1. C

    Nokian seasonproof

    Hi all- not far off needing two new all season tyres 235/55/18 104. Been running Nokian weather proof or as they are now season-proof for last few years on the 4motion and the fronts seem to wear much quicker than the rear particularly on the shoulders. Also both fronts and rears have some...
  2. Trouts

    For Sale x2 Nokian Weatherproof 245/45 R18 100V XL

    as per title. x2 Nokian Weatherproof tyres just come off the van after approx. 10k light miles. each has 5/6mm tread left. only changed 'em as I wanted all four to match. looking for £80 £60 for both please. based just north of Manchester but can meet if it helps. thanks guys :cool:
  3. Dieseldonkey

    Nokian Weatherproof - Not ageing well.

    Generally, I run dedicated summer and winter tyres. However, these Nokians came with a set of wheels I purchased. Being an all season tyre, I ran them all summer. With just under 5mm tread left, I'd planned on changing them in the spring when I'll fit summer tyres. Out of the four different...
  4. andythom188

    Summer Wheels To Winter Wheels - When?

    as it say when are people removing there winter wheels and putting the summer bling back on is 1st of march to early ?:D
  5. S

    All-Season Tyre recommendations

    Hi, newbie here so please forgive if I have missed an earlier response on this - I have searched the forum. I have 18" wolfrace Eurosport aero's fitted which came from the camper conversion company with budget sports tyres. The tyres are wearing fast and are useless on grass/mud/snow. I'm...
  6. Dilbert

    Michelin Agilis Crossclimate

    I have always liked Michelin tyres and I see there are some happy forum members with Crossclimate tyres on their vans. I am looking to replace my worn out Continentals so these do look a good option for our camper converted T6. Looking at the Michelin website for what is recommended for the T6...