My step unfortunately has seen better days and is beyond refurbishment. Many thanks.
  14. Bardot

    Plastic Step Fitting

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to sit 9mm ply onto 6.8mm lining with 2mm Alto covering into my T6 conversion. That totals a raise of 17.5mm I believe the Extra deep Kombi doorstep allows for an increase of 14mm. Does anyone know if that would stretch to fit my needs (perhaps adding a spacer below it)...
  15. S

    T5/6 sliding-door Kombi step without light

    Does anybody know whether it's possible to get an oem Kombi side step without the light (or any opening) at one end? Thanks
  16. T

    Door Sill Protector unsticking

    Hi all Just sticking some bits and pieces to van and one door sill hasn't stuck very well. The bottom is ok but top (either side) not very good, can anyone suggest best way to secure down as don't want to buy anything that might make hard to remove at later date if required Thanks
  17. Curryzz

    Removing drivers side interior step?

    Hi, Im sure plenty of you have done it. Any advice on removing the drivers side interior step? I’m just replacing it as it’s abit worn and doesn’t look very nice. Iv got trim removal tools so is it just a case of removing the door seal out the way & then pop out the trim or is it more long...
  18. M

    Drivers T6 door step with vent and Factory light cutout.

    Hoping somebody can help, I have been online for what seems like an eternity and cant find or establish what part number I need to order a new offside front drivers step with heater grill and factory light cutout in satin black 9B9 - 82V. Also need the part number for a new nearside front...
  19. C

    Kombi threshold step for panel van - to match floor height.

    Read a few threads on this but would like to hear from anyone who has swapped the standard side step to a kombi one. I've got non slip phenolic plywood for my floor which will sit on a mixture of 9mm spacers and the metal ribs of the floor. Will the kombi step work with 12mm ply only? No top...
  20. T6DSGChris

    Step 7H0863736g 9b9 availability?

    can anyone tell me if this is still available if they have access to the up to date parts catalogue if possible? step in satin black with light.. regards chris