1. M

    Leisure Battery Advice for Off-Grid use

    Hi all, I've been reading through many leisure battery threads and i'm not quite getting the answer i'm looking for. A lot of the threads revolve around what seems to be converted campers or those who need significant power 'off grid'. I've got a T6 Kombi with seats only and an awning. When...
  2. Milarepa

    How long off grid

    I have the standard Dometic CRX50 fridge with two 60W solar panels. i am planning to be off grid parked under trees. How long should my batteries be ok for if running the fridge and just led lighting, with no charging of gadgets? I kept the fridge on parked on the driveway and was surprised...
  3. S

    Victron Electrics For T6 Conversion.

    Hi all, I’m planning out the conversion of our 2017 Gen 6 T6 caravelle and I’ve got on to what to do for electrics. I’ve read dozens of posts (mainly by @Dellmassive, thanks) and I’m favouring the victron equipment as I want reliability and a quality setup. I’ve seen the victron energy ‘van’...
  4. JasonW

    Best Off Grid Set Up

    I'm in the process of trying to determine the best off grid set up for my T6 conversion. Being a novice to all this, i'm not even sure if my expectations are realiatic if I'm honest, but I'm figuring i'm in the right place to find out... So, I'm looking at some pretty wild touring, upto 7 to...
  5. Briston

    Offgrid Wish List

    So, if you had to spec an offgrid power supply to run a fridge & not much else except some led lighting that could see you through a week in the wild,how would you approach it? Looking into what fridge,solar,battery etc Basically what I have wouldn't cut the mustard. as for a budget lets say...
  6. superchargedpolo

    Off Grid Camper (no Hookup) - Earth Connection?

    My van is a completely off grid T6. I have solar, Lithium battery and a 2kw Victron inverter. I don’t have a mains hookup, don’t need it. Question is what do I do with the earth from the Victron inverter? I guess nothing, as I’m not hooked up to the grid so it is now redundant? Any advice much...
  7. The Travellers Cooke Book

    Charging Laptops

    Morning all, Just wondering peoples suggestions / opinions / experience on charging a laptop (MacBook) through inverter via the leisure battery (while moving). Happy New Year to all cheers, Nigel