rear diffuser

  1. C

    Travelin-lite TL-RS rear bumper

    Has anyone fitted the new TL-RS rear bumper yet?
  2. N

    Rear Bumper valance and tow bar ??

    Hi folks, Probably a can of worms but has anyone found any bumper valances/extensions etc that actually work with a removeable tow bar on T6 barn door. I've tried PP tuning and asked 3 times however they have not come back to me. Xtreme vans are not sure the list goes on! ABT won’t. the list...
  3. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] Fitting Vanstyle Skid Plates on a T6

    Not much to these, the rears are simply stuck on with 3M tape, and the fronts have less tape as they are supplied with three little self-tapping screws. The holes are pre-drilled, I just used a bradawl to help get them started through the actual bumper. Instructions: (I have to admit I didn't...
  4. L

    T5.1 rear lower bumper defuser

    Hi. I have a T5.1 sportline. Trying to get rear bumper add on like a defuser or apron of some description. There seems to be quite a few options for the T6 but people the bumper profile is slightly different. Has any one bought or have any ideas. Cheers
  5. N

    Rear Bumper options??

    Hi all, New here! First T6 (but have had multiple T4s and T5s!) I’m in the process of starting a camper build and came across some smart looking wrap around led lights to replace the reflectors on the back bumpers however, my van is a standard panel van and the reflectors don’t wrap...
  6. Donk

    Maxton Rear Valence

    Was wondering if anyone has got one fitted to their rear? MAXTON DESIGN LTD - VOLKSWAGEN T6 REAR VALANCE Might be tempted...
  7. Jason Williams

    Rear Bumper Spoiler

    Does anyone have a modified rear bumper ? I had one ony T5 but I've not seen any for a T6 .
  8. Bear

    Barn Doors Rear Bumper Spoiler

    I have been looking for a rear bumper spoiler/splitter for my barn doors 4motion, can't find anything. Does anyone have any images, links or ideas. Many thanks Simon
  9. Dannywilds


    What's your thought??? Just getting the quad exhaust made.
  10. Ads_Essex

    Rear diffuser

    What are people's views on these rear diffusers as opposed to full-on replacement bumpers? I'm liking the subtleness.. .. but can't justify the £650 odd it'll cost. Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Thoughts?