manaus wheels

  1. E

    Which tyres for 7.5J 18’s

    Have got a set of 18” VW Manaus wheels (from an Amarok) coming for my T28 camper i was intending, and wanting, to fit 255/45/18 103Y Michelin cross climate 2’s. However, they are only 7.5J wide and i’ve seen differing info on what is the max fitment. I’ve found a chart that says the max is 235...
  2. R

    235/55/18 All Terrain Fitment

    Hi! Currently have a 2019 T6 LWB T30 with H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni shocks and am looking at putting General Grabber AT3 235/55/18 on my amarok alloys (7.5j +45) As far as I can research on here I think it should work but would appreciate it if anyone running the same or similar set...
  3. Dave F

    Amarok Manaus wheels onto Crafter

    Looking to put my 18”” Amarok alloys onto my crafter they have the same amount of studs and are spaced the same so the question is will they be ok?. I was going to try them today but the studs have been put on to tight for me to get off. I realise I will have to Chang the tyres and am a bit...
  4. Dave F

    Sold Manaus 18” wheels

    Set of unmarked 18 Amarok wheels with 255/45/18 tyres. The rear have about 3 to 4mm left but the fronts about 2 the alloys are in really good condition and a nice upgrade. £450 I can get them out and take more pictures if anyone is interested
  5. j4ckal

    Sold Amarok 18" wheels (and large tyres), as new delivery mileage only. Ideal for swamper/all terrain tyres.

    Up for sale (due to a change in plan) are these rather nice Amarok alloys. They are the 18" x 7.5 et45 Manaus wheels. These are a quality wheel made by Borbet for VW and if you were to buy them from your local dealer quite expensive. These are a straight fit for the T5/T6 (ie. correct centre...
  6. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok Manaus 19 inch alloys with 275/40/19 XL 105Y tyres

    These are currently on my T5.1 Caravelle the wheels are in very good condition 2 of them were brand new from VW 2 years ago perfect load rating for T32 275-40-19 XL 105Y tyres loads of tread rare wheels these more pics by whatsapp no probs £750
  7. H

    For Sale Amarok Manaus Wheels

    For sale, brand new. Taken off truck at dealer 12 miles on them. blackburn £550 Collection Or possibly meet
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  10. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 18,s Another Set Of 2019 50 Delivery Miles

    no tyres wheels are perfect £450 i can fit tyres depending on your budget heres an example as i have some on the vell
  11. Oleg

    For Sale 18’ Amarok Alloys

    Genuine VW Amarok 2019 wheels 50 miles Tyres are Bridgestone Dueler H/P 255/60R18 112 H One alloy have a scratch £550
  12. Oleg

    Sold Amarok 18’

    Genuine VW Amarok 2019 wheels 50 miles Tyres are Bridgestone Dueler H/P 255/60R18 112 H One alloy have a scratch £550
  13. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok Manaus with tyres - new

    as above , i was keeping these for myself but im on 19 inch ones now.. mint condition Genuine VW Amarok 2019 wheels 50 miles tyres no miles tyres are Accelera PH1 255/45/18 103Y XL £750
  14. spook

    Sold 18" Amarok Manaus With Tyres

    set of 4x 18" Amarok alloy Wheels With Amarok Tyres nearly new over 7 mm on the tyres ,18in alloys ex con reduced to 450 ono offer pick up north east,, tyres are 255 60 18 ,,
  15. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  16. spook

    Sold A Set Of 4 X 18" Amarok Wheels With Tyres

    I HAVE A SET OF ,, 4 x 18" amarok wheels with tyres ,, PICK UP NORTH EAST £600
  17. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 18inch Wheels 50 Delivery Miles 4off Mint

    taken off our 2018 amarok at delivery we went for 20,s so i have all 4 in perfect condition NO tyres i do believe these are around £2500 a set from VW so bargain at £700 ono
  18. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33
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    amarok wheels on t6
  20. Luke howells

    OEM alloys and Wheel-Spacers

    I've been searched for some new alloys and had some people tell me all different widths, havent found any i like as of yet anyway i have lowered 50mm and want to put some spacers on the wheels so was thinking 25mm for the front and 35mm for the back is this to much or shall i go 5 mm each shorter...