1. S

    Sold Single rear seats in leather

    Hi I am selling all three of these single seats very nicely upholstered in R-line trim. Mechanically sound just surplus to requirements. Very good condition albeit a small mark on one rear as shown. See my other sales item for the other shuttle parts that I am selling. Much prefer to sell all...
  2. Village

    Pistonheads T6.1 Sportline review

    Fairly amusing review, but even more amusing comments...
  3. M

    T6.1 swap 8” screen to 9.2”??

    Hey all I'm new hear and can't seem to find how I make a fresh post. My question is Does anybody know if it is possible to change the 8 inch discover media screen in a 6.1 sportline to the 9.2 inch discover media pro screen in the black edition?? Is it a straight swap or does the head end need...
  4. G

    Match my seats

    I want to swap out my current double swivel seat to a captains swivel but am having trouble matching the existing trim. Does anyone recognise the attached please?
  5. Mike Dean

    T6.1 OEM Mats - Sportline option?

    I want to purchase some front mats for my new T6.1 Kombi. I want OEM: I spotted these. Is there a sportline option to for anyone that has access to the...
  6. Jimvan

    T6.1 BE Number-Plate Positioning

    Hi All, I thought i’d start a post about number plate positioning, as I didn’t want my plate positioned on the colour coded bumper from the dealers. I asked for the front plate to be supplied without being attached to the bumper, which they were happy to do! Obviously if they had of attached...
  7. J

    T6.1 Option - Sport Package

    All, I have now had my 6.1 a few weeks and I am slowly going through the bits I amassed over the long wait. One thing I ticked that was a bit light in description was the sports package, this is Black Springfield Alloy Wheels, black metallic wing mirror caps and addition plastic trim to the...
  8. Delboy42

    My T6.1 Pure-Grey Sportline

    Hi Guys. Had my sportline 1 week. done 400 miles Average 30 mpg
  9. JEZ#BLM

    T6.1 Sportline Black Edition

    Picked mine up on Saturday, still getting used to the ride and needs some weight in the back. Really pleased with it. Will upload some more pics. Nice little surprise in the load area though I don’t wanna spoil any surprises for anyone!
  10. R

    T6.1 Sportline front bumper Part-number

    Hi together, can anyone tell me the part number for the T6.1 Sportline front bumper and where to possibly buy it? Thanks in advance!
  11. Stevio

    Wanted Rear Single Sportline Waterproof Seat Cover

    Hello all, I am looking for a Sportline Single Seatcover for rear seat like in picture attached. Any help would be great! Thanks Stevie
  12. Paulstewart20

    T6.1 Highline or Sportline

    Hi, Im struggling what to do VW are offering 30,000 for my 2016 panel van swb t6 highline 4motion on 59,000 miles in Acapulco blue it has discovery media too seems good price to me not sure if its worth more, Im toying with part ex for a Kombi 6.1 sportline or highline. Sportline benefits are...
  13. T

    Swamper vs Sport

    Hi again I’m wondering which way to go on my new T6 4 motion. Most of the time will be on smooth roads but I have a genuine need for some steep, slippery, wet and slightly off road use. Go Swamper (noisy ride?), dropped suspension (need air for those occasions off road), or standard ride height...
  14. Pauly

    Sportline Brochure Jul 2021

    Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Sportline Official VW Brochure
  15. Pauly

    Sportline Price List Jul 2021

    Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Sportline Official VW Price List
  16. L

    Sold Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs T6

    A set of the VW OEM Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs - the heavy duty version for DSG/Biturbo models. Just swapped my suspension to STX so now have these taking up room in the shed. Had on the van for 20K. £100 o.n.o Near Truro, Cornwall. Ideally buyer collect but could courier.
  17. S

    Found Indium (would consider other colours) Sportline Spoiler front & rear. OEM if possible!

    Looking for the above for a tailgate of anyone has them lying about..
  18. F

    Newbie sportline worth the extra

    Hi all I've been lurking on here for a couple of years, up to now I've dismissed vans with double passenger seat, any way im looking at T6 sportlines now and very tempted, i have lots of questions but here goes, are the sportlines worth the money? the ones I've seen all have double seat in the...
  19. F

    T6.1 Sportline black edition - release date

    Hi, Just ordered a sportline black edition but haven't been given a delivery date yet. Wondered if anyone else has been given a date? Cheers
  20. M

    For Sale Genuine Sportline T6 Leather Seats (Single Driver and Double Passenger)

    I have 2+1 seats, complete with bases (and aftermarket heated) all by DK Schweizer (ie same as originals). Looking for a decent price (they are vgc).