rubber mats

  1. S


    I have for sale a brand new set of VW rubber mats for my T6.1, which was returned for refund due to it having various faults, which Listers made worse! I can send a picture if required. £45.
  2. M

    T6 Shuttle Rubber Floor Mats

    Hi, I’m looking for some rubber floor mats for the 2nd and 3rd row of my T6 shuttle. Any ideas where to find some?
  3. RDT

    Sold VW Rubber Cab Mats £20

    Used VW Rubber Cab Mats £40 Link to rubber floor mats
  4. sparkywig

    FREE T6 rubber cab mats

    A pair of used rubber cab mats for T6. Collection only from Stoke Gifford, near Bristol.
  5. Mike Dean

    T6.1 OEM Mats - Sportline option?

    I want to purchase some front mats for my new T6.1 Kombi. I want OEM: I spotted these. Is there a sportline option to for anyone that has access to the...
  6. Winstans

    T6.1 Rubber Floor Mats For T6

    Can anyone confirm if the genuine VW T6.1 rubber three piece floor mats fit in a T6 panel van. See fleabay link. I prefer the look more than the chunky T6 version and the middle piece. Thanks in advance !
  7. T

    Which rubber cab floor-mats?

    Hi. Does anyone know of good mats to buy for the front. I’m getting a T6 with a single passenger seat (it was built with 2 seats, not sure if it matters). Thanks
  8. Mote365

    Rubber Mats On Rubber Flooring

    I’ve got the factory rubber flooring throughout my T6 Kombi. I’ve noticed a small patch of wear under my heel is already appearing after 2000 miles. Has anyone put rubber mats over the rubber flooring OK. I don’t particularly want to drill/screw locators into the floor, so any feedback on them...
  9. David Robinson

    Cleaning The Kombi Floor

    Hi all, I'm looking for some hints and tips. My Kombi rear rubber floor gets quite dirty (mud generally) and I just can't seem to get it clean. I've tried scrubbing it, mopping it, and steam cleaning - (which was a really bad idea, the van was condensated for weeks!) but I can't seem to get...
  10. carlg

    Rubber Floor Mats - Rugs For Bugs

    I have step mats and door pocket mats ,great fit and look good
  11. D

    Aldi Rubber Car Boot Liner

    One of this weeks specials at Aldi (caravan week!) is a quality 1050 x 770 mm heavy duty rubber mat for £19.99. The particular benefit is the way it is patterned so that in can be be cut to any shape or size and still look smart. I have cut out three mats, one for each doorway (door swb...