side skirts

  1. B

    Side skirts. Yes or no??

    I’m probably going to add an LV bumper to match the front shortly and as I’m going to need to get body shop involved im tempted to add skirts. I have trap bars at the mo and they look ok but wondering how many have gone for skirts and if you did, which ones and any regrets? Pics would be good as...
  2. Adams

    Wanted Side skirts

    Does anyone have any side skirts for sale? Preferably in reflex silver and as flat/square as possible TIA
  3. Samro

    FREE Side Skirts for LWB and also SWB T6.1

    I still have 2 sets of side skirts which are brand new from DST Automotive. I've tried selling them, but very little interest. They are primed and have the odd light mark from knocking about in a garage for the last 14 months. These are fibreglass skirts and no fitting kits came with them...
  4. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] Fitting Van-X Side Skirts on a T6

    This thread was split out from this one: Just looking at mine now :p @Martin Gibson any tips on fitting as there's no instructions?
  5. Loz

    Sidebar/step/skirt Gallery

    Please post a picture of your sidebars with a short description of what it is and who supplied it (a link will help). This will work like the Wheels and Awning gallery and the Moderators will standardise each post to keep it consistent. The sidebar discussion is here...
  6. Martin Gibson

    Van-X Side skirts / Sill covers

    Hello,just wondering if anyone has a set of the newish side skirts from van-x ? What does everyone think of them,i think they look pretty nice?
  7. D

    Side Skirts Splitters

    I do not usually post on forums, however I see these side splitters from Maxton, which I quite like the look of but the pictures are not the best, so wondered if anyone has bought and fitted, that can share better pictures? MAXTON DESIGN LTD - SIDE SKIRTS DIFFUSERS VW T6 (2015-UP)
  8. 13ABE0AD-9936-4B55-9232-D736F53299BB


    ABT 2019 1
  9. Shredder

    Amg Diffuser / Exhaust (pptuning)

    I know this has previously come up as a brief side note but not in it's own specific thread. I personally think it deserves one. Views on everything from functionality to practicality to aesthetics ? ..... even the haters please :laugh: Here's the team grey version :
  10. Leeroy33

    My PETROL Caravelle 2017 2.0 204ps

    Hi guys. I ordered my petrol van back in October and is nearly here. I'm disabled and am having it converted to allow me to drive it from my manual wheelchair so to say the least it's going to be unique, also I plan to take it one step further and get airride and nice wheels. As it's getting...
  11. Dannywilds

    LWB side skirts. Where to buy??

    Hi Guys. Without spending a small fortune, does anyone know where to get LWB side skirts for a reasonable price?
  12. t6stu

    Think I'm in love....

    just pulled up at dealers and spotted this ❤️