1. Drive Wayne

    Wanted - Good restaurant around Loch Lomond?

    Hi Folks, I have the pleasure this Thursday of a piano delivery to Glasgow followed by another delivery to Edinburgh. Raj, the company owner has decided he would like a 'bit of a Jolly' and has decided he will be my companion/co driver for the 15 hour round trip from Brumingham. As a special...
  2. allybooth86

    Sold 17" Devonports and Tyres £295

    For sale are my Devonports that I have just removed from my T6 Kombi Highline. These come with superb condition Toyo Nanoenergy tyres 215/60/17 all with 5mm+ tread. 3 wheels are in good condition but one could do with an aesthetic refurb but depends how fussy you are. Bolts and locking wheel nut...
  3. M

    Replacing flush solar panel near Edinburgh

    anyone got any recommendations for a fitter to replace a flush flexible solar panel (probably looking to supersize it from150w to 400w) and potentially upgrade the MPPT? am based in edinburgh. van was converted in the south west so a bit of a roundtrip! any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Tanstalf

    VCDS Members Map

    Is the VCDS member map working? Particularly for Scotland? I can only see one member with VCDS in Glasgow. I've just fitted new LED lights and would love some help programming them, plus the other usual tweaks.
  5. D

    Bealach Na Ba Video

    Hi everyone Attached is my youtube 60 second descent video of the Bealach Na Ba from our NC500 trip 2 weeks ago. The actual length of the real time journey is 8 minutes!!! ;)
  6. Crazymind

    For Sale Tailgate Bike Rack (x4 carriers). £350

    Hi Folks, for sale my OEM tailgate bike rack. In perfect working order, all 4 arms in good working order ( only 3 shown in the photo), + Keys. Bought it new in July 2023. Not used much since. Based in Glasgow. 400 Squid.
  7. burnsy79

    Fiamma or Thule awning installer central belt of Scotland?

    Alrighty, Im looking for a place to fit a wind out awning to my T6.1 LWB in central belt of Scotland. Only place I’ve found so far is Camper King in Falkirk, they were expensive and only had the 2.5m on offer.
  8. Bav

    Recommendations for a campsite near Falkirk

    As per title, seeking recommendations for a campsite in/near Falkirk. We were intending to stop overnight at The Kelpies visitor centre, but our visit coincides with their 10th anniversary celebrations, so overnighting isn't available on the dates we need. TIA
  9. Farnorthsurfer

    Russell’s Garage near Inverness

    Going to give Russell his own thread as he deserves it for outstanding service over the last couple of years. Originally booked in for a service early in 2023 following recommendations in a couple of other threads about garages in the north of Scotland/Highlands. Very good service and extremely...
  10. R

    Axbridge to Glasgow. Anyone around Axbridge?

    Looking to try and purchase a set of wheels and tyres . They’re a good price but it’s collecting them .? I stay just outside Glasgow. So is there anyone in Axbridge. . Thanks in Advance.
  11. Colin123

    Orkney and Shetland or Shetland and Orkney

    Looking to go to Orkney and Shetland in April/May but can't decide which way around ... that is Orkney or Shetland first. I'm planning the Northlink ferries starting /ending in Scrabster/Aberdeen to save some driving. Anyone been to both and can share their experiences. Aiming to use a mix of...
  12. B

    Lake/loch side campsite.

    Hi all, After suggestions for a UK campsite for/with the following. *Lake or Loch frontage with fishing and waters ports. *Electric hookup. *Not too busy *Preferably no permanent lodges just tourers etc. *Family and pet friendly. *hot showers and clean toilets. *wifi for teenagers *For May...
  13. MurrayT6

    Wanted Double swivel base wanted - Scotland

    Hi, I fancy giving the double swivel a go. Before I buy new does anyone have a decent quality one for sale. I'm in Edinburgh so central belt pick up would be best for me. Thanks
  14. P

    Hi, looking to buy a van to convert

    Hi all, We're a family of 4 (2 of us, and kids at 6 and 4) and just starting out on our VW transporter journey. Not bought the van yet, but hoping to get a suitable/decent spec empty T6 to fit out ourselves (and with professional help for the bits we can't do). Hoping to find a relatively...
  15. pixelmix

    Suspension in Scotland

    I am considering getting our T6 Caravelle lowered later this year - likely to be 30mm drop Eibach springs or 40mm H&R as I'm not sure I can justify £1,000+ for Bilsteins. I will possibly add spacers at the same time to fill the arches better and whilst I could easily fit these myself, I won't...
  16. Sportline_wheels_OS_Scotland.jpeg


  17. Sportline_wheels_NSF_Scotland.jpeg


  18. Sportline_wheels_OSF_Scotland_zoom.jpeg


  19. col555

    Insulation / Sound proofing and lining North East Scotland

    Looking for any recommendations to get my Kombi, insulated, sound proofed, carpet ply lined in the North East of Scotland. I did know of Old Mill Customs in Insch but unsure if they are still trading as the website has disappeared. Any recommended places would be much appreciated, cheers. Colin
  20. Stripy

    Best scottish map

    I'm looking at getting a map of scotland for our trip in a few weeks, something that shows places of interest, national trust places, tourists spots, easy to read would be a plus. I don't really want to follow the hoards around the nc 500, any suggestions gratefully received.