limp mode

  1. L

    2012 Transporter T5 2.0 TDI Limp Mode

    Hi, having a big problem with my van. Issue: Limp mode, van will not go over 3000rpm. At 3000 rpm engine raddles and shakes with diesel knocking & dies down to idle or shuts off, completely losing power. Light Blue smoke from exhaust. No fault codes Starts up quick & nice idle. Drives normal...
  2. K

    Limp mode Stop Start Fault

    Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help, on our way home on Wednesday, the engine warning light came on and the glow plug light started flashing, the dash is saying stop start fault, it’s gone into limp mode I’ve got a code reader but it’s not really telling me anything or clearing the...
  3. T6ChrisO

    AA-Van wiring removal - Tow Bar fault puts van in to limp-mode

    Hi guys. Vans booked in for pop top on Wednesday and my vans going into limp mode due to the tow bar being removed (incorrectly) before it went to auction (and then to me) I need VagCom or something to tell the van it no longer has a tow bar
  4. F

    No power after 120km/h for 10/15 seconds.

    Hello everyone, im a t6 owner and new on this forum! 2.0 TDI 2016 DSG, Im loosing power after 120km/h for 10/15 seconds, after 10/15 seconds works normal but dont want to change gear 7, sometimes works perfect and sometimes no. What I've checked: Both Turbo Boost Sensor, one near EGR pipe. Made...
  5. Adever121

    Glow plug light on off no limp mode

    New to the forum so hi to all and I understand this a t6 forum but just looking for some resolution as can't find anything online and it's left me scratching my head. I have 2013 t5.1 102 caab I've recently noticed a strange fault with the van, the van drives fine but when the engines pushed...
  6. Para J

    Glow Plug Warning Light.?

    Just coming out of York this morning and the glow plug heater light started flashing. Called VW they said it was ok to drive as no loss of power and no other lights on. Now at home waiting for a VW tech to come and check the Sandy out.