1. E

    Drivers side step insert filling with water

    Hi, I've not been a VW owner for long so apologies if this is a silly question... the step insert on my drivers side door seems to keep filling with water every time it rains. I open the door to get in and all the water seems to rush from the door itself into the step insert. This doesn't happen...
  2. BeardedRocket

    Modified step carpets

    Managed to get the rear step carpets done like the front. Fully clipped in so won’t fall out. Such an easy thing to do and makes a big difference. At least I won’t slip and break my neck ✌️
  3. Stuiemc

    For Sale T6.1 Standard Parts Clear Out

    Need to free up some space in the garage whoch included a bunch of standard T6.1 parts removed when doing our conversion. Not expecting much back for anything so just make an offer. All parts have been removed from a T6.1 Highline panel van with pretty much with delivery mileage. - Top and...
  4. J

    For Sale FOR SALE - T6.1 Sliding door step

    Hi. Selling a few bits from my recent conversion. The parts for sale are taken from my T6.1 Sportline. Selling this sliding door step - passenger side. Seems to be around £90 new so happily take £50. I'm based in Chingford, London. Can look into postage options if required. Cheers. Cheers.
  5. C

    Sliding door step removal

    Hi all, my first of many posts from me no doubt! I have a 2019 shuttle with a damaged sliding door step. It looks like it has tags, top and bottom at either end as well as the usual clips on the base and back. Do I need to remove interior trim either side of the step in order to remove it...
  6. CharlieNeil

    Sliding side door threshold headache

    Does anyone have any other ideas of how to attach an after market SIDE LOAD EXTRA DEEP ABS DOOR STEP threshold. IT"S IMPOSSIBLE to align then attach the 6 supplied push on clips. I'm thinking of drilling holes into the new step then buy 60mm long blk dome head screws and screw these into the...
  7. IrishT6

    Caravelle step

    Hi all, can I upgrade to caravelle steps from a Kombi? Is the flooring the same depth? OR can the Kombi step be modified to accept the caravelle type light
  8. stupot

    For Sale Front door and sliding door steps with aluminium scuff plates

    Hi all I’ve gone for plain trims without the aluminium (aftermarket) scuff plates so these are for sale. In good used condition, usual wear and tear marks. All clips are present but a couple on one front step are broken (but I think will work fine). Sliding door aluminium plate is missing 2...
  9. Foofighter25

    Side step water collection

    Hi all Is it normal to have some water pour out from the bottom runner area of the side load door when it's opened after its been raining?
  10. Spaghetti

    For Sale Brand new step - Genuine VW standard depth

    Brand new step from a 2022 T6.1 but will fit T5, T6 or T6.1. manufactured July 2022. Standard depth, no light. Bought in error. £20 delivered - mainland UK.
  11. S

    t6 sliding door step removal

    how do you remove the sliding door step without damaging it?
  12. F

    Infill for sliding door steps

    Does anyone know of an infill that I can put in one of the sliding door steps that will level off the floor. It’s a shuttle twin slider and I use a Vangear pod against one of the sliding doors but have to use two extended legs on the pod as it sits over the door step. Ideally it would be...
  13. TheKeymeister

    Footwell / step light - LED conversion

    This may well have been done before, so apologies, but thought I'd show how I eventually fitted LEDs in my step's pretty simple but I tried to do it in a way that I'll be able to finally forget about it without any worries, so thought I'd share :D Originally I bought a full...
  14. SamD

    Sold Step mats

    I've got this set of step mats in black carpet, the carpet is quite thick and its got double sided tape on the back. The sliding door mat has been folded in half when posted out to me originally. Looking for £8.00 including the postage.
  15. moomin-j

    Sold Vw Drivers Side Step Heater Pipework

    Genuine Vw drivers step heater pipework duct, bought in error prior to installing Eberspacher and never fitted. What you see is what you get... £25, collect from next weeks T6 Forum meet at Brook Meadows, Sibbertoft or M-F during office hours Jct 40 M1, postcode WF5 9TQ Will not post. Item 1:
  16. Steven Bowie

    Rusty Door Seals

    Anyone else had this issue, the seal inside the van that the door would close against, has started to come away as in the pic, and there is a bit of corrosion where the water has ingressed, you can see how this has happened, whoever used the van before has stepped on the seal when getting in and...
  17. 3crispies

    Found Kombi side step

    OEM side step with light required, based in Cambs
  18. L

    Step plate cover vendors?

    Morning all. I’m after 2 trims for the driver and passenger step plate to give it some programs cover up the black plastic bits. Any ideas and or recommendations? Van styles no stock till next year mines a new t6.1 kombi
  19. ma77y

    Found Oem drivers step with vent (no light)

    Does anyone have an oem drivers step with vent non illuminated type. Cheers
  20. M

    T6.1 Door Step Trim removal

    Hi does anyone know how you remove the plastic door step trim on a T6.1, was hoping to route some wires underneath for an underseat sub woofer passenger side. Cheers