1. CarreraRSR

    For Sale Brand New and boxed, Genuine VW Passat B5 W8 LED interior ambient roof light 3B7947105F

    Brand new, boxed, genuine VW Passat B5 W8 LED interior ambient interior roof light 3B7947105F, 3B7947105F2EN, 3B7947105F 2EN, 3B7947105F 92Y, 3B7947105F92Y An original and genuine new part VW Passat W8 interior overhead light in beige with ambient red LED lighting suitable for the following...
  2. M

    Sold W8 Ambient Centre Light Free

    I bought this off eBay for £50 but didn’t fit it due to the marks etc as shown. It’s fully functional but it could do with a respray in my opinion. Free if anyone wants to cover the postage.
  3. R

    Passat tow-bar module coding help

    hi chaps, this a question regarding my b7 passat not t6 but i am sure someone here will have the answer. my current towbar module is coded as follows Address 69: Trailer (J345) Labels:. 7N0-907-383.clb Part No SW: 7N0 907 383 HW: 7N0 907 383 Component: Anhaenger H09 0120...
  4. Ricardo T

    Passat roof leak..

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas where our Passat roof may be leaking....sometimes after rain, or like this morning, has not actually rained but very damp in the air, the headlining by the front passenger door sun visor is very damp with a few drips. Im guessing maybe the front fixing...
  5. Rich Green

    Passat 2.0tdi AAB map range.

    Hi guys I recently brought a “spare” “spare” car just incase. It seems the Passat is actually to good to break down so does anyone know how high I can map this for a bit of fun. Not really an issue if it blows up! Thanks guys
  6. Lukavell

    My Other Vw's

    In chronological order... My first VW was a Passat Estate 115 hp 1 .9 PD. It was my first Dad car after the birth of my first son and I loved it. I think a paid a grand for it and it was a solid investment and gave me the VW bug. Previously I'd had a couple of Pug 306's, an Escort and a...
  7. Spaghetti

    Golf Lightswitch

    Can anyone confirm if an OEM Golf MK6 light switch will work in a T6. Plug looks similar, and they’re both auto light switches. Thanks
  8. ram81

    Alternatives For Top Box

    Good morning, I was wondering if there's any alternatives for the top box next to the interior lights, like a drop down box or the like? If so does anyone know the VW part number and how to go about replacing it?