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  1. L

    T6.1 sidebar lights no longer working

    Hi all, I have a 2022 sportline t6.1 and it has the factory sidebars with the down lit puddle lights in them for when you unlock the van. They have stopped working on both sides so I am assuming it will be a fuse that has blown (maybe). I am a bit of a technophobe so could do with a bit of help...
  2. LambethBoy

    Looking for a part number for LED sidebar lights

    These LEDs are fitted in the genuine angled/trapezoid side bars from VW. I have a busted one and I’m looking to get it replaced but can’t seem to find anywhere that would list a part number and it’s not written on it anywhere. Nothing on the internet comes close as a replacement. Any ideas? Tia.
  3. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  4. R

    information on a fellow member selling a pair of genuine l.w.b. vw illuminated silver side bars.

    HI there guys I,m looking for an old ad. one of you gents were selling a set of genuine l.w.b. vw side bars. I can,t find the ad. and I can,t remember the gents name . any help would be great. thanks again...…….
  5. nigeltreves

    LED side bars

    Hi everyone. I have installed the above and as far as I can work out followed the instructions, but have got a problem. When the van is locked the LED ceiling lights and the side bar lights continue to glow. The side bar LEDs only work properly for about a second then go off. I thought it was a...
  6. T

    Side Bars And Puddle Lamps Easy Or Hard Diy Fit?

    So as the tittle says are the VW side bars with puddle lights as sold in the forum shop and easy or difficult DIY fit, its the electrical side I am more concerned about. Anyone got first hand experience?
  7. Dave Coughlan

    Which Side Bars?

    I'm looking for black sidebars that hug the side of the van tight and not too big either. I'd love the Trapezoid ones but too expensive... I guess 500 or so by the time they are powder coated. Looking at the Veedub ones as a possability. Any suggestions welcome. The addition of a splitter has...
  8. Pauly

    For Sale Sportline LED Sidebars

    I have managed to acquire a few sets of T6 SWB illuminated sidebars, these are the genuine VW units that have not been available for some time now and are identical to the normal T6 trapezoid bars but with added illumination, i currently have 6 sets (1 set provisionally sold and i will prob fit...
  9. S

    SWB Illuminated Polished Side Bars Trapezoid

    for sale SWB illuminated side bars. These are the latest trapezoid shape bars made exclusively for the Sportline model with the LED puddle lights underneath. Genuine VW part. £450 plus carriage.
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  11. CumbriaT6

    This weekends mods

    Bit of spare time today so changed my Transporter badge and fitted the sportline led side bars. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chance to give it a good clean.
  12. G

    Chrome side bars with puddle lights

    hi Anyone know suppliers of lwb chrome side bars with two puddle lights in them? Ta