1. Pauly

    Forum Spammers Private Messaging

    We have recently seen a surge in spammers getting onto the forum and using the private messaging/conversation system to contact as many random people as possible We are putting measures in place to counteract this but can i please ask anyone who receives one of these messages to use the report...
  2. R

    Bt Phone Scam

    Got one from BT Technical today. My wife answered thinking it was our son phoning from work, she noted a local number and then was asked about our broadband. She past the phone to me and on the other end an Indian sounding guy asking how I was and told me he was from BT Technical, I replied I...
  3. Tourershine


    It must be getting a pain in the ASS for you mods, removing this daily attack of gumph that keeps getting added. I guess most members don't see it, because by the time they've got out of bed it's all gone and no ones any the wiser. Good job though. Well done those that have the power like...