1. MurrayT6

    Wanted Double swivel base wanted - Scotland

    Hi, I fancy giving the double swivel a go. Before I buy new does anyone have a decent quality one for sale. I'm in Edinburgh so central belt pick up would be best for me. Thanks
  2. P

    Hi from Ayrshire, Scotland

    Hi all, We're a family of 4 (2 of us, and kids at 6 and 4) and just starting out on our VW transporter journey. Not bought the van yet, but hoping to get a suitable/decent spec empty T6 to fit out ourselves (and with professional help for the bits we can't do). Hoping to find a relatively...
  3. A

    Hello 1st post - T6 Kombi

    Hi, bought a 2019 T6 a couple of months ago, didn't realise this would get addictive......
  4. pixelmix

    Suspension in Scotland

    I am considering getting our T6 Caravelle lowered later this year - likely to be 30mm drop Eibach springs or 40mm H&R as I'm not sure I can justify £1,000+ for Bilsteins. I will possibly add spacers at the same time to fill the arches better and whilst I could easily fit these myself, I won't...
  5. Sportline_wheels_OS_Scotland.jpeg


  6. Sportline_wheels_NSF_Scotland.jpeg


  7. Sportline_wheels_OSF_Scotland_zoom.jpeg


  8. col555

    Insulation / Sound proofing and lining North East Scotland

    Looking for any recommendations to get my Kombi, insulated, sound proofed, carpet ply lined in the North East of Scotland. I did know of Old Mill Customs in Insch but unsure if they are still trading as the website has disappeared. Any recommended places would be much appreciated, cheers. Colin
  9. Stripy

    Best scottish map

    I'm looking at getting a map of scotland for our trip in a few weeks, something that shows places of interest, national trust places, tourists spots, easy to read would be a plus. I don't really want to follow the hoards around the nc 500, any suggestions gratefully received.
  10. C

    EGR delete and ECU update in Scotland

    I'm considering an EGR delete and having the ECU mapped to forget it has an EGR. Does anyone know of a garage that could sort this out anywhere in Scotland? Ta.
  11. Marantz2

    20" Rims for NC500 or not?

    Hi all, I'm due to do the NC500 for the first time in a couple of weeks and I hear the roads are bad for pot holes. I can't decide to keep my 20" Rims on or swap them for standards just for the trip. I want to keep them on for pictures, looks etc etc. You know what I mean. But I don't want them...
  12. The black mamba

    Scotland/Ireland road trip.

    Any suggestions for places to stay near Lochs/parks in Scotland please? I'm taking my two children with me, 10 and 12 years old, this will be our first major excursion. I may try a detour to Ireland on the way back if we haven't all fallen out. It's been a really hard year for my two (both live...
  13. T

    For Sale Sportline heated front seats - Captains & 2+1

    I’m selling my Sportline front seats and carpets. Full black leather with red leather trim. Mint contrition from a 2017 combi, £1500. The driver seat doesn’t have the single base. I used that when we replaced my front seats. I’m in Greenock, 25 miles west of Glasgow.
  14. Jameski

    Newbie just joined

    Hi all, just joined the group and looking forward to reading everyone’s experiences and get advice when needed. I’m not a new VW owner, however I am a new Transporter owner and it’s the first Van I’ve owned. So hello and that’s for allowing me to be part of this forum
  15. GyrSaker


    New Member saying hello, hopefully some of the experienced members of the Forum can answer any questions I may have going forward? We acquired a T6.1 Highline, looking forward to many great escapes with the Van it’s been a busy couple of weeks furnishing all extras thank god for Amazon. We...
  16. Weeman

    Central Scotland Tow Bar Fitter

    I pick up my 2021 T6.1 Highline next week. I need to get a two bar fitted, can anyone recommend a firm in the central Scotland area? Many thanks.
  17. H

    Looking for a good spray painter in Scotland

    Looking for a good spray painter in Glasgow or Edinburgh Cheers
  18. stu3467

    Visiting Dumfries & Galloway

    Morning heading just over the border into Scotland next week Castle Douglas area. Any ideas on places to visit or great walks in that area?
  19. Ian28

    Gas engineer Fife/Tayside/Fife

    Hi, long shot but does anyone on here know of a gas engineer in the regions above certified to install/commission a domestic standby LPG generator? Tried the gas safe register online but it just lists hundreds of heating engineers who do boiler work, none seem to be able to work on an LPG...
  20. H

    Newbie in the frozen Scottish Isles

    Hi all, Taking possesion of a SWB, DWG, Hightop camper next week. Conversion is by Greenline Leisure....Anybody else got one? They no longer do the Transporter conversion due to the sloping roof? but still do Trafic and Transit fitments. Looks a quality conversion with extra 2x belted seats to...