steering wheel

  1. F

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi, First post on here and only had the van a couple of weeks but I’ve just fitted a MFSW and had the coding done, but it still does not work. Reading through posts on this topic I see repair wires mentioned but I’m not sure if that’s what I need? The van is a 2018 Shuttle that had basic...
  2. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-fibre MFSW BRAND NEW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning , actual picture of the steering wheel , comes with buttons but would advise...
  3. B

    Stitch in time

    My stitching is starting to fray on my steering wheel. I’ve superglued it down for now but it’ll need a proper repair. Does anyone know someone North West of Cheshire that could help me?
  4. ei-aprilia

    Heated steering wheel

    I've done a search but not found anything conclusive. I'm sure I read on here that someone had achieved this perhaps @Robert? I've just won myself a golf mk7 flappy paddle wheel on ebay, I know the wheel is a straight swap (need to change buttons) and paddles will work. The new wheel is also...
  5. W

    For Sale T6.1 new Carbon-fibre Red-Stitch Flat-bottom Steering Wheel

    Hi Selling this VW T6.1 Transporter Flat bottom carbon steering wheel , BRAND NEW , Red Stitching . Cost me 695 , will sell for 580 ! Plus 15 pounds postage . Bought this from Leighton Vans but no longer required . Will be well packed for postage . Comes with buttons as well , just swap out...
  6. W

    New leather steering wheel cover - I’m a roofer not a sewer go easy guys

    So my original leather steering wheel was so worn down it had holes in.. and only 4 years old!! Any ways I bought this cool new one on Ali express.. this has made the van feel brand new again took about 4 hours to sew and stuff but well worth it
  7. Murdoch

    Steering wheel buttons not working

    Earlier this year I found I was unable to use the controls on the steering wheel and the airbag / engine fault light came on - so my local VW service centre replaced under warranty a part "under the steering wheel" - all good The dam problem has come back today and the 3 year warranty ran out...
  8. S

    steering wheel restorer

    hi, new to the forum, picking up my T6 in a couple of weeks, lovely van but the leather steering wheel is looking very tired, anyone managed to get there's looking good again
  9. Bainsey1695


    Selling the original wheel And air bag of my 2017 T6 , it’s leather and the van does have ACC, looking for £120 cheers Steve
  10. RickT6

    Will a VW Up steering wheel work?

    Hi I’ve bought a T6 going in for conversion soon and I’ve added some cheap mods. My Question is will a VW UP flat bottomed steering wheel fit a transporter .
  11. Mistuk

    T6 highline steering wheel comfort

    Hi there I find the steering wheel on my highline t6 really hard and not that comfortable. What options have I got to soften it up a bit and make it more comfortable... and is it possible to add a steering wheel heater too? thanks!
  12. andy banes

    T6 DSG MFSW now with paddles...

    So i now have a full leather flat bottomed MFSW with paddle shift it keeps the std triangle shape air bag cover . It was supplied and fitted by Paul at retrofit ...Alll i can say is really nice guy, very knowledgable and a cracking product at a really good price! Can you see it.....
  13. Ads_Essex

    Sold Leather Steering Wheel MFSW Euro 5

    For sale is my leather multi-function steering wheel with piano black trim. The wheel is from a 2015 Euro 5 Highline van with 30k. In good, working, condition. £150? Postage should be around £12
  14. Pedro

    My new T6.1 steering wheel.

    Delighted with my latest purchase, office is starting to take shape....Just a quick mention for Leighton vans, couldn’t of been more helpful if they tried, Adam who works there is was brilliant from start to finish, now for leather interior....
  15. J

    Van wont start after fitting MFSW!

    HELP!! Fitted a MFSW and now my van wont start!! 2015 T6 startline. Fitted new cables to port behind wheel pins 9 and 10. 9 went to light switch - was meant to go in pin 15 but I only had 10 pins so i spliced with red and black wire. 10 went to pin 17 (spliced) in BCM. But now i am...
  16. S

    Sold MFSW steering wheel

    Leather MFSW Steering wheel removed from my 2019 caravelle. Wheel is like new as only covered 2000 miles. Only selling due to fitment of flat bottomed wheel. £120 delivered in the UK.
  17. Daniel2929

    MFSW Airbag loom help

    Hi people Hope everyone is safe and well Does anybody know what airbag loom i would need for a mfsw which has no cruise buttons on the left Any help would be much appreciated many thanks
  18. Mr blue

    Found Leather Steering Wheel

    After a leather Vw t6 steering wheel not worried about flat bottomed with or without multi function controls considered thanks in advance
  19. harridean

    Media Head Unit Not Working From Steering Wheel Controls - Help Please !

    Hi Guys Need some help in finding what's caused a problem with the steering wheel controls for the head unit. My T6 recently had a minor minor paint repair to the drivers door which involved taking the electric door mirror off, and while in the shop the door was left open so the battery went...
  20. P

    Golf R Airbag ??

    Have just stripped the original Highline steering wheel of my T6 and attempting to fit the Golf Mk7 steering wheel. I was on the understanding you switch the airbag loom with the original T6 loom...... but I have seen there is an extra terminal on the Golf's airbag and terminal with an extra...