oil temperature

  1. E

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?
  2. G

    Oil temp

    Hi guys New to vdubs thanks for having me On way down south when oil leval to high popped up. Anyone else experience this as vw said they have change there oil weights to 5 which expands more and the sensor needs to be change this will be rectified when it goes in for inspection or service...
  3. Chessbo

    Coolant temperature readout obd2.

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know what temperature sensor the OBD2scan is reading from correctly? I am driving a 2017 T6 110kw. I noticed a few months ago that my gauge of my coolant was very slow to warm up and in some cases did not even reach 90. My mechanic told me my thermostat was probably...
  4. AussieMick

    Oil temperature

    Just out of curiosity what is your oil temperature when doing a long run at highway speeds. Mine sits at around 101 degrees but will climb to 110 degrees if climbing a long hill or pushing into a strong headwind. Then will drop back to around 101 degrees when the hill is over or out of the...
  5. Mkgolfnutters

    T6 204 Manual Oil Temp

    Hi Can anyone shine a light into what the oil temp should be I was away for the weekend travelling down the A11 just thought I would scrool through the Dis and I noticed the oil temp was 101c I think that is a little high as I was only cruising at 65-70. Does anyone else check their oil temp...
  6. Hinsley

    Oil Temp Gauge V Mfd

    Having not had the van long, when I was out on it’s first decent long run I noticed the temp gauge sits at 90 but when flicking through the mfd it was saying 105. This has become a habit now checking the differences. When starting cold the gauge is at 50 (zero) and gradually warms up to sit at...
  7. Graeme Mckay

    Startline - Is There A Temp Gauge?

    Happy new year to everyone out in forum land. I’ve noticed there is no engine temperature gauge. I've looked through the manual and played with the limited display. It's a startline that's been converted. Is a temp gauge to fancy for this model? First vehicle I've owned without one if so. What...
  8. Rick

    Oil temperature

    towed our 1500 kg caravan to Cornwall and our oil temperature reached 111 degrees C at some hills Does anyone know if this is an acceptable reading and what is the highest it can get too without causing a problem T6 kombi t32 lwb dsg 150 hp tow vehicle
  9. mhill

    Thermal Efficiency

    I've noticed over the past couple of days that the engine is completely unable to "warm up" unless your running at over 60mph. This evening a trip back from my nans doing no more than 30 for 37 minutes over 16 miles (lots of very thick fog) I got home parked up and there was ice on the bonet...