1. Skyliner33

    Advice About Solar Panels And Fixing

    I am thinking about adding a solar panel to my van setup. I already have a leisure battery and Redarc dc-dc charger BCDC1240D I got from @travelvolts So at the moment I don't have a pop top, but its a possibility in the future. Therefore I would rather mount the panel to OEM roofbars and...
  2. Kramsdog

    Redarc Manager30 (bms1230s2-uk)

    Is this the most desirable/ lusted after power management system available? Redarc Manager 30 It's a case what it does not do..... That's make coffee...but it will power one REDARC Battery Management System | Manager30 | BMS1230S2-UK Price... If you have to ask, you can't afford it!
  3. Loz

    Installation Guide for Redarc DC-DC Charging Kit 2018-03-13

    Installation Guide for Redarc DC-DC Charging Kit supplied by @travelvolts
  4. Loz

    How to fit a TravelVolts DC-DC / battery-to-battery charger kit

    This guide takes you step by step through fitting @travelvolts DC-DC charging kit for leisure batteries. Why fit this kit: VW are still installing their standard split charge relay on vehicles fitted with leisure batteries, however, the latest Bluemotion technology has a few undesirable side...
  5. TassieT6

    House Batteries and Refrigerator in Multivan

    Here's a picture of my battery and refrigerator setup in the back of my van. 2x130AH AGM, Redarc BCDC1240 connected to the 'Analog' panel feed under the passengers seat. The Engel 39l fridgeis around 25 years old. The batteries are covered by a carpeted panel so are secure and hidden. It may...