1. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  2. M

    Sportline Interior Lights

    Hi Guys This is going to sound a bit of a non problem but I’d like to know. I purchased my 19 plate Sportline from new last year and it was bog standard with no mods. It went in for its first service yesterday and I had a few little warranty issues that needed looking at. One was one of the...
  3. BognorMotors

    Black T6.1

    First sneak peak at a T6.1 199 4motion we have just finished. This is his third van he’s had off us, and really went to town with his colour choice as well as factory van options . Leather is coming, once the lockdown is over. It’s had the following; BMVS sound-deadening package REVO brakes...
  4. Martin Gibson

    Sportline Seats,leather Or Not?

    Hello, a friend of mine has bought a single and double front seat for his T5. They are from a T6 Sportline( the black and red ones ). He is buying a bed from Captains Seats in Melton Mowbray and when he sent photos of his seats to enquire about matching the bed to the seats,they told him that VW...
  5. andy58

    My Work Van

    Just uploading a few pictures of my work van work in progress
  6. Elliott

    Sportline Carbon Mirror Covers

    I’d like to get a set of original sportline carbon mirror covers, my main question is, I’ve got oryx white top sections at the moment, I’ve heard the covers just stick on, do I need to buy some Matt black covers as well? I don’t want to see a white line? Or do they completely capsulate the white...
  7. 20190719_141349


  8. A

    Edition decals sought

    I'm looking for genuine edition decals for my red t6..... or very good replicas.... got some off Ebay but not right
  9. R

    Are These Sportline Springs

    Morning all I was just wondering if someone could tell me if these are Sportline lowering springs. I ordered a set of Eibach springs from a friend of a friend and I received in a plain box a set of genuine VW T5 Caravelle Lowering springs, part no. ZGB 7H0 071 677 also stamped on the springs is...
  10. S

    Abt Or Sport Line Front ?

    ABT front or sport line front ? Is ABT worth the money ? Still undecided for new black van coming £££££
  11. Dellmassive

    Team Sportline.

    We have, Team-Colours, Team-2Tone and Team_Trooper. i think its time for Team-Sportline to join the Party. heres ours:
  12. andy greenwood

    Sportline Front Spoiler

    Im after buying an aftermarket sportline front spoiler. I've seem THQ , vanstyle plus many more sell them but im curious which company is recommended by any forum users that have one
  13. Pauly

    For Sale Sportline Led Sidebars

    I have managed to acquire a few sets of T6 SWB illuminated sidebars, these are the genuine VW units that have not been available for some time now and are identical to the normal T6 trapezoid bars but with added illumination, i currently have 6 sets (1 set provisionally sold and i will prob fit...
  14. Chris Brett

    Best Place To Sell My 2013 Sportline Panel Van

    hi Guys I’m after a little advice. I need to sell my 2013 Sportline, twin sliding doors, dsg panel van. 1 owner (me) loads of factory extras. Is there a site you’d recommend please? I’ve used eBay in the past but is there a better site out there for van sales on limited addition vehicles like...
  15. clufus

    Sold Sportline 18" Gloss Black/polished Rim Plus Premium Tyres

    Buy my wheels, as above, including Goodyear Eagle F1 load-rated tyres 255 45 18 103XL x4 almost all tread remaining as done approx. 2K miles. Wheels are mint & bought thru forum shop. £1100 collected from South Yorks (cost me over £1400 incl. tyres). Only a few months old, genuine reason for...
  16. 20180921_145356


  17. Bemmy GY

    New Front End.

    saw this beauty in Grimsby town centre today whilst waiting for the bus ( I'd just dropped mine into the local stealership for a couple of recall notices & the pleasure of paying £95 for a few mouse clicks to remove my speed restrictor). Loving the front end & fancy it on my white bus, maybe the...
  18. t6bug

    Uncomfortable drivers seat

    Hi all, I desperately need some advice from people who know what they are talking about. Here goes....I have recently picked up a new T6 Sportline, great van but can't get comfortable when driving for any length of time, the leather seat is like sitting on a park bench, any suggestions on how...
  19. Ro63rt

    Sportsline Front Splitter Clearance

    Those with VW Front Sportline Front Splitter have you had any issues with catching them &/or pulling them off? Also what are they like for stone chips? The photos I’ve seen of them don’t look much lower. I know it’ll depend how much the van is lowered by. I’m only going to lower it the standard...
  20. R

    Sold Sportline Carbon Mirror covers gen VW

    brand new sportline carbon mirror caps/covers BNIB they stick over the mirror £65 collected from Cheshire near oulton park or I can post at your expense Ray 07940552434