1. S

    Auto electrician needed, Glasgow

    Hi, Looking for an auto electrician in the Glasgow area to connect up fuse box under passenger seat and tow bar wiring. All cables ran to right places, just need connected. Any recommendations? Thanks Paul
  2. Dubzter

    Just saying hello from the North of Scotland

    Hey folks, just stopping by to say hello, hoping to pick up my 66 plate T30 factory kombi highline (150) in a couple of weeks so thought it's about time I stopped lurking and started posting. I'm based up in the far north of Scotland on the NC500 and coming from a long line of VAG cars, last...
  3. Captain Mainwaring

    Most expensive diesel in the UK. Can anyone beat 133.9p/litre?

    133.9p per litre! I know that prices do go up and down a bit but they are pretty stable at the moment. It really hacks me off me that our local filling station, BP in Aviemore, are just taking the p***. The next nearest garage which is a small independent are 128.9p, and BP 30 miles up the road...
  4. ChrisBell

    For Sale 2015 T5 Low Miles Full Campervan Conversion. £30k

    Rare opportunity to purchase an immaculate low mileage 2015 T5 campervan, all checked and certified good for new season ahead! £32000 ono. 2015 VW T26 Blue Motion Red 2 berth Leisuredrive conversion Campervan 1968 cc TDI Engine. MOT’d until Jan 2022. 5 speed manual. 22575 miles. Serviced Jan...
  5. D

    Pop-Top Installers in Scotland

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a pop top installer in Scotland? I’m think about either Skyline or Austops. RKN Campers, Clouds Campers and Campervamping are all approved Austops fitters but I can find very little about them online. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  6. hoggle

    lockdown easing in Scotland

    At last we have been given good news up here in Scotland, from the 5th of April the stay at home order is to be changed to stay local. Which means you should stay within your local authority areas. Since i live in the Highlands, i can't wait to head out somewhere nice overnight in 3 weeks time...
  7. B

    Recommended Window Fitter Perthshire

    Looking to have my leaky Kombi windows changed out to fixed windows. Not sure where would do this sort of thing in my local area (Perthshire,) so open to any recommendations. Thanks in advance
  8. T

    Hello from the Highlands

    Hello, Just popping my head in after getting a 2013 Kombi (SWB Startline which has been given a sportline facelift) which we are planning to convert to a camper. I know it's mostly T6 here, but I'm already picking up some useful info. TDO
  9. Gillyg46

    Sold NOW SOLD - T32 rear standard springs

    T32 rear springs for sale. Came off a van with 7k miles on the clock. For sale in Glasgow. Open to offers.
  10. R

    Suspension Install in Glasgow

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend anywhere in Glasgow to fit suspension on a new T6.1 Thanks
  11. G

    seeking Edinburgh-based van converters

    Hi folks. I’m the proud owner of my first T6 having downsized from a coachbuilt MH. I got a good deal (I think) on a 35000mls, Mojave Beige, 2018, Highline, T30, 150bhp with tailgate. Already converted by Nomad and was an ex-rental. It is in good nick and ready to go but I’d really like some...
  12. L

    KW Coilovers and Geometry Help

    Hi All So last year I bought a 2013 T5.1 BiTdi 4Motion LWB Kombi. It came fitted with an almost new set of KW Coilovers and the previous owner had fitted new top mounts etc and lowered it pretty much as low as they would go. I decided to lift it about 10mm and bought a set of new OE Sportline...
  13. Paynewright

    There are some really kind people about...

    Warning, this story may be upsetting! Crushed campervan Highlands holiday 'saved by strangers'
  14. L

    Lining a T6 in Scotland.

    Just recently purchased my Highline T6. Love the look of Slidepods carpet lining and insulation package but theyre a bit far away, Im in the west coast of scotland. Can anyone recommend a company a bit closer that has good reputation please.
  15. Andnik

    For Sale 4x Nearly new Cascavel wheels £600

    Will go on Ebay soon but want forum users to have first chance...... Got some Black Rhino wheels fitted so selling the Cascavel wheels that the dealer gave me when I got the van.....the balance stickers are still on them. Tyres useable but need changed very soon. Can meet East coast between...
  16. Dieseldonkey

    Sold Devonport 17" alloys with Continental tyres

    Set of 4 Devonport 17" alloy wheels with ContiVan Contact 200 OE tyres. 215/60r17 and load rated for a T32. One wheel has a small mark on a spoke about 4mm long (See photo). Otherwise in excellent condition. Tyres have around 6mm tread depth with even wear. Located in Central Scotland. £400
  17. R

    For Sale Vancontact 200 205/55/16 as new

    HI there gang i have a brand new 205-55-16c contact tyre and steel wheel .no longer require as i have moved on to 18s. looking for 35.00 pounds from anyone on the forum. can meet up if any you guys are in the glasgow area. thanks for looking.
  18. L

    New member

    Hello. I've just bought an 18 plate T28 Transporter. Upsized from a Citroen Berlingo. Self employed electrician and general tinkerer. Wishlist: (things i want to add) Rear view camera. Rear parking sensors. Spotlights/ driving lights Decorative features.
  19. F

    Fife / St Andrews area camping

    Hi folks, I’m looking for a night away with the misses to test run the van conversion. We are not looking for a campsite but somewhere to park up for the night and not get hassle from the locals. Anyone know of any nice wee spots. Can be beach or inland. Cheers in advance. Mike
  20. saxoboy

    North Coast 500 - NC500

    Hi Guys, We are thinking of doing most of the North Coast 500 from Friday...but we may have a problem...Nicola Sturgeon 's not getting Scotland out of lockdown for tourism until Wednesday and then the thought of campsites opening for those without toilet and shower facilities on board, may mean...