michelin agilis crossclimate

  1. R

    Michelin Cross Climate Agilis 235/55/18 can’t find

    Hi there gang. Looking for Michelin x climate Agilis 235/55/18 . But can’t find any. ? I take it they only go upto 17s .
  2. George_T6

    Sold T6 Sportline anthracite wheels. £650

    £650 These alloys are in very good condition with only a couple of stone chips. No curb marks. They have very expensive michelin crossclimate 2 tyres fitted that are 6mm on the back and 5 mm on the front. Location: nottingham
  3. ma77y

    Found Michilin Agilis Crossclimate

    I'm after 2 Michilin Agilis Crossclimate 205 65 16c 107/105T Happy for part worns as its just to tide me over till I change wheels. Cheers

    New AGILIS Crossclimates

    Just had the agilis cross climates fitted to my work van (transit with 4wd/diff) be interesting to see how these fair again my T6s normal cross climates !! so beefy.
  5. Higgidav

    Sold Cascavel Wheels & Tyres £700

    I’ve now fitted my winter wheels and fancy a change next spring so my Cascavel’s are up for sale. 2 wheels fitted with nearly new Michelin Crossclimate SUV tyres both with approx 7mm tread remaining. 2 wheels fitted with Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres both with approx 6mm tread remaining...
  6. Peclaran

    Sold 17” Cascavel Alloys & All Seasons. £500

    I’ve secured some bigger wheels so selling my 17” Cascavels with all season tyres 235/55/17. Wheels are in good condition and will be off sometime next weekend. Two Michelin cross climates in the front purchased in February 2020. Done about 300 miles. Two Royal Performance (M+S) in the rear...
  7. R

    Sold Michelin Agilis Alpin

    Hi there guys I have 2 x 205/65/16c tyres unused never even been fitted either.there load rated for t32. There £80.00 the pair to anybody on here if they can do someone. I,m aware these might not fit everyone's van but incase anyone has a t5 in the family. These might do someone. Cash on...
  8. andythom188

    Summer Wheels To Winter Wheels - When?

    as it say when are people removing there winter wheels and putting the summer bling back on is 1st of march to early ?:D
  9. R

    Sold Michelin Agilis Winter Tyres

    Hi there guys I have 2 x Michelin agilis winter tyres for sale. Unused and size is 205/65/16 and are load rated for the t32. Might do someone through the winter..
  10. Dilbert

    Michelin Agilis Crossclimate

    I have always liked Michelin tyres and I see there are some happy forum members with Crossclimate tyres on their vans. I am looking to replace my worn out Continentals so these do look a good option for our camper converted T6. Looking at the Michelin website for what is recommended for the T6...