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  1. B

    For Sale Kombi rear bench + Van-King Bed SWB

    Hello, For Sale; From 67 plate Kombi. Converting to campervan. Kombi 2+1 rear seats (simora) includes seat fixings, seat belts. I will also include Leather In fitted seat cover which is black with white stitch. £950 ono AVAILABLE JANUARY Van-King Bed Most recent model, for SWB, 2+1 split...
  2. C

    DVLA - Changing V5 to increase number of seats

    Good evening to all the members of the best forum on the internet. I have had a seat fitted in the rear that takes my number of passengers from 3 (panel van) to 5 (camper conversion, Cascade Solace seat). I’ve got the test paperwork and need to notify DVLA, then my insurance company. The DVLA...
  3. K

    Help with 3rd row single seat bracket locations

    Hi can any one give me advice on a 3rd row seat my van is lwb so drilled holes 4 r on cross member the other 4 r in side the rear trailing arms the metal looks to be 3l ayers thick in there do I need to try and get plates in there here’s the picture below of the holes inside trailing arm box...
  4. K

    3rd row seat reinforcement plates for a P/V

    Dose any one no what reinforcement brackets I need to fit a single seat on 3rd row center of panel van thanks kirk
  5. V


  6. VioletVW

    3rd row QR seat installation - brackets?

    Hi all, I have already looked through the threads linked to this but do not have a definitive answer so here goes: Are the reinforcing brackets required when installing the 4 quick release brackets in the 3rd row necessary? I’ve seen responses mentioning that their factory shuttle does not...
  7. D

    For Sale Rear double-seat (2+1) in Simora

    Hi I have a rear double seat in simora, great condition and will be professional cleaned prior to pick up. £250
  8. Duggers83

    Sold Shuttle seats for sale

    Hi, I have six seats that I would like to sell. They’re made up of one rear three seat bench and three individual seats which form the middle row of a 2017 Caravelle. The seats are in great condition and work perfectly. Any questions just ask. Open to offers. cheers Ben
  9. J

    3rd row seats as a second row

    Hi there Looking for help - as my newbie post suggests I’m getting a swb panel T6 and a set of good condition. 3rd row triple seats have come up round the corner from me I’m waiting to speak to the seller but would like to ask - on the face of it are there any issues using these third row as...
  10. Coradia63

    Sold Caravelle triple rear seat Pandu trim £1000

    Im selling my Caravelle triple rear seat I bought it when it was brand new I think it came out a 2016/17 T6 its had a waterproof seat cover on it from day one so the seat material is in as new condition no marks or stains there are some very faint light scratches in the plastic trim around the...
  11. W

    Sold T6 SWB rear seats,belts, floor, anchor points, roof , £350

    Kombi Rear seats, floor, anchor points seat belts and roof lining, in good general condition from a 2016 twin door, £350, collection only from Stokesley North Yorkshire
  12. P

    Hi how do I turn middle row the 3 independent seats to face the rear bench - shuttle

    Hi how do I turn middle row the 3 independent seats to face the rear bench ? The floor lugs don’t seem to accept the seats in this position, do I have to turn the floor lugs around as well ?
  13. D

    Drawer Fridge

    Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone has a drawer type fridge under their seat and how they find it. Im just planning my t6 conversion and looking at the possibilities, this is one I quite like the idea of but It would be good to hear from someone who has one. Thanks
  14. Mr blue

    Sold Rear Kombi Seat Kit

    Vw 2016 kombi rear 3 seat bench including seat belts and seat belt trim covers ,4 quick release floor mounts in Vw Austin and black fabric great condition had covers on since new and SWB rubber floor and tie downs £600
  15. Mr blue

    Sold T6 Kombi Rear Bench Seat And Fixings

    ] For sale rear 3 seater rear bench seat in Austin fabric (covers on since new from 2015 swb kombi) the 4 floor mounts/plates ,swb rubber floor ,2 seat belts and seat belt cover panels £600 located Colchester Essex
  16. FAC51

    Read Floor Seat Clamping Advice/help

    Good morning to the forum. I wish to add some sort of floor clamping system in my panel van to accommodate two temporary rear seats. I don't wish to have these installed full time but only when I need them so removing them with ease is important. I don't really want to put a rail system in but...
  17. D

    Rear Facing Single Passenger Seat For T6 Panel Van (no Seat Rails) Possible?

    Hi I am looking to fit a single rear facing passenger seat behind the drivers seat in my 2016 Startline Panel van, I have no seat rails and would rather not go to the expense of fitting some. Does anyone know if what I am looking to do is possible? Cheers Deano
  18. Nickmac

    Fitting Ford Custom seats in rear of a T6

    Hello chaps and to the forum so please be gentle! I had a search for this topic but couldn't find anything pertinent, many apologies if I am covering ground that has already been thrashed to death! Sooooo, I went and bought a '66 plate Startline T28 Panel van that I...
  19. JaySal

    Front Bench Seat Options To Convert Or Replace

    Has anyone replaced the bench seat with something like Q7 boot seats or the rear seat from something like a Scirocco or even 2/3rds of a back seat from a car? Is it even possible? Id like something more shaped than a flat bench.