multi media

  1. Matttunstall

    CarPlay, Multimedia Box and Additional screens in rear seats.

    I have the original multimedia head unit on my T6, 19 plate. In car play is not activated! If I was to buy a multimedia box and plug this in would it work without the incar play activated?? Also would it need de-coding for when driving even with the box plugged in... Also how hard is it to...
  2. Ads_Essex

    Ingleby Electronics

    After my Discover Media screen started getting dead-spots and then ultimately ghosting to the point that the only screen I could have it on was the Main Menu (otherwise it’d call people or change sat-nav destinations) I followed these two and got it repaired.. Whilst I’m £320 lighter, the unit...
  3. P

    Wanted Multimedia system t6

    Wanted multimedia system for t6 must be in good condition Must be sold with full receipt and no issues Locked or unlocked
  4. P

    How do I decode a second-hand Multimedia radio?

    Hi I’ve bought a multimedia head unit off eBay (new) it has been removed from the company minibus the seller has provided the vin number from the vehicle removed from and a full receipt I now need it decoding and some of the options opening up (I have the sat Nav card supplied with the head...
  5. A

    Multi Media Upgrade with Carplay and sat-nav

    Hi all I am shortly going to be picking up my highline t6 that is being converted to a campervan. I want to upgrade the standard multi-media system to the vw system that comes with airplay and sat nav but am open to options of upgrading to alpine or kenwood systems if that's a better option...
  6. jzd7tcm

    OEM Headunit Problems [Merge]

    Today the discover media system rebooted 3 or 4 times within about 20 mins of driving. At the time the nav was displaying and sd card music playing. Thought it might have been a corrupt music file but I couldn't repeat the problem so ruled that out and It hasn't done it again?? Anyone...