roof bars

  1. M

    Wanted Replacement roof bolts

    I’m considering possibly removing the roof bars on my van to help give a little more flexibility with parking, every little helps as they say! So with that in mind I wondered if anyone had any spare roof bolts/screws (with the rubber grommet/washers) sitting around please. I have a LWB so not...
  2. Dan johnson

    For Sale Roof bars + rails SWB

    Black roof bars for sale,been on the van around 9 months but I’m having a poptop fitted early July and I won’t be putting them back on Also have bnib black crossbars to suit the rails £80
  3. Spookybear

    For Sale Omtec 1453 VW Cross rails for roof bars

    Hey guys, Found these in my shed, sold my t6 a while ago & completely forgot I had these. SOLD
  4. A

    Cross bars to fit on VW roof rails and carry >60kg

    Hi T6 experts. I’ve had my T6 Kombi for 3 years (2018 SWB model) and love it, but still very much a newbie on anything technical. I have the VW roofrails and the VW low profile crossbars fitted by VW. The crossbars are the ones which give very low clearance as they clip into the rails, not on...
  5. Paint

    For Sale VW roof cross-bars x3 £150

    These came off my 16 plate and have been on and off as required still in good working condition and have had only light use the price is for all three and will not spilt
  6. VioletVW

    Sold SWB Black roof bars

    As above, SWB black roof bars. New, unused and unopened. Collection only. Neath Sotuh Wales: £75

    Sold Roof bars

    Hello! Roof bars for sale, really good kit, always had my surf boards on them - only selling because I’m getting a poptop and roof bars ontop of the poptop means van won’t fit in garage £100 collected - can meet if not too far
  8. Gaz Lee

    200kg roof rails...

    Hi All thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm looking for some roof rails that can handle around 200kgs. I have a lwb shuttle and I want to put a roof top tent on it. The tent is 36kgs but then obviously the weight of myself and partner would be added to it. I don't want a commercial...
  9. PapaJay

    Omtec Roof-Bar - Connector Nut Help

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I bought the Omtec cross bars (1453) for the van second hand and one of the connector nuts/screw combos is threaded so can't be screwed down. So in need of a replacement. The screw is easy to replace but the hexagonal connector nut I'm struggling with. It's...
  10. EdS

    Sold Thule T6 wing bars and all fixings

    Thule wing bars from my T6. No longer needed as I’ve had a poptop fitted. Used condition but fully working. Collection from Brighton £100
  11. S

    Sold Stitches + Steels Roof Bars

    Due to pop top roof install I no longer need my stitches + steels roof bars. 12 months old come complete with fitting kit and bar pads. £100.00 collection only at the moment. Thanks.
  12. kiter

    For Sale Cross-bars // Mouldings // Suspension

    Few bits and pieces available now that the van is gone Pair of cross bars for roof rails, not genuine vw but did the job and haven't had alot of use £30 plus post, I reckon £10 would do it. Brand new never fitted lower body mouldings from vanstyle, for a lwb with twin sliders. £50 plus post...
  13. T6 owner

    Sold OEM Roof Bars (and awning rail)

    For Sale: OEM T6 SWB Black Roof Omtec Bars. Been on my van for 18 months. Never had anything clamped or mounted to them. Photos show Condition. Also included is a White PVC Plastic Awning Rail that fits under the bars, cut to fit on the Passenger side. All bolts and fitting kit included...
  14. Mwcard

    LWB Pop top (west dubs) roof rails and roof bars

    Hi all, When I searched the internet a while ago for pop top roof rail options I couldn't find all that much so I thought I'd share what I have done with mine. The pop top is from West Dubs, LWB version. I was able to drill through the drainage channel section of the pop top, which is about...
  15. boxer750

    Roof bars with VW prep kit

    The things you learn on your first van.. I ordered my van with roof bar prep kit... (One of the few accessories i requested that they DID fit. :rolleyes: ) So. does this mean if i want roofbars I have to buy the original VW items?? By bars I mean the ones going along the van not crossbars.. Pete
  16. A

    T6 Roof Guide Rail fixings SWB

    Hello, I have acquired some roof guide rails, the hidden ones, for a SWB T6 Does anyone have any information about what screws/bolts are needed to fit them? have tried searching but failed! All I can find are the blanking screws thanks
  17. R

    Replacement Omtec Roof Rail Foot

    Long shot, but does anyone know where spare Omtec roof bar foot can be had from? Or if anyone has one kicking around I'd be interested in buying. Don't ask why I have one missing
  18. chearmstrong

    Anyone know what roofs Camper King use? Planning to add roof bars.

    Hi all, I want to add some roof bars to our converted van - the conversion was done by Camper King (Monte Carlo). I've tried emailing them but haven't got a response - does anyone know what roof they use. I'm wanting to use these roof bars - wondering it its the universal fitting kit I need...
  19. L

    California roof rails and bars

    Has any one fitted roof rails to their Cali roof so roofs bars can be added when needed, same as van have on?
  20. M

    Wanted OEM T6 Roof Bars in Black

    I have the rails fitted, looking fit the cross bars in black, I believe they are part number : zgb7h0071151 made by omtec. cheers