single seat

  1. H

    For Sale Kutamo seat covers and spare swivel captains seat for California

    Selling more of my friends un needed California bits, sold her wheels very quickly so hopefully same for these! She is selling a set of genuine VW Kutamo fabric seat covers, these will fit a 5 seat van with a bench seat in the back. She’d like £600 for them. Also selling the extra swivel seat...
  2. Paulstewart20

    Simora Single Seats?

    Hi, Im after 1+1+1 rear kombi seats in samora trim which is more important and a passengers captain seat in samora possibly at the same time does anyone have any for sale or does anyone have a full set of seats in a different fabric maybe? I maybe interested in 2+1 but im really after the 1+1+1.
  3. 3crispies

    Wanted Caravelle rear single seats

    Longshot any about. Thanks
  4. K

    Wanted Single rear seat with seat belt

    Still looking for a single seat with belt if any one has one thanks
  5. L

    Wanted 2+1 rear folding single seat

    Looking for a folding single rear seat (behind passenger seat) or someone who knows how to add a folding mechanism to the one I already have (very early t6 model so has t5 seats fitted)
  6. R

    Found Kombi Seats & SWB Mat etc

    Hi all, I’m after a 2+1 or 1+1+1 set of kombi seats, ideally in brick fabric, with an SWB mat, belts and fixings etc. Or any of these items separately to be honest. Happy to travel to collect, let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  7. 3crispies

    Wanted 1+1+1 seats in brick trim

    Eventually our new van is at dealers just in time for us to be off on holiday in our T6, anyway where can we source rear 1+1+1 seats in brick trim. Seen a few on ebay pretty sure 4 years ago we had no hassle getting our current ones.
  8. 3crispies

    Wanted Kombi rear seats in brick

    Looking for 1+1+1 seats based near Cambs
  9. R

    Sold Single passenger seat

    Comes with base and it has electric lumbar adjustment. Collection from Bournemouth I'll consider swaps for a nice set of 20" alloys £750
  10. C

    1+1+1 seat reinforcements for P/V

    Hi could anyone tell me how many of each reinforcement brackets i need for the underneath of my panel van to fit 1+1+1 seats please? Also anyone know of any company's that dose 1+1+1 seat covers Thanks
  11. ajxander

    Found Wanted t6 1+1+1 rear seats

    Hello, Looking to change my triple bench to 1+1+1 set up. Does anyone have some they are wanting to sell?
  12. stev580

    Wanted Single Kombi Seat for T6 Folding Type (Left, Behind Passenger)

    Hello All As the title suggests, I'm looking for a single kombi seat, folding type from a 2+1 setup. Happy to buy the full 2+1 should nobody have the single seat on its own Thanks in advance
  13. K

    Wanted Single rear seat with belt

    Looking for a single rear seat with integrated seat belt and floor brackets thanks
  14. D

    Found 1+1+1 Rear Seats for T6.1

    Hi, I have just bought a t6.1 Kombi and looking to change the rear bench to a 1+1+1, please let me know if you have a set for sale. Thanks
  15. S

    Sold Single rear seats in leather

    Hi I am selling all three of these single seats very nicely upholstered in R-line trim. Mechanically sound just surplus to requirements. Very good condition albeit a small mark on one rear as shown. See my other sales item for the other shuttle parts that I am selling. Much prefer to sell all...
  16. VioletVW

    Found Middle rear seat

    Looking for a middle rear seat for the third row of my Kombi. A shuttle middle seat would be ideal, one with an integral seatbelt. Called a few local conversation companies but none or them currently have any. Cheers.
  17. C

    Found 1+1+1 kombi seats

    Looking for a set of 1+1+1 Kombi seats, just the seats no fixings etc. Prefer something like new or near perfect condition. Prices seem to be very inconsistent for these so looking for a bargain as I’m not needing them immediately I’m located in Newcastle area but willing to travel
  18. G

    Wanted Wanted 2 + 1 or 1+1+1 Kombi seats in Simora fabric

    Hi, I'm looking for the above seats, preferably in the North West of England but I do get around a fair bit for work so may be able to pick up further afield. Also after some good 20" alloys in black, and a bed or maybe slide pod for a kombi. And a LWB Kombi load area mat. Thanks, Gary
  19. B

    T6.1 Shuttle Single Seat Covers

    I am sorry to ask but in my defence I did do a search first. We have just taken delivery of a brand new T6.1 Shuttle SE. I am looking for seat covers primarily for the 2nd row of seats. This is not a bench seat but is made up of 3 individually removable seats. (sorry first VW van - can you...
  20. B

    Wanted single rear kombi seat wanted

    anyone got a single rear seat in simora for sale ? its the one at the passenger side to suit a 2+1 setup