1. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  2. F

    Courtesy And Ambient Lights

    Hello. I may be being stupid here but. I fitted my courtesy footwell lights and these work fine. Then I decided to fit @saxoboy light with ambientnleds and some ambient footwell lighting. these don’t appear to be working. I fitted saxoboy yellow wire to the blue Grey wire and also the...
  3. Sturge

    ambient lighting in doors

    Just pricing up caravelle door cards, and want to put in ambient lighting. The dealer has included a wiring loom at £315 per door (!) - part number 7E2 971 121 J I imagine there must be a lighting connector that i can tap onto without needing a new loom for the door? Obviously this is a big...