mirror trim removal

  1. colinthechemist

    Mirror-cover clips: remove, replace, renegade??

    My £43,000 online purchase has arrived with a slightly wonky wing mirror: I've heard that the clips inside these covers are very fragile, so should I: try to remove the current cover and re-fit it with the clip in its proper position? buy a new cover to replace this one in the expectation...
  2. Skyliner33

    Mirror Cover. Blown Off By The Wind?

    Today a colleague came into work and told me someone had found the upper painted cover off my off side mirror on the floor. On inspecting it is has lots of chips in the paint. As if its bounced around. None of the clips were broken and it clipped easily back on. Im wondering if the wind could...
  3. A

    360° camera (Area view 2) - retrofit

    Anyone fitted one of these? I like a project to fiddle about with and after fitting my dashcams and door speakers next weekend I fancy having a go with one of these rather than a reversing camera. This is the sort of thing I mean 360° Cam Bird View 4 Camera Car DVR Panorama Parking Security...
  4. Californiaman

    Refitting rear view mirror!

    OK so I was loading some carpets into the van yesterday and knocked off the rear view mirror. It's not broken but I'll be buggered if I can get it back on. I can see that there are four clips on the back of the mirror but it seems impossible to reattach it. I did manage it once somehow after...