1. H

    Looking for a good spray painter in Scotland

    Looking for a good spray painter in Glasgow or Edinburgh Cheers
  2. stu3467

    Visiting Dumfries & Galloway

    Morning heading just over the border into Scotland next week Castle Douglas area. Any ideas on places to visit or great walks in that area?
  3. Ian28

    Gas engineer Fife/Tayside/Fife

    Hi, long shot but does anyone on here know of a gas engineer in the regions above certified to install/commission a domestic standby LPG generator? Tried the gas safe register online but it just lists hundreds of heating engineers who do boiler work, none seem to be able to work on an LPG...
  4. H

    Newbie in the frozen Scottish Isles

    Hi all, Taking possesion of a SWB, DWG, Hightop camper next week. Conversion is by Greenline Leisure....Anybody else got one? They no longer do the Transporter conversion due to the sloping roof? but still do Trafic and Transit fitments. Looks a quality conversion with extra 2x belted seats to...
  5. M

    Scotland (West Coast)

    We’re thinking of a 5/6 day tour up in Scotlands’ west coast. Maybe with a jaunt over to one of the islands in the Highlands. Mrs MD also wants to do the Glencoe thing too. Will most likely be doing single night stopovers but the Mrs always likes EHU so proper sites will be a must. Don’t mind...
  6. T

    T6 service and MOT …East Kilbride Glasgow

    Hi guys had the t6 around a year now and first service and mot is due. would anyone in the EAST KILBRIDE Glasgow area know of any garages that are honest and so t rip us off . any help appreciated thanks
  7. Mupp3tt

    Thistledome Autocare If your near Glasgow, or south Lanarkshire I highly recommend Thistledome autocare ! they popped the computer on and read off the fault to me and were generous enough not to charge me. They knew I was doing the sensor swap...
  8. M

    folding mirrors - Scotland

    Hi anybody in Central Scotland supply and fit folding mirrors Cheers
  9. G

    Inverness area converters?

    Hi, moved to Inverness area. But surprisingly for being in the Highlands and campers paradise I find it quite short on available options for conversions/ electrics, lining etc. I'd appreciate if anyone with dealing with companies in the are could post them all here please. Yes I have used the...
  10. Rockerverb

    First time builder- Orange Camper (ex RAC conversion)

    A wee build diary from a first time van converter. zero build experience, and little knowledge of cars really. I am an engineer though so maybe that might help?! I’ve used this forum and YouTube tonnes so this is as much an attempt of paying forward with lessons learned as a build diary. in...
  11. W

    Scotland tour

    The new to us T6.1 has just towed our caravan on an 1100 mile trip touring Scotland. Cruising at around 55mph gave us about 28mpg. It has been comfortable and capable. This is one foto on a small site near Elgin. The fencing on the caravan is for our dogs.
  12. R

    Mechanic wanted - Scotland

    Hi all, I have two questions. I own a 1992 VW transporter T4 motor home which is located on Cumbernauld. I am an Australian who is looking at coming over every couple of years. The van is in the Cumbernauld area. I am looking for: A mechanic you can recommend who is willing to work with...
  13. Amymax18

    Sold LWB Kombi floor (2+1 single-slider)

    LWB single slider kombi floor. In good condition. Some small marks as can be seen, would probably come off with a good clean. Collection from South Ayrshire, or I could potentially meet somewhere close by to make it easier. £220 ono
  14. C

    Wanted Rear T32 springs

    Looking for rear T32 springs if anyone can help me out. Failed MOT and planning to upgrade the suspension soon but still need my MOT. Thanks
  15. Ricardo T

    Small sites in Pembrokeshire, recommendations?

    Heading to Pembrokeshire after Camperjam so looking for some recommendations for small basic sites if anybody has any? Cheers T6ers!
  16. Dub-noob

    Reverse camera fitment Scotland

    Hi everyone, New to the VW world, so new I’ve not collected my van yet. Anyway it’s a T6 start line with F&R PDC and discovery nav. Looking to get a reverse camera fitted but I’m way up in Moray (near Inverness). Does anyone know a place in Scotland that does this kind of work. Happy to...
  17. Oldrat

    Buying insect netting??

    Just in case anyone is travelling to the highlands this year and is thinking of buying insect netting… This is the difference between an Amazon sourced insect net material (left) and a proprietary midge net material. (right) BTW —. Highland midges are bloomin’ microscopic buggers and do...
  18. Farnorthsurfer

    Interval Service, and the point is??

    Just back from an 'Interval' service which came up on the dash reminder last week. The VW van centre handily also sent me a video of exactly what they did during the service! The video is about 120 seconds long, to be fair it doesn't include getting it up on the ramp, and then he looks at the...
  19. Sackmycook

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival camping options

    Thinking about forward planning a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Doris.... Anyone got info or recommendations for campsites in or around Edinburgh or know of a friendly driveway with hookup?
  20. JiMsHaDY69

    Sliding windows supply & fit cost?

    So I reached out to the most local conversion company to get a price for supply and fit of two aftermarket Kombi sliding windows. They came back with the below. Bear in mind that they are replacing existing windows and not cutting new ones. "We can replace these windows for aftermarket flush...