1. CR19 FLY

    Hi from London

    Hi to you all Here’s my van and hope to see you on the road sometime…. Cheers Carl
  2. C

    leisure battery kit installers within 100 miles of Upminster essex

    I've just been let down by the Bluetti ac70 battery that I purchased, after the first trip it showed a warning light, cant clear it now it has to go back to Bluetti, no trust now so claiming miney back. So, id like to get a leisure battery installed to run - travel kettle 3 x day - travel...
  3. M

    Indie - North London

    Hi all My T6 van needs its first service - I’m in north London - can anyone recommend a good independent VW specialist please? I’m assuming that doesn’t invalidate the warranty? Many thanks Simon
  4. It_was_all_yellow

    Totally Mobile Auto Electricians, London

    As per this thread, I got in touch with a mobile auto electrician who knew about this fault. He ended up finding two breaks in the green wire which he cut out and replaced and now all the codes have gone! Happy to have this fixed and even happier I’ve now found a reliable and professional car...
  5. Fromow

    VW Caddy meet, Bluewater Kent.

    Popped along to the local VW Caddy meet this week, great bunch of guys and gals really welcoming to everything VW. TBH it’s nice to meet up with likeminded people and chat about vans. Nice little video with some cool vans.
  6. tommycj

    Audio and Electrical Engineer - Southwest - London & Oxford

    I recently bought a VW T6 and I'm looking for a recommendation for someone based near London or Oxfordshire to install some audio upgrades, electrical & a roof rack. Thank you very much!
  7. S

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN Hex 35 Sheets

    Dodo Mat DEADN Hex 35 Sheets Slightly (massively) over estimated how many of these I would need for doing up my van. Looking for £40 on collection in London, E17 (preferable) or can add postage price if wanted. -
  8. S

    Sold Dodo Thermo Liner Pro (6mm)

    Dodo Thermo Liner Pro (6mm) - 4.15m length Have this left over from doing out my van. Looking for £25 on collection in London, E17 (preferable) or can add postage price if wanted. -
  9. L

    Being charged for ULEZ London but Euro 6

    Hi I’ve got a 2019 150 Highline and when I visited London a few weeks ago I was changed the ULEZ, my log book states mine is a Euro 6 so how come I’m being charged ?
  10. Drew75

    TfL ULEZ status and compliance

    Hi can any one help with no euro status on my logbook mine is black ? I need to prove I have a euro 6 engine for ulez as I’ve been fined twice and TFL are saying my 2017 van adblue is not compliant has any one had this
  11. M

    failed mot on Tyre pressure warning light. need help getting it off, resetting tpms - London based

    Hi there, I've been running 20 inch wheels on my 6.1 combo for three years and Ignoring the tpms warning light. all fine love my van. until mot today and now I'm a bit fooked. I know and understand nothing about the vags Odis stuff etc but what from what I can make out VW are absolute f***tards...
  12. C

    Ghost immobiliser installer - Essex

    Can anyone recommend a Ghost 2 installer in the Rainham Essex area that has experience fitting to a t6.
  13. jimc91

    Sold Claytons - Beckenham, South London. £80

    Looking to sell my Claytons to make some space. They have the usual scuff marks, 2 hankook tires and 2 constancy tires all with between 4mm and 6mm of tread left. If anyone is interested PM me and i'll email some photos. Collection from Beckenham, South London. £80 for the 4.
  14. R

    Engine mapping - London

    I’m looking for a recommendation for mapping my 2017 conversion. I’m planning a European road trip with the kids in August and would like to maximise fuel efficiency. I have a number of other improvements I’d like to make such as upgrading the leisure battery and retro fitting lights in the...
  15. D

    ICE Installer London / Surrey?

    Any recommendations for someone to instal rear speakers and code the radio to activate the fader function in or around TW15 please?
  16. LambethBoy

    Looking for someone with VCP or Odis in the south London/Surrey area pls.

    Looking for someone with VCP or Odis in the south London/Surrey area pls. Thank you
  17. F

    London Based Diesel Heater Fitter

    Hi all... looking for recs on a fitter for Mv Airo 2KW diesel heater in or around London. Willing to travel for the right place. TIA
  18. A

    After market fitting auto head lights in London

    Hi I was wondering if any one can recommend some where in or around north London for fitting auto head lights to my 6.1 ( as factory as possible) and also would like have coming home function if it’s possible Many thanks
  19. M

    Paint shop East London / Essex

    I have rust bubbling on my n/s sliding door which VW are refusing to do under warranty, (it's 2 years old with 15000 miles). Can anyone recommend a paint shop in the East London / Essex area?
  20. cgtmiles

    Anyone doing Run the Ring on Sunday?

    Anyone doing Run the ring? We are signed up starting from South Mimms. Give us a shout if you’ll be there!