roof bars

  1. S

    For Sale Stitches + Steels Roof Bars

    Due to pop top roof install I no longer need my stitches + steels roof bars. 12 months old come complete with fitting kit and bar pads. £100.00 collection only at the moment. Thanks.
  2. T6 owner

    Sold OEM Roof Bars (and awning rail)

    For Sale: OEM T6 SWB Black Roof Omtec Bars. Been on my van for 18 months. Never had anything clamped or mounted to them. Photos show Condition. Also included is a White PVC Plastic Awning Rail that fits under the bars, cut to fit on the Passenger side. All bolts and fitting kit included...
  3. boxer750

    Roof bars with VW prep kit

    The things you learn on your first van.. I ordered my van with roof bar prep kit... (One of the few accessories i requested that they DID fit. :rolleyes: ) So. does this mean if i want roofbars I have to buy the original VW items?? By bars I mean the ones going along the van not crossbars.. Pete
  4. A

    T6 Roof Guide Rail fixings SWB

    Hello, I have acquired some roof guide rails, the hidden ones, for a SWB T6 Does anyone have any information about what screws/bolts are needed to fit them? have tried searching but failed! All I can find are the blanking screws thanks
  5. R

    Replacement Omtec Roof Rail Foot

    Long shot, but does anyone know where spare Omtec roof bar foot can be had from? Or if anyone has one kicking around I'd be interested in buying. Don't ask why I have one missing
  6. chearmstrong

    Anyone know what roofs Camper King use? Planning to add roof bars.

    Hi all, I want to add some roof bars to our converted van - the conversion was done by Camper King (Monte Carlo). I've tried emailing them but haven't got a response - does anyone know what roof they use. I'm wanting to use these roof bars - wondering it its the universal fitting kit I need...
  7. L

    California roof rails and bars

    Has any one fitted roof rails to their Cali roof so roofs bars can be added when needed, same as van have on?
  8. S

    Roof bars and SCA pop top

    Hi all just to say what an amazing forum although you have all scared the life out of me with leaky roof bar talk 1 we have a newish as of last year T6 fitting roof bars bought through the forum this weekend and planning to use some silicone to fit as have read about the leaks. just a quick...
  9. Andysmee

    Which crossbars for Thule bike carriers?

    I now have standard roof rails but my existing Thule cross bars are too short even at 135cm (annoying, as I got longer ones secondhand :confused:) Which crossbars can I get that will allow a T-shaped slot for Thule bike carriers? The Thule site not forthcoming!
  10. Rapt0rUK

    Anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof?

    Has anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof? Wondering how you went about it, roof bars or bonded direct to roof etc...and which way you ran the cabling etc. When the roof is up on a Hilo there is quite a big gap to bridge from the back end of the roof and the tailgate so wondering how people...
  11. JABB

    Roof bars, which looks better

    Hi. I have a indium grey van and want to put on roof bars. which do you guys prefer. The one piece stainless pipe ones out the simple alloy vw ones?
  12. GordonHR

    For Sale Roof bars

    Roof bars for sale. £80 plus £20 postage. Located in Nottingham. One of the plastic covers cracked and I have glued it - purely cosmetic. See photos. Cheers
  13. M

    For Sale LWB silver roof bars

    Only taken off for a colour change to black on the van. Bolts included, you would just need to source the six rubber grommets ( pics 3 & 4 ) that cover the bolt holes on the bars themselves. Collection only but travelling to Cornwall from West Yorkshire next Saturday if that helps anyone and...
  14. J

    awning rails... magnetic or fixed?

    Opinions please! Going camping in a week... left everything to last minute as usual. Have the kador which came with the awning but no way to attach it. Need a way to attach the awning for camping a few times a year. Have no roof bars as garage let me down but I've read that a magnetic...
  15. J

    leaking roof bars

    Hi all. Any thoughts on the following - My T6 van is less than a year old. It was a demonstrator. I’ve fitted a Thule roof rack system for carrying items on the roof. In the Thule instructions it says to use silicone on the bolts that hold the feet onto the roof. I didn’t bother with silicone...
  16. cgw

    Fitting Roof Rails With Pop Top

    Hi, do the standard roof rails for a T6 LWB fit onto a pop top?
  17. Diesel9a1

    Which cross-bars for my roof rails?

    As per title. I want the bars to be no higher than the rails. What do folks recommend and any fitted pics please.
  18. Siperrin

    What Roof bars or Rack can I fit to my Roof-Prep rails?

    Hey guys, Just a bit of advice. I have the factory roof rack prep on my van but I’m not sure what bars or rack that actually takes. I’ve tried doing my research and searching on this site but not much info specifically to the prep. is there a particular type or can I put some OEM rails or...
  19. K

    For Sale Roof Bars Satin Black SWB plus t6forum fit kit.

    After much chin rubbing and stand back and looking I've decided to take the roof bars off for a different look now the van is lower. I've done all the wittling and drilling needed to make this an easy fix... I've also got the 6mm threaded bar bits for the t6 forum fitment hack.. I'm located in...
  20. M

    Sold Roof Bars

    Taken off my T6 in preparation for new roof. Not sure what brand - £30 ono? Collection from Derby (Spaniel not included)