roof bars

  1. Vectra

    Thule Aero bar size?

    Anyone know what size the Thule aero bars size needed to fit a T6 is ? The ones with the rubber clamps for the roof bars Thanks
  2. A

    Roof bar blanking screws

    Just discovered my T6 had roof bars when the previous owner had it, after removing them to sell on to me he hasn’t replaced the screws. Anyone know where I can get these from? thanks Andy
  3. Generaljake

    Sold Blackberry sportline spoiler, oem Drls black roof bars

    Hi all been away awhile ... having a clear out t6 stuff still have a brand new VW OEM un-fitted sportline spoiler in Blackberry still in bubble wrap SOLD unused VW Oem Daytime running lights kit bought from forum shop still in box SOLD unused Gloss black LWB roof rails from veedub...
  4. D

    Genuine vw cross bar Speed limit BEWARE

    I have some brand new vw dealership fitted Cross bars. The type that sit flush and attach to rails. Number 5 in the picture below. I drove 200 odd miles at max 70 mph with surf boards on the roof. Anyway they came dangerously loose but I spotted it and tightened them etc etc. vw are telling...
  5. Mick Robson

    For Sale LWB silver roof bars

    I have just replaced these with black ones purely for aesthetic reasons only, in very good condition. They look identical to the ones I have just purchased from Van Style, these were on the van when I bought it.. £35 collection only as the box is huge. Im in Bristol area
  6. C

    Small rust patch

    Hi, My van looks to have had roof rails in a past life and I have this small piece of corrosion, and have been quoted £410 to treat and spray is that expensive given the size is so small?.. Thanks
  7. 911dude

    Sold SWB T6 black roof bars as new 75kg loading Omtec brand £50

    Brand new SWB T6 black roof bars. Never been fitted with original box and instructions. 75kg loading. Was sent these by mistake as we have a LWB so these won't fit my van. Collection preferred from Stoke on Trent. Omtec brand. These are stronger than usual roof bars with nearly double the...
  8. I

    For Sale LWB silver roof rails

    Basically free, just stick some cash towards the charity of your choice. Taken off a 2016 van I have just brought, a couple of the plastic bolt covers are a little loose, looked like the person fitting them had glued them on. But they are complete and just need collecting from DE15, Burton on...
  9. H

    Van-Tech Roof Rails

    Hello, I'm Will and have just joined this forum, I live in Jersey and have my first van arriving next week from Guernsey, a T6 - there are a few things i want to do to it but firstly as a surfer i need to tie my boards on the roof and want some roof rails, i have seen these: VW T6 T6.1 Black...
  10. A

    Rusty roof bolts

    Hello, have searched for similar posts but can't find anything. Being stuck in doors and looking out the window I have noticed the bolts on the roof have started to go rusty. See attached picture. I guess these are the roof rack bolts. My question is, shall I leave them alone, take them...
  11. G

    High Roof Roof Rack Options

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at a 2016 transporter T32 with high roof, but Ineed to be able to fit a roof rack to it. Has anyone out there done this or got any info on which would fit? It'll need to be able to carry the weight of a traditional open canoe. Many thanks, Martyn
  12. Pete C

    Roof Bars Question - Who Has The Best Eye Sight ?

    I am trying to work out what make/model the roof bars are on this T6: Kari-Tek Roof Rack Review The roof rails look like standard VW/Omtec, but the bars are different to the standard VW/Omtec offering. I have asked the website owner the same question, but wondered if anyone here recognised...
  13. Tourershine

    For Sale Vanstyle Roof Bars.

    VW T5 T6 'Red Edition' Aluminium Roof Bars - Vanstyle The exact bars as above. As new condition and only fitted for a few weeks. The colour match to the T6 Red is pretty much spot on. From a SWB T6. £50 collection from Leicester.
  14. ChrisR

    Sold Brand New Silver Aluminium Roof Bars - £50

    Hi All, Non-Genuine VW roof bars for sale. They were supplied with my van (never fitted) but I have no use for them so here they are. £65 sound reasonable?
  15. Ads_Essex


    T28 camper conversion lowered on Stance+ Ultra with Sportline 245/45/18
  16. KBF

    Cable Routing From Roof

    Im thinking of mounting some work lights on the Thule bars on the roof of my van. Is there a way to route the cables into the van and towards the cockpit? I do hope i dont have to drill holes in the roof and try to get that rust-safe. And also to squeese the cables between doors and gaskets...
  17. RhythemRomeo

    For Sale Lwb Aluminium Roof Bars

    Picked up my base van end of May with new roof bars, converted last week so these are now surplus to requirements. £75.00 or offers Cash on collection from where i had my conversion carried out in Castleford west Yorkshire
  18. Skyliner33

    Roof-bars and Awning Rails?

    I am looking for an awning rail that will fit under OEM roof bars. One I have seen is this one from Camper Essentials. It uses the OEM roof bar holes so no need to drill. Wondering if anyone has one of these and can give feedback, or have you found a similar one? TIA
  19. M40CCA

    Roof Box

    Hi guys We have a holiday booked in st Ives Cornwall in August Just wondering what roof bars and boxes everyone use (pics would be good). I have a 2019 caravelle Thank you
  20. B

    Noisy Roof Rails

    Hi guys I've just fitted roof rails and cross bars. As soon as I get to 60 mph theres An annoying whistling noise that gets worse as I drive faster. Is that normal to have that noise? Cheers Chris