scratched paintwork

  1. SNACK

    Caravelle Keyed!

    Our Caravelle was keyed down in Bournemouth while we were at the beach. Drivers door and offside electric slider both scratched. I originally thought it was down to the metal but on closer inspection, I dont think it is. Any recommendations on best way to get fixed?
  2. Hinsley

    Scratch... what did you do to remedy yours?

    Annoyingly, some d*ck has scratched my arch when they were trying to park. Initially, it looked really bad but when cleaned it appears the white markings were his paint that has shaved onto my black arch. The scratches seem minimal and confined to just an inch along the arch for maybe 6 inches...
  3. david173

    Roof scratches, what to paint with?

    Found out today my van has scratches on the roof from the previous owner, must have been done by something on the rood rack, its gone to the metal in a few places. Does anyone have any suggestions for a product I can treat or paint it with to protect from rust? its a indium grey van, not over...
  4. M

    Removing magnetic GB sticker!?

    Hi, Don’t believe I’m really asking this, but we’ve had a GB sticker on the back of our van for just a year - magnetic so it would be easy to remove. I discovered today that the sticker’s backing has fused itself onto the tailgate, so much for it being removable (thanks H***ords :mad:). See...
  5. D

    T6 Paint scratches really easily

    I’ve got a new VW T6 Caravelle in black and after two washes, one through the drive through and one with a brush and jet wash, it’s covered in small scratches and a couple of big ones. At first I thought it was bad luck and there must have been grit or brake particles on the brush, but now I...
  6. Teesix

    That'll Polish Out Mate.

    So I've got one or two surface scratches on the van and most people I've spoken to have said they'll polish out. What do I need to polish them out. Can I use T-Cut? I've heard you shouldn't use it on metallic paint. Is that right?
  7. A

    Handover with sratched paintwork

    Afternoon everyone, after months of waiting I collected my new lwb kombi 150 on friday! I was excited to say the least. Handover was in the pdi centre warehouse which was fairly dark. I got to my in laws house 50miles later and noticed the drivers side and bonnet were covered in tiny scratches...