steering wheel

  1. dandan88

    Steering wheel help

    Guys I need a little help I’m replacing my steering wheel and I’ve released the airbag it… can I just release the connector straight away? I e taken the black connector off the battery Many thanks
  2. HoopDub

    Sold Flat-bottom Golf Mk7 TCR MFSW + airbag. £400

    Genuine vw golf Gti TCR flat bottom leather steering wheel. Lovely condition, very small mark on red leather 12 o'clock stripe. From a DSG, the paddles aren't original, easily removable if you want to fit it to a manual. Airbag included and buttons included. £400 Would take a T6 highline...
  3. Lee540

    Steering Wheel - Repair Kit

    Thought I'd share my efforts this weekend. Kit from Furniture Clinic, was about £21 with new customer discount code. Before: and After Not perfect but miles better!! Saved a fortune on a new wheels or recovered one. Might help someone out on here.
  4. Chrisab

    Steering play

    Hi all. Just need some advice. I bought a t6 California about 6 months ago and noticed the steering had some play in it when I move the steering wheel about 10-15 mm the front wheels don’t respond. I have checked the steering shaft in the cabin that all moved at the same rate as the steering...
  5. P

    MFSW - MultiFunction steering wheel

    sup guys, I have the multi function steering wheel with the shift paddles, but the right side of the steering ( right side function buttons and right shift paddle) is not lighting at all, while the left side works perfect, do you guys have any idea what could be the problem? is it the clock...
  6. racT6bus

    Judder through steering wheel

    Hi all, tried to find an answer to this, but can't find anything similar. My T6 (T32, 150PS, 6 Speed, SWB, Manual, Late 2016) has an occasional judder when between 1500 and 2200 revs across the range of gears. It seems to happen periodically at various stages through a drive, so when cold...
  7. K

    For Sale Highline steering wheel

    Wheel is in good condition and isn’t showing any wear. Came from a 2018 Highline. Was used for about 40k miles before it was swapped for a custom controls one. £50 Collected from Cheltenham or can post as I have the box. if you want me to ship these I’ll need to get a price and carrier...
  8. Lord Mfwic

    Sold Highline MFSW. £200

    For Sale. Genuine T6 Leather MFSW. Taken off my T6 Highline when it was on about 20K miles when I bought a flappy paddle wheel. The plastic bits are shiny as I have the Comfort Dash, not sure if others are the same. Absolutely prefect condition £200.00 collection only from Shrewsbury...
  9. andy greenwood

    Sold steering wheel + AIRBAG

    Non multi function steering wheel plus airbag . Airbag in excellent condition with no marks. Taken off our 66 plate camper. £125
  10. Jon

    For Sale Highline T6 Standard Steering wheel.

    Perfect condition was used for about 30k miles before it was swapped for a flappy paddle one. Just the wheel you will need an airbag and switch gear just thought it would be good for someone who would like an undamaged replacement one. I was thinking £50 ? Collected from Northamptonshire but...
  11. B

    Worn Steering Wheel

    I just bought a VW TD 6, 2016 and the steering wheel is showing signs of wear, parts of it are glossy and parts of it Matt & dirty looking. Any recommendation on a kit to buy and restore it
  12. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 MFSW Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Upgraded the MFSW on my 2022 6.1 to a Golf MK8 haptic touch wheel and want to lay out how i did it, lots of these steps are not specific to this wheel so thought this would be a handy 'how to' guide These wheels are a straight swap but the electrical connections are a bit different so a few...
  13. Dav-Tec

    Sold T6.1 Custom Wheel

    Custom T6.1 wheel complete with Haptic buttons and Airbag £499 Inc shipping. Can be fitted at an additional cost. Advertised elsewhere for non forum members at £525 plus shipping.
  14. Texxaco

    Steering wheel bonded nylon cord question

    Afternoon, Hope everyone is enjoying this mad weather! Can anybody help me out as I am looking to swap the white steering wheel stitching for purple but I don’t know what to order? I know it’s bonded nylon thread but what size it etc? Thanks for your help.
  15. Garv

    Sold T6.1 OEM Leather steering wheel

    For sale Genuine OEM T6.1 Highline leather steering wheel Selling due to upgrade to carbon wheel Factory miles only You will receive what is in the photo Stafford collection Happy to post at purchasers cost £100
  16. B

    New t6.1 Security from Day 1

    Hi Friends. I will be collecting my new t6.1 panelvan next week. It has been 8 months on order and I am rather excited to say the least. It has been a long held dream of mine to have a camper - I should have done it years ago but hey ho its taken me until I am nearly 50 years old to do it. I...
  17. Nobby85

    Hello all New member post steering wheel swap wish me luck

    Hi all just wanted to say a quick hello. Fairly new owner about to attempt a steering wheel swap thought I would start an introduction post in ready for when I hit my first hiccup and can hopefully lean on your expertise. Thanks In advance
  18. Crazymind

    Squeaky steering

    Hi folks, I have got an annoying squeak coming off the steering column. It’s related to the adjustment lever because when I release it the squeaky noise goes away. I have randomly sprayed silicon in the column but in one day the mouse was back.
  19. 3shedz

    Steering Wheel is off centre

    Hi all My steering wheel is slightly to the right when in a straight line if I loose it pulls to the left. Had the vans alignment done twice now as it's driving me nuts. But still to the right . Any ideas or a fix?
  20. p6raf

    Sold Complete T6 Eu6 MFSW, CC etc.

    In perfect condition, 30k on in. £250 posted sound fair ?