1. C

    Kombi threshold for panel van - to match floor height.

    Read a few threads on this but would like to hear from anyone who has swapped the standard side step to a kombi one. I've got non slip phenolic plywood for my floor which will sit on a mixture of 9mm spacers and the metal ribs of the floor. Will the kombi step work with 12mm ply only? No top...
  2. T6DSGChris

    Step 7H0863736g 9b9 availability?

    can anyone tell me if this is still available if they have access to the up to date parts catalogue if possible? step in satin black with light.. regards chris
  3. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  4. T6DSGChris

    drivers side step with grill part number?

    trying to locate one of these for my diesel heater fit... im going to put the norm round rear piece in from the non genuine ducting...(non gen 65mm jobby) ...but use this step as looks far nicer..I think there should be enough room behind for the base circular piece to hide behind.
  5. J

    Sold Drivers T6 door step with vent

    Brand new still in wrapping - bought to use when fitting night heater but decided not to use in the end. £40 + p&p or can collect from Grimsby area.
  6. A Bridge Too Far

    Front Door Seal Replacement

    Hi All, following a number of searches on here I can't seem to find anyone that has replaced a door seal themselves on the driver or passenger doors. We have a rusty seal on the drivers side, but it is out of warranty so the dealer is not playing ball, on all my other vehicles it has been a...
  7. Bardot

    Sliding Door steps.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to sit 9mm ply onto 6.8mm lining with 2mm Alto covering into my T6 conversion. That totals a raise of 17.5mm I believe the Extra deep Kombi doorstep allows for an increase of 14mm. Does anyone know if that would stretch to fit my needs (perhaps adding a spacer below it)...
  8. mommabear

    Wanted WANTED - T5 2015 - Driver side door step and also Drivers side air vent.

    Hi Guys Im looking for 2015 T5 Drivers side (and passenger if available) Plastic door steps and also a drivers side air vent assembly - the old one has a hole cut in it and all me change is disappearing into the dashboard when I go round corners . Thanks Matt
  9. P

    Another side step question!

    Is there available the side steps for the sliding doors without any lights and suitable for a factory kombi (rubber) flooring height??
  10. C

    Side step and rear step nightmare- which size?

    Hi all, so I’ve fitted my floor and the side step I bought from van style is way off. so I’ve used 9mm batons between and round the ridges 6mm insulation mat (probably less when compressed, 12mm ply 2mm altro so that’s a total of 29mm from the original which sat on the metal (was a pannel...
  11. R

    Step insert

    Hi Guys, How do I get the front and side instep out ? or is there something on the web site.
  12. C

    Van style step first fit

    Well my vanstyle raised step doesn’t seem to fit with my 12mm ply floor, the bottom section doesnt sit on the base metal... although the rear piece fits perfectly. Any ideas on which others I should be looking at that would fit? It’s for a pannel van, ply sitting on top of the metal ridges...
  13. tubs

    Wanted Kombi Step with Light

    As above .... thanks ;)
  14. Barley53

    Courtesy light for side door camper

    Hi all, I'd like to to install a courtesy footwell light or side bar lights for the side entrance to my t6 camper, my Highline doesn't have anything in place. Can someone advise where I'd get the feed from? I've installed footwell lights from the glove box, and puddle lights from tge wiring...
  15. simonnwt6

    Sliding door Side step options?

    Removed the standard sidestep yesterday after a full cleandown. Looking at options for after fitted new batons/insulation/ply9mm/rubber floor. Anyone know why this says wont fit anything but a Caravelle? Not 100% on the differences...
  16. Gareth1

    T6 Front Step -led Replacement

    Hi Having recently converted my interior roof mounted lights to LED lamps, I'm now looking to swap my front driver and passenger step lamps also to LED. These are the ones that have 4 separate warm white lamps currently installed. Does anyone know the lamp type so I can order some replacement...
  17. JasonW

    How To Attach These....

    So. I've got myself some step covers... but not sure what to use to attach them...? They don't appear to have any screw holes to screw them on... Double sided tape or some kind of adhesive gripper...?
  18. K

    Part Numbers for steps etc...

    Evening all, I'm looking for some part numbers if anyone can help? I need: -California side step -Side step light -Side step light cable -Caravelle rear threshold cover: 7E0 863 485 C 82 V -Wipermotor cover for tailgate: 7E0.868.629 Thanks all **I've updated with the ones i've found along...
  19. G

    O/S Step with Vent for Night Heater and Courtesy Light part-number?

    Hi, can anybody help me out? Trying to find the step with the night heater vent and the courtesy light. Does anybody know of a part number or does someone have a reg I can give TPS for the part please. thanks in advance!
  20. Skyliner33

    Caravelle Step Height?

    Looking for some help. I’m thinking of putting a Caravelle step inside my drivers door step. I’m just wondering if it will be the correct height for my carpet.