1. jimc91

    For Sale Claytons - Beckenham, South London. £80

    Looking to sell my Claytons to make some space. They have the usual scuff marks, 2 hankook tires and 2 constancy tires all with between 4mm and 6mm of tread left. If anyone is interested PM me and i'll email some photos. Collection from Beckenham, South London. £80 for the 4.
  2. R

    Engine mapping - London

    I’m looking for a recommendation for mapping my 2017 conversion. I’m planning a European road trip with the kids in August and would like to maximise fuel efficiency. I have a number of other improvements I’d like to make such as upgrading the leisure battery and retro fitting lights in the...
  3. D

    ICE Installer London / Surrey?

    Any recommendations for someone to instal rear speakers and code the radio to activate the fader function in or around TW15 please?
  4. LambethBoy

    Looking for someone with VCP or Odis in the south London/Surrey area pls.

    Looking for someone with VCP or Odis in the south London/Surrey area pls. Thank you
  5. F

    London Based Diesel Heater Fitter

    Hi all... looking for recs on a fitter for Mv Airo 2KW diesel heater in or around London. Willing to travel for the right place. TIA
  6. A

    After market fitting auto head lights in London

    Hi I was wondering if any one can recommend some where in or around north London for fitting auto head lights to my 6.1 ( as factory as possible) and also would like have coming home function if it’s possible Many thanks
  7. M

    Paint shop East London / Essex

    I have rust bubbling on my n/s sliding door which VW are refusing to do under warranty, (it's 2 years old with 15000 miles). Can anyone recommend a paint shop in the East London / Essex area?
  8. cgtmiles

    Anyone doing Run the Ring on Sunday?

    Anyone doing Run the ring? We are signed up starting from South Mimms. Give us a shout if you’ll be there!
  9. N

    Paint / Body Shop in SE London / Kent

    hello, had a small incident in Devon lanes on holiday. Now home and have a perfect Deep Pearl Black rear bumper that now needs to become Blackberry. It's off the vehicle and once painted I can fit it myself. So, looking for a professional to colour change only. Recommendations welcome...
  10. A

    Looking for a good Leisure battery fitter SW London

    Hi, Looking to get a leisure battery installed in my T6 Kombi (2018). Anyone know a good installer in SW london / Surrey area? Or is this a relatively easy self install?

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  12. S

    van lining service NW London/Buckinghamshire

    Come on.... there has got to be someone in my area offering a van lining service??? I'll be in Uxbridge > N.W. London > Buckinghamshire area. I'm looking for a full insultaion and carpet lining done on SWB T6.... plus some basic electrics > led's /240v & 12v outlet via inverter, with back up...
  13. S

    Robert’s Trim Shop, Romford, Essex

    Great fella to deal with, years of experience, nothing is to much trouble. He’s trimmed the rear of my T6 and also the panels in my split screen.
  14. K

    New member looking for a converter in London

    Hi all New to the forum and to campervaning.. Just picked up our camper a couple of weeks ago and already looking to make some changes... Can anyone recommend a decent company in or around North London that can do some coworkers? I’d like to find a one stop shop that can do electrics, suspension...
  15. markob

    Garage recommendation: London

    Hope this is the right place for this post.. Can anyone recommend a main dealer for servicing in Surrey / SW London area ? Not sure I believe google reviews anymore ! Been looking at SMC Croydon or Lookers Guildford but they get really mixed reviews, happy to travel a bit further if necessary
  16. joe_j_barnes

    Campsites near London?

    Hi all, after many years planning my van will be done within the next few weeks I am planning a little trip away with my wife 2 kids and dog plan is to head to London sight seeing but with stop overs first 28 May booking a weekend in camp site for the kids with a view to break up the drive...
  17. S

    Anyone with VCDS in Hampshire?

    Hi can anyone help? I have just wired rear speakers into my T6 and need the rear fader option programming. Is there anyone near Fleet Hampshire with VDCS that can help?
  18. M

    Which companies will insure my campervan in London?

    My policy through A-Plan finishes in March at the same time as I move house from the South Coast to London. Surprisingly, A-Plan tell me none of their companies will provide campervan insurance in any London postcodes. Anyone know whether I should have more luck with Brentacre/Adrian Flux etc?
  19. A

    Rock & roll bed security locks

    Hi. My rock & roll bed has some security locks that I do not manage to open without help. I am trying to find a convertor near London that could change them or even change the system for the rock & roll bed. Any recommendations not very far?
  20. Tony Smith

    VCDS in Surrey

    I am near Woking in Surrey and have VCDS