seat plastics

  1. C

    Sold Lower plastic cover for captains chair

    Plastic piece that sits at the rear of the drivers captains seat. Collect from RM13 or you can pay postage
  2. moomin-j

    FREE Seat Base Plastic Cover

    @Sackmycook - this came off the seat base & swivel you bought off me, so 1st FOC dibs is yours... Front seat base back cover with a bit cut out for a Kirvans swivel seat base. Collect from next weeks T6 Forum meet at Brook Meadows, Sibbertoft or M-F during office hours Jct 40 M1, postcode WF5...
  3. B@rrow

    For Sale Seat Base Trims

    I’ve got a couple of the seat base trims if anyone needs a replacement
  4. TW2904

    Wanted Single Passenger Seat Plastic Trims

    Wanted... I’m looking for a replacement dark grey (anthracite) plastic trim for the base of my single passenger seat. Not had any luck looking online. Mine’s been scratched/scuffed and starting to look untidy! Hoping a Forum member can help!
  5. revdecal

    Seat position adjuster

    My friends dog kindly chewed the passenger seat adjustment handle which I have received a new one. Anyone have any experience on how to get it off as it seems to be stuck fast with no fixings holding it on? Is it simply pulling it off? (no dirty jokes ;)
  6. M

    Plastic panel for rear of passenger Seat

    Does anyone know if the plastic trim that fits on the rear of a single front seat is available fro VW and if so what the part number is? Just to clarify this is not the piece that fits on the seat base but the (almost) flat piece of plastic that fits on the lower back of the seat itself...
  7. Superowls

    Found Seat base rear panel

    Does anyone have a spare seat base panel (same as the one in the photo) that they want to get rid of? I've swapped my double seat for a single but it didn't come with the trim panel Was going to get one on Ebay if not but thought I'd try here first
  8. Adam_T6

    Sold Captain seat base trims - footwell lights

    Seat base trims to suit VW Transporter T5 or T6 captains seats, with hole for footwell lights. £50 posted
  9. Loz

    Found Single seat rear lower trim

    Does anyone have a seat trim in moonrock grey they don’t want. Part number 7H0881697B now I have permanently fitted my solar panel and moved the controller into the back, I need to replace the trim.
  10. R


  11. Lukavell

    Magnetic Seat Base Trim From Evo Design

    Pic for clarity. Anyone used them? How strong is the magnet? I don't want them falling off under normal use! I think I'll be able to get the Erberspacher outlet to look nicer than i can using the OEM plastic jobby.
  12. Ads_Essex

    Sold Captains’ Seat Plastic Panels - Passenger

    Set of grey seat plastics to suit a VW T5 Transporter / Shuttle / Caravelle / California Captains seat for sale. As far as I can see, these should suit a T6 without issue. Used, but in working condition - one tab on the left-side of the seat has been repaired whilst the other is worn, and...
  13. michael thorpe

    Carravelle Front Seat Swivel Base

    Hi can anyone tell me if you can take the swivel base off Caravelle front seats and just fit the seats back on the base want to remove the one on the drivers seat Thanks
  14. Spaghetti

    Driver’s Seat Base - 12v Socket?

    Does anyone have anything in this blank panel show below? What does VW fit here? Looks like it’d be prime for a USB or 12v socket.
  15. D

    T5 and T6 seat differences?

    Weird thing to want to do, I know. I live in South Africa, and they seem to have very little stock here. I have almost found the spec new vehicle I want at a dealer in Joburg, but it has the rigid and fairly unadjustable version of the driver's seat. Ordering a different vehicle with the seat I...
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