steering wheel

  1. p6raf

    Sold Complete T6 Eu6 MFSW, CC etc.

    In perfect condition, 30k on in. £250 posted sound fair ?
  2. Shredder

    Sold NOW SOLD _ New Genuine VW OEM Transporter T6 Kombi Highline Leather Steering Wheel - £117

    This is a genuine OEM VW Transporter T6 Highline leather steering wheel taken off my Transporter when it was new because I had a paddle shift wheel installed by the customiser prior to delivery of the van. It has been wrapped and boxed in storage since removal. So, as can be seen in the...
  3. Sackmycook

    For Sale Steering wheel and airbag

    Non MFSW.......plastic version as found on T-Line and Startlines, removed from a 2019, excellent unmarked condition with airbag. £100 ono
  4. Bathaudio

    T6 steering wheel conversion to Lupo 3L

    Hey all =] want to put a lupo 3l wheel on my T6 startline. as seen in photo. Does anyone know if this will work/what coding might need to be done? Thanks, Sam
  5. U

    key won’t turn in ignition

    my key now won’t turn in the ignition I park an go shop for 5mins an this happen where do you base
  6. G

    Steering wheel boss kit

    Ihi all I'm looking for a steering wheel hub boss kit for my 17 plate t6 I can't seem to find one but was wondering if anyone knew the spline size so I can get a boss kit that fits many thanks
  7. Shanz

    Best way to refurb a leather steering wheel?

    Hi All, My Steering wheel has lost it's shine in places. It is supposes to have a gloss coating but this has worn and I'm wondering if there is a way to re apply the gloss affect? Is there any product out there that does the job? Cheers
  8. FYPO

    Used Van Nightmare

    I purchased a used T6 for my business a couple of months back, and it's giving us some real issues. It has been back with the dealer three times each for a week visit; due to the alarm sounding for no apparent reason. There was an issue with the starter battery that I pointed out the first time...
  9. G

    Upgrade plastic steering wheel to leather

    Hi all i have a really nice T6 3 years old. I had to take it into Vw for some warranty work last week ( that’s another story Vw dealerships are absolutely a waste of time,or at least the ones I’ve dealt with. I had a courtesy van with a leather wheel and all the buttons, mines a std plastic...
  10. F2JON

    Sold How much is this steering wheel worth ?

    My mate has a steering wheel I said I’d sell for him on here but he’s not sure what it’s worth ? Any ideas? It’s a high line mfsw leather could do with re doing as it’s done 115k but everything works as it should includes airbag too.
  11. A

    Airbag rattle issue

    Have a really annoying rattle from the airbag, not all the time just if you get a small vibration through the whole steering... anyone else had this..? Have unclipped it but nothing seems loose..?
  12. Paulstewart20

    Steering wheel repair

    So my steering wheel has just started to grey/fade (I suspect due to the constant disinfectant pumps I use going into peoples houses multiple times a day) I dont want to replace as I like it. Is there a repair kit suited for vw leather colour etc?
  13. Darekt

    Wanted T6 multifunction steering wheel

    Hi all I am looking for leather steering wheel with CNL button, dsg preferable. Or just buttons and airbag trim for round wheel. Best
  14. Pauly

    T6 MFSW Multifunction Steering Wheel Wiring Diagram 2016

    MFSW Circuit Diagram Covers both types of button setups with (EU6) and without (EU5) cruise control on the wheel VIP Membership is required to download this document
  15. S

    Changing the steering wheel without airbag warning light [Guide]

    I've got a bit confused having read a few posts on this. How do I change the steering wheel without getting an airbag warning light? Disconnect battery before disconnecting the air bag? If so should that be done with the ignition on or off? Thanks
  16. F

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi, First post on here and only had the van a couple of weeks but I’ve just fitted a MFSW and had the coding done, but it still does not work. Reading through posts on this topic I see repair wires mentioned but I’m not sure if that’s what I need? The van is a 2018 Shuttle that had basic...
  17. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-fibre MFSW BRAND NEW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning , actual picture of the steering wheel , comes with buttons but would advise...
  18. B

    Stitch in time

    My stitching is starting to fray on my steering wheel. I’ve superglued it down for now but it’ll need a proper repair. Does anyone know someone North West of Cheshire that could help me?
  19. K

    Fitting a flat bottom steering wheel (How to)

    I’ve been thinking about the flat bottom mod for a while so thought I’d write a how to for anyone else that is interested. The reasons I like it are: Vanity (Flat bottom steering wheels are cool) DSG paddles Fuel Economy (we’ll get to that later) It’s easier to turn a flat bottom and it fits...
  20. ei-aprilia

    Heated steering wheel

    I've done a search but not found anything conclusive. I'm sure I read on here that someone had achieved this perhaps @Robert? I've just won myself a golf mk7 flappy paddle wheel on ebay, I know the wheel is a straight swap (need to change buttons) and paddles will work. The new wheel is also...